‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ Episode 5 Recap: Sooner or Later?

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Last Week: Adam got more than a clue, Michaela provided a view, and David’s idol got rid of Lu…cy.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor Blog…

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Vanua Tribe – Millennials (wearing orange)

Adam – 25, Homeless Shelter Manager
Figgy – 23, Bartender
Hannah – 24, Barista
Jay – 27, Real Estate Agent
Michaela – 25, Vacation Club Sales
Michelle – 28, Missionary Recruiter
Taylor – 24, Ski Instructor
Will – 18, High School Student
Zeke – 28, Asset Manager

The Takali Tribe – Generation-X (wearing purple)

Bret – 42, Police Sergeant
Chris – 38, Trial Lawyer
CeCe – 39, Insurance Adjuster
David – 42, Television Writer
Jessica – 37, Assistant District Attorney
Ken – 33, Model
Sunday – 45, Youth Pastor

Oh boy…we meet up with our Gen-X friends after Tribal and David’s got some splainin’ to do. He’s bummed because he played an idol for someone that nobody wanted to work with. Yeah, that’s like #7 on the list of 14 Reasons David Shouldn’t Have Played His Idol.

Later on, Jessica apologizes to Ken for not believing in her. She then tells him that she would leave her legacy advantage to him if she’s voted out. So…now he won’t want to vote her out?

The next morning it’s Idol Hunt ’16! All of the Gen-Xers rush out like they were handing out free Pearl Jam tickets. (That’s a Gen-X stereotype, right?)

As they’re searching, David finds the tribe logo on a log. He cracks it open and finds himself yet another idol. Wow. Very Hantzian.

Reward Challenge Time: Psych…

Instead of running a challenge, it’s buff droppin’ time. And not only that, we’re going from two tribes to three.

Wait! Sixteen isn’t divisible by three! You maniacs!

The Vanua tribe will go to Millennial beach, the Takali tribe will go to Gen-X beach, the green buffs will be called Ikabula and will have to start from scratch. To offset that disadvantage, they’ll have an extra tribe member. Mmm…I’d rather have a shelter and food.

Alright, we’ve got Taylor, Figgy, Adam, Jessica and Ken on Takali. Taylor is psyched to have Figgy on his tribe and he’s pretty sure he has the numbers. Really? Cause Adam voted with you guys?

Vanua is made up of Zeke, CeCe, Chris, Michelle, and David. And Ikabula consists of Michaela, Sunday, Hannah, Bret, Will, and Jay.

Michaela is really not happy about being on the start-over tribe. She says she wanted to flip Jeff off for sending her to an empty beach with no food. So that’s the difference between her and Sugar.

Over at Ikabula Beach, Jay is not happy with his new Gen-X tribemates but he isn’t worried because he has the numbers.

Meanwhile, his former Tri-force buddies Figgy and Taylor have decided to hide their showmance from their new Takali tribemates. And by hide, I mean Taylor whispers “you are hot” to Figgy behind Ken’s back.

Later on, Adam admits to Ken that he was on the bottom third of his tribe. The two hit it off immediately. It’s like Ken collects adorable nerds.

At Vanua, Michelle is not thrilled with her new predicament. It doesn’t help matters that Chris and Zeke are able to bond over Chris’ experience as an Oklahoma Sooner football player.

So, everything is going to be OK for Zeke?


(Moving on.)

The next day, we learn that Ikabula tribe hasn’t been able to make fire. Jay and Bret both give it a try, but eventually give up. Michaela, who is incapable of giving up, finally makes it work. Because she is the best. Team Michaela.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will dive into the water and retrieve a buoy. Once all five buoys have been collected, the team will have to decide between shooting baskets with the buoys, or using a line to pull the buoy closer and then shooting baskets. The first two tribes to sink all five shots will win immunity.

Will will sit out for Ikabula.

We start off and Sunday immediately has trouble releasing her buoy. This will cost her tribe a ton of time. Michelle has similar problems.

CeCe isn’t setting speed records either, but at least she got a buoy. She’s like the anti Joey Amazing. That, or she’s holding back so she doesn’t seem like an individual immunity threat.

Then, David can’t get up on the platform with his buoy. It’s so comically bad that Zeke wonders if he’s trying to throw the challenge. Seriously, the only thing David’s performance was missing was the “Benny Hill” theme.

Takali is the first with all of the buoys. Ken uses the lasso to pull the target closer. Ikobula is next, Michaela uses the lasso as well.

Then Michaela shows that bikini tops don’t hold her back by easily sinking the first two shots while remaining clothed.

Vanua finally gets their buoys and decides to not bother with the lasso.

Michaela is on fire, she hits the fifth and final shot before any of the other tribes has two.

Vanua makes the call to change things up and go for the lasso. Unfortunately while they’re doing this, Ken finds his rhythm and puts the game away. Takali and Ikobula win immunity.

Back at camp, CeCe is bummed that they lost the challenge, but psyched because Gen-X is the majority. Yup…

Gen-X discusses targeting Michelle, however, Chris has other plans. He wants to target CeCe.

He approaches David with his plan and while David isn’t excited about it, he does appreciate that Chris has Zeke and Michelle on his side.

They tell the youngsters what’s going on and Chris says that if David crosses him, he’ll strangle him in front of Jeff Probst. Well, this has been a season of many firsts.

Michelle, not being happy with following Chris and David’s lead, tries to talk strategy with CeCe. But, CeCe doesn’t seem to give her anything.

CeCe tells David that Michelle is targeting him, which makes David realize that he’ll be the weakest player when CeCe is gone. Oh man, we might see that Tribal choking yet!

That night at Tribal, David thinks the Gen-X three is very strong and none of them think they are on the bottom. Seems like the CeCe vote is in.

Zeke thinks it’s hard to work with the Millennials because they have more numbers, but he can be a bridge for a Gen-Xer to partner with a Millennial.

Chris admits that the Millennials have been trying to work with him. I thought the Millennials didn’t work at all?

It concerns CeCe to see Chris talking to the Millennials.

Chris points out that he’s been blindsided twice and this vote can go a long way toward rebuilding trust.

David says he’s going to use this vote to prove his loyalry.

Then, Chris says he was kidding about choking David. Darn it.

Michelle wouldn’t want to work with someone who blindsided her twice. She then says she’d target David.

Voting Time: No votes are shown. Dun dun dun…

JPro tallies and returns. He then asks if anyone would like to play an idol and…nobody does.

We’ve got one vote for Michelle, two votes for CeCe, and the fifth person voted out of “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X is…CeCe.

Verdict: Three tribes?! And now we have to learn tribe names?! Can’t we just call them by their colors?


Anywho, I’m still liking this season. There are people to root for and it hasn’t gotten unnecessarily mean-spirited. Good times.

It is, however, a little disturbing that four of the first five people out are women of color.

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