‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee – Tony Vlachos

'Survivor' Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee Tony Vlachos (CBS)

‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee Tony Vlachos (CBS)

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Fifty percent of the voting for the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame was based on the ballots of the Executive Voting Committee. This blue-ribbon panel consists of “Survivor” luminaries such as “Survivor” crew members, the current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” Guy Gordon Holmes. The other fifty percent came from “Survivor” fans like you.

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The “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to induct Tony Vlachos as the first member of the Class of 2016. Tony was tied for the most Executive Committee votes and had the highest percentage of total votes.

We had a chance to speak with the newly crowned Hall of Famer to get his thoughts on this honor…

Gordon Holmes: Congratulations on being inducted into the Class of 2016. How does it feel to be honored by the “Survivor” crew, press and fans?

Tony Vlachos: This is huge!  I needed this! (laughs)

Vlachos: I’m genuinely honored and sincerely thank all of those who made this happen for me.  There are plenty of “Survivor” greats who have been patiently waiting for years to be inducted in this wonderful Hall of Fame.  For me to have been inducted in such a short period of time after my season, speaks volumes to how great of an honor this is for me, and not only do I recognize that, I whole heartedly appreciate it.

Vlachos: Playing as hard as I did and leaving it all out there on Cagayan Island, has proven itself, to have been worth it many times over.  Thank you all for the recognition.

Holmes: What’ve you been up to since Cagayan?

Vlachos: I been chasing those millions! (Laughs)

Vlachos: It’s been said a number of times by some of the wealthiest people, that your first million dollars is the hardest to earn, the rest of the millions, come easy.  I need to stop believing what I read on the internet, because as of yet, I’m not a believer of that theory. (Laughs)

Vlachos: I’ve been involved in real estate since I was 24 years old, so with the money I won on “Survivor,” it’s been much easier for me to make “BIG MOVES.”  It’s definitely a fresh breath of air to be at a point in life, where I can make my money work for me, rather than me, having to work for it!

Vlachos: Since Cagayan, I purchased and flipped a few investment properties.  Besides putting my “Survivor” winnings to work for me, it’s all about family time.  Life is really good.  I’m truly blessed. Thank you, “Survivor!”

Holmes: What are your thoughts on “Millennials vs. Gen-X” as we head into Wednesday’s finale?

Vlachos: As in most of the “Survivor” seasons, this season started off as stereotypically expected, which quickly resorted to the one common ground shared on “Survivor,” “Survival”.

Vlachos: In this season, I definitely see more than the usual amount of players, risking their torch being snuffed, in exchange for one million dollars!  It’s evident that these players know they will be an instant target after they make a big move by the next person wanting to make a big move to build his/her resume, but yet, they fearlessly follow through, and that’s “Survivor” at its best!  These players are consciously risking it all, in hopes of winning it all.  It’s a great season with a great cast, and I’m sure they’ll be plenty of room in this Hall of Fame for such big-move-making  players!

What the fans said about Tony…

“The guy was just insane. In an all around crazy season, he took the cake. He had a fantastic social game, and deserved to win his season.” – Logan

“Let’s get our skates on and get Team TV the respect he deserves.” – Dave

“Big game, big personality, big addition to the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame! (Llama call)” – Amanda

What the Executive Voting Committee said about Tony…

“Tony is a tough dominant player. He’s very aggressive and good at controlling other players. But, Tony has a soft side and he’s fun. I truly believe he is one of the best players to ever win.” – Sandra Diaz-Twine

“Tony was an absolute force of nature who attacked “Survivor” like nobody before him.  He played the entire game like a giant gorilla precariously balanced on a tight rope hovering above a pit of vipers…and actually won.” – Matt Van Wagenen – Co-Executive Producer of ‘Survivor’

“If you don’t think Tony deserves this honor, go back and watch Spencer’s final Tribal Council speech. If a self-proclaimed gamebot like Spencer can have that much esteem for Tony’s game, than so should we.” – Dalton Ross – Entertainment Weekly

Be sure to check back Tuesday to meet the second member of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2016.

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