‘Survivor’ Castaway Michelle: ‘I Made a Fatal Mistake in the Game; I Stopped Strategizing’

'Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X' (CBS)

‘Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X’ (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: It really feel like you took a bullet for Taylor last night. Why am I talking to you instead of him?
Michelle Schubert: (Laughs) I made a fatal mistake in the game; I stopped strategizing. And I did this on purpose. I heard whispers from my own alliance that Gen-Xers have heard that you’re out there being friends with everyone and strategizing. They said I need to chill and lie back. At the time, in my sleep-deprived brain I thought, “Yeah, I’ll do that.” What I didn’t realize is that now all of these people that I was building friendships with and who had said they wanted to vote with me, and I had a different vote in mind, they’re thinking, “Now Michelle’s not strategizing with me. That means she’s not voting with me.”
Holmes: You had a different vote in mind last night?
Schubert: Yeah, I had already talked to some people about getting rid of Chris. It seemed like an easy sell. Millennials want to get rid of Gen-X. All the females were like, “Dude, we’re going too quick, let’s get rid of a guy.”
Holmes: So that was noticeable out there.
Schubert: Yeah. And there were some rifts in the Gen-Xers. Some of them were already on board. I think it would’ve been a good vote. Then I thought, “Nope, there are plenty of vote to get him out.”
Holmes: What was this Gen-X rift?
Schubert: There was definitely a rift between Chris and Jessica. I played on that. I knew that Chris was gunning for Jessica. You bring that up to Jessica and she says, “Oh no, we need to get rid of Chris.” Then you have not only you, but her rallying the troops. I think it could have happened had I not made that mistake.

Holmes: Were there any clues before Tribal that you were in trouble?
Schubert: Oh yeah. When people are talking to you less and less on Tribal Council day. I sat in the hammock with Hannah and she got all weird and walked away. I asked David to take a walk with me and all of the sudden he lost his contacts or something like that. And certain people that I saw scrambling and then all of the sudden weren’t scrambling. They got comfortable. My thought was I was going to sit back and chill for this vote. Let’s just hope it doesn’t fall on me.

Holmes: Did Jay tell you that he had found an idol?
Schubert: I’m not sure. I don’t quite remember. I think he did. My mind was so…I think he did. I’m going to go with yes, but I’m not 100% sure.
Holmes: David and Adam have the other two. Where did people think the other idols were at this point?
Schubert: I think there was a small bit of suspicion that Adam did have one. But I don’t think we suspected it was from our own beach.

Holmes: If the vote had gone your direction last night and Adam had been eliminated, what was your plan from there to get to the end?
Schubert: I honestly didn’t care too much who I sat with at the end with. I was planning on getting rid of the bigger dudes. But, I’d already made moves that people respected. I’d made friends with just about everybody out there. And, they all knew I was good at challenges and puzzles. I felt pretty comfortable in my own game. My highest priority was keeping people close to me who would never vote against me.

Holmes: Alright, word association time.
Schubert: Oh no.
Holmes: Right? Let’s start with Taylor.
Schubert: Dude bro.
Holmes: Jay?
Schubert: Safety.
Holmes: Adam?
Schubert: I like Adam. We’re going to be friends in real life.
Holmes: Zeke?
Schubert: Charming, but deceptive.
Holmes: CeCe?
Schubert: She never played her own game.
Holmes: Chris?
Schubert: The Hulk
Holmes: Hannah?
Schubert: (Laughs) Sweet little Hannah. (Laughs) Bruises, scrapes, and bug bites.
Holmes: Michaela?
Schubert: Oh man…Fun, yet unpredictable.
Holmes: Mari?
Schubert: The silent beauty. She never really talked to people that much.
Holmes: Figgy?
Schubert: Taken too soon.
Holmes: Will?
Schubert: Lowest voice on the island.
Holmes: Sunday?
Schubert: Wish we would have aligned.
Holmes: Jessica?
Schubert: She told me she was a photographer. (Laughs)
Holmes: Ken?
Schubert: Dreams. Just dreams.
Holmes: And let’s finish with Bret.
Schubert: Hilarious.

Holmes: I feel like between Jessica’s photography and Bret’s mortuary, they could have quite a little booming business together.
Schubert: I know! (Laughs) Chris told me he was a football coach!
Holmes: You have to look them up in the pretend Yellow Pages.

Holmes: We didn’t see a lot of you, but when we did it seemed like you were always making smart moves. What else was going on that we didn’t see?
Schubert: What you didn’t see was I was friends with just about everybody out there. We actually liked each other and would sit and talk about things that didn’t have anything to do with strategy. My sleep deprivation…I was so cold at night. I just couldn’t sleep. If I had a coat, that would be a game changer. I would sleep three hours a night. And the rest of the time I’d be looking for firewood to keep myself warm.
Holmes: You were friends with “just about” everybody. Who didn’t you get along with?
Schubert: (Laughs) It wasn’t necessarily getting along. I feel like Chris, David, and Zeke were the only ones I couldn’t get in with. It was like a rubber wall. I’d throw something and it’d bounce right back.
Holmes: You called it. In the pre-game I asked about hunger, paranoia, and all the stuff that can get to you out there and you said sleep deprivation would be your big problem.
Schubert: Yeah. And I didn’t realize to what extent. I value sleep and I’m a slightly cold person in general. It was a perfect storm.
Holmes: When you get invited back you’ll have to sneak some Ambien.
Schubert: (Laughs) And a coat.

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