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‘Survivor: Game Changers’ (CBS)

QUICK NOTE: The good folks at XFINITY sent me deep into the Fijian wilderness to bring you an exclusive look at “Survivor: Game Changers.” While I was there I conducted interviews with “Survivor” host Jeff Probst and the entire 20-person cast. I also captured exclusive photos and other behind-the-scenes tidbits. So, be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for up-to-the-minute updates.

The cast for the 34th season of “Survivor” was revealed by CBS on Wednesday afternoon, and they certainly are a familiar bunch. The group of returning players includes three former winners, six people who have played in the last two seasons, and four “Survivor” Hall of Famers.

Name: Aubry Bracco
Age: 30
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – Runner Up
Best Known For: Almost quitting early, then rallying to make it to the end.

Read Aubry’s Interview

Name: Caleb Reynolds
Age: 28
Hometown: Hopkinsville, KY
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – Medically Evacuated
Best Known For: The first person to play a second time who didn’t attend Tribal Council his first time.

Read Caleb’s Interview

Name: Ciera Eastin
Age: 27
Hometown: Salem, OR
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” – Finished 5th and Jury Member
“Survivor: Second Chance” – Finished 10th  and Jury Member
Best Known For: Voting out someone. I don’t remember who.

Read Ciera’s Interview

Name: Hali Ford
Age: 26
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Worlds Apart” – Finished 11th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Loving nature.

Read Hali’s Interview

Name: Jeff Varner
Age: 50
Hometown: High Point, NC
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: The Australian Outback” – Finished 10th
“Survivor: Second Chance” – Finished 17th
Best Known For: Trying to make Tina Wesson vomit.

Read Jeff’s Interview

Name: Malcolm Freberg
Age: 29
Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Philippines” – Finished 4th and Jury Member
“Survivor: Caramoan” – Finished 9th & Jury Member
Best Known For: Asking a bro to, “Hold up.” Then using two idols to eliminate Philip Sheppard.

Read Malcolm’s Interview

Name: Michaela Bradshaw
Age: 25
Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” – Finished 14th
Best Known For: Not letting a wardrobe malfunction keep her from dominating a challenge.

Read Michaela’s Interview

Name: Sandra Diaz-Twine
Age: 41
Hometown: Fayetteville, N.C.
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Pearl Islands” – Winner
“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” – Winner
Best Known For: Being “Survivor’s” only two-time winner, burning hats.

Read Sandra’s Interview

Name: Tony Vlachos
Age: 42
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Cagayan” – Winner
Best Known For: Spy shacks, llama calls, and finding approximately 40 immunity idols.

Read Tony’s Interview

Name: Troy “Troyzan” Robertson
Age:  54
Hometown: Miami, FL
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: One World” – Finished 8th and Jury Member
Best Known For: The only player to own the island he was competing on.

Read Troyzan’s Interview

Name: Andrea Boehlke
Age: 27
Hometown: New York, NY
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Redemption Island” – Finished 5th and Jury Member
“Survivor: Caramoan” – Finished 7th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Being the first woman to come back from Redemption Island.

Read Andrea’s Interview

Name: Brad Culpepper
Age: 47
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Blood vs. Water” – Finished 15th
Best Known For: Being cursed out by Marissa Peterson

Read Brad’s Interview

Name: Cirie Fields
Age: 45
Hometown: Norwalk, CT
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Panama” – Finished 4th and Jury member
“Survivor: Micronesia” – Finished 3rd  and Jury member
“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” – Finished 17th
Best Known For: Convincing Erik Reichenbach to give up his immunity idol.

Read Cirie’s Interview

Name: Debbie Wanner
Age: 51
Hometown: Reading, PA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – Finished 9th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Nursing Aubry back to health.

Read Debbie’s Interview

Name: James “JT” Thomas Jr.
Age: 31
Hometown: Mobile, AL
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Tocantins” – Winner
“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” – Finished 10th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Receiving Every Vote at Final Tribal Council. Giving Russell Hantz more ammunition.

Read JT’s Interview

Name: Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth
Age: 34
Hometown: Venice, CA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Cook Islands” – Runner-up
“Survivor: Micronesia” – Finished 9th and Jury Member
“Survivor: South Pacific” – Finished 4th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Being one of the most dominant challenge competitors ever.

Read Ozzy’s Interview

Name: Sarah Lacina
Age: 32
Hometown: Marion, Iowa
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Cagayan” – Finished 11th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Figuring out that Tony was a police officer before they had ever spoken.

Read Sarah’s Interview

Name: Sierra Thomas
Age: 29
Hometown: Roy, UT
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Worlds Apart” – Finished 5th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Receiving the worst apology ever from Dan Foley.

Read Sierra’s Interview

Name: Tai Trang
Age: 52
Hometown: San Francisco
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Kaoh Rong” – 2nd Runner-up
Best Known For: Being rewarded for befriending a chicken by singing star Sia.

Read Tai’s Interview

Name: Zeke Smith
Age: 28
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Previously Played On
“Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X” – Finished 9th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Having the greatest cast introduction video ever.

Read Zeke’s Interview

Don’t miss the two-hour season premiere of “Survivor: Game Changers,” Wednesday March 8, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET.

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