‘Survivor’ Castaway CeCe: ‘They Were Trying to Get Rid of the Strong Women’

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Were there any clues that David and Chris were going to blindside you last night?
CeCe Taylor: Yeah, I felt a little uncomfortable when I came back down to the beach and Chris, David, and Zeke were already there and they were talking. And before I walked up, Chris yelled out, “Yeah, we’ve got the numbers.” And I was like, we already discussed voting out Michelle, so why was he so eager to audibly say that again? That was alarming to me because Chris never does that. He’s never eager to tell me about his plan, especially when we already talked about it. Also, there was a little bit of scattering around camp with Michelle. But, I thought it was a numbers game and if they were planning to vote me out, it was going to be what it was going to be. I did my best to state my case at Tribal.

Holmes: Did you have any interest in working with Michelle or were you solid with the Gen-Xers?
Taylor: At that point I was interested in working with her. But, I didn’t want to be the first person to flop on the Gen-Xers. I didn’t want that hanging over my head in case the merge happened soon. I was thinking; if I flip and vote out David, I’ll have these other Gen-Xers coming for me. And there was no guarantee that I would’ve got in with the Millennials. Michelle said she would have had my back, but who’s to say that she would’ve?

Holmes: We’ve had swaps after the fourth eliminations a lot lately. Was that something the Gen-Xers were preparing for?
Taylor: We talked about it a little, but we thought it’d just be a swap of two tribes. We had no idea that it’d be three tribes. That threw us totally off.

Holmes: Were you closer with David or Ken?
Taylor: I think it was equal. Ken was more trusting right off the bat. Ken never wrote my name down once. David, it was kind of ehh with him because he was with the majority in the beginning. And then he reneged on that. Then the whole thing with Jessica, and he flipped on that. So…maybe I was closer to Ken.

Holmes: Everyone assumed David had that first idol, were there any clues that he had found the second?
Taylor: None whatsoever. If I thought he had an idol I would have begged him, made a deal, everything. I would’ve had his back to the very end. We just thought that nobody found the idol.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with David.
Taylor: Manipulative.
Holmes: Paul?
Taylor: Jerk.
Holmes: Jessica?
Taylor: Unloyal.
Holmes: Lucy?
Taylor: Flip-flopper.
Holmes: Ken?
Taylor: Loyal.
Holmes: Zeke?
Taylor: Smart.
Holmes: Rachel?
Taylor: Fun.
Holmes: Bret?
Taylor: Good guy.
Holmes: Michelle?
Taylor: Sweetheart.
Holmes: Sunday?
Taylor: Untrustworthy.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Chris.
Taylor: Alpha male.

Holmes: There’s been a disturbing trend this season with four of the first five eliminations being women of color. What is your take on that?
Taylor: I always have that feeling every season. It comes down to numbers. It’s visible on TV, you see there are two black people or two Asians. So, even if people are not saying it, it’s definitely in people’s minds. Especially as a minority. I don’t think it’s deliberate. We had such a diverse season. It was great to see. I really think it came down to that they were trying to get rid of the strong women who could change the game later on. If you look at the ones that were voted out; Lucy had a voice, Mari had a voice. They were trying to get out the ones who could cause some trouble.
Holmes: It makes me nervous for my girlfriend Michaela. She is a strong woman.
Taylor: She’s strong in challenges, she’s mentally strong. The only thing is she says what’s on her mind and that might get her in trouble if she doesn’t back off a little bit.

Holmes: Was there anything out there that happened that we didn’t see that you wish we had?
Taylor: Absolutely! So much! They cut out all my good stuff. In the second episode I went to all the girls and said, “Let’s do an all-girl alliance.” I said, “This is the time to do it, and we can pull in Ken as our guy to get the numbers.” And what you see on camera is Jessica and Sunday talking to Paul about it, but it was my idea. I even brought it up to Figgy at the summit. I asked her if there had been any talk of an all-girl alliance, but she shut that down. I always think they should try an all-girl alliance. You didn’t see my confrontation with Lucy after Paul went home. She was upset because she was supposed to be with the majority and she wanted to smooth things over with Chris and Bret.

Holmes: When we spoke before the game, you said your kids were too cool to be excited about your big adventure. Did they ever come around?
Taylor: (Laughs) No, they’re teenagers. “Yeah, you’re on TV…whatever.”

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