‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ Power Rankings: Drop-Your-Buffs Edition

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X” champion.

Last Week: Michele Fitzgerald had Lucy in spot seventeen, while Shirin Oskooi had him in spot sixteen. So, the current score is Team Fitzgerald 40, Team Oskooi 40.

Quick Note: XFINITY “Survivor” loudmouth Gordon Holmes will be unable to participate in this season’s Power Rankings due to being more than a bit spoiled. Therefore, he has invited defending Power Rankings champion Shirin Oskooi to take his place.

Another Note: Michele is away on vacation this week, so Gordon Holmes will be filling in for her. However, due to his spoiled state, he will only be providing commentary on the players’ games up until this point and the number placement will be the same as the ones Michele used last week. NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED THIS ROUND.

Gordon Holmes and Shirin Oskooi’s Rankings

gordon shirin

Team Michele’s Score = 40

Any questions for Michele? Drop her a line on Twitter: @meeshfitz

Team Shirin’s Score = 40

Any questions for Shirin? Drop her a line on Twitter: @theshirin

 1. – Michelle: Her move to get rid of my favorite YouTuber was impressive, but she might not want to the Gen-Xers to know she’s one of the main shot callers after the swap.
 1. – Adam: SPEAK SOFTLY and carry a big shell. 
 2. – Sunday: David and Ken think you’re tight with Jessica, but Lucy disagrees. Where does your loyalty really lie?
 2. – Michaela: Surely Michaela’s new tribe won’t say ‘tata’ to someone who’ll help them dominate challenges. 
 3. – Ken: Your buddy made a pretty big move without consulting you last week and the person you voted for is still in the game. You two need to get back on the same page quickly.
 3. – Jay: Bros before foes. <fistbump> #socialgame
 4. – Jay: Jay is the typical sly player who casual fans probably think is a jerk, but I adore. Jay is bae. (Did I use that right?)
 4. – Chris: David Chris is like our puppy dog right now. We’re trying to keep petting him until we get rid of him. We’re just keeping him busy (with challenges). If you let him get in his own head (eg by blindsiding him), that’s when he goes nuts.”
 5. – Michaela: Hey, I’ll admit that I’m a Gen-Xer who’ll yell at kids the second a Nerf ball bounces across my lawn. But, I’m really rooting for quite a few of these Millennials. Michaela is one of them.
 5. – Ken:  His new tribe will probably tolerate his girl emotions if he keeps providing in camp and challenges.
 6. – David: I’m just not a fan of the idol play last week. Sure, you earned Jessica’s loyalty, (maybe?) but it cost you your reputation as the puppy dog they don’t have to worry about. And heading into a swap, you don’t want to be seen as Big-Move Dave.
 6. – Michelle: Having sat out of this week’s challenge and episode, I have Militant Faith in her ability to maneuver her way through another week. Let’s just hope her affiliation with the Wildfire couple doesn’t blow her up.
 7. – Jessica: You trusted someone who was clearly gunning for you. I’d think a lawyer would be able to see through lies better.
 7. – Zeke: Michelle gave him lemons, but the swap (and Beyoncé) gave him Lemonade. Keep working that phyZeke in challenges.
 8. – Taylor: You’re adorable. I’d give you grief for playing a Fabio-esque game, but we know how that worked out on the last age-divided season.
 8. – David: David has now proved that loyalty is bigger than Goliath. #SaveTheDayv
 9. – Will: Is there a single legitimate reason to target Will at this point?
 9. – Sunday: Sunday’s day in the sun will be alongside Millennials.
 10. – Adam: Way to be last week, buddy. I’m sure your mom loved it.
 10. – Figgy: People need not look far if they’re hunting for goats.
  11. – Bret: Swaps are usually bad for big guys on tribes that are down numbers, but I’d imagine David, Jessica, and Ken are in more trouble than you after last week’s Tribal fiasco.
 11. – Will: Where there’s a will, there’s a stay.
 12. – Chris: I’m hungover too, so… See Bret  12. – Bret: You can build relationships with different body types, you know. And you’ll need to. Soon.
 13. – Hannah: My big memory of Hannah at this point isn’t the 40-minute vote, it’s when she wouldn’t leave poor Zeke alone. Know when it’s your time to act, Hannah.  13. – Taylor: Bro-Tails can no longer ride coat-tails after a swap-fail.
figgy hannah
  14. – Figgy: My favorite memory of All-Stars was when Boston Rob asked Lex to take care of Amber. I’m imagining a similar moment where Taylor asks Bret to “Sicky sicky nar nar” Figgy and Bret has no idea what he’s talking about.
 14. – Hannah: Hey Hannah! How’s your alliance search going? Good luck, buddy!
 15. – Zeke: Loooooove.
 15. – Jessica: Her read is bad, but writing her own will should be right in this lawyer’s wheelhouse. #DavidsLegacy
cece cece
 16. – CeCe: Make fun of CeCe all you want, but she survived two votes that could’ve been her and now she’s getting ready to blend in at the swap.
 16. – “CC”: People still care about the two Cs after a swap: challenge competence.

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