‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Plays Align/Malign/Take to the End


‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Alright, I hold in my hand a deck of cards that features all twenty of this season’s players. I’m going to hand you three random cards at a time. You tell me who you’re going to vote out first, who you’re going to work with and eventually eliminate, and who you are going to take to the end.
Jeff Probst: Oh, so it’s like (expletive deleted), marry, kill?
Holmes: Exactly.
Probst: Cool.
Holmes: If we have time we can play that too.
Probst: Oh man, I should not play that game with a cast.
Holmes: Yeah, cause I’m sure you’d (expletive deleted) all twenty.
Probst: (Laughs) Holmes…
Holmes: Alright, focus.

Round One: Aubry, Troyzan, and Hali
Probst: I’d vote out Troyzan, I’d work with Aubry, and I’d take Hali to the end. Aubry is a really good player and I believe that I could convince Aubry that we could work together. But, I know she’s going to come for me at a certain point. I’m going to trust that it won’t be early. I’m thinking that we’re going to keep looking at each other and when you stop looking at me, I’m in trouble…and vice versa. I’d love to sit next to Hali at the end.
Holmes: Sitting with a lawyer?
Probst: I just think she’d be fun to go against. I think she’s super well-spoken and I love the way she can turn an argument like she did with flippers. And Troyzan is out because he offers me the least and he’s a threat to me physically.

Round Two: Malcolm, Ciera, and Debbie
Probst: I hate to do this, but I’m voting out Malcolm. I can’t beat him in anything. And I’m going to need to at some point. I’m going to work with Ciera and then try to blindside her and hope she doesn’t get me first. Which…is a big question. She could probably beat me to the punch. I’m going to take Debbie to the end and I’d make her look like the most crazy, whacked-out nutjob by the time I’m done with her.

Round Three: Tai, Sierra, and Sandra
Probst: I hate to do this, because I love her, but Sandra is going home. She is a lethal weapon. I’m going to work with Sierra because her biggest asset is that she has shown loyalty. I’m taking Tai to the end because I don’t think he can pull it off in the end.

Round Four: Michaela, Caleb, and Brad
Probst: This is a tough one. I’m actually getting rid of Michaela first because I think she could win. I’m going to work with Brad, but I don’t trust him at all. And, I’m going to take Caleb to the end because I think I can outtalk him in the end.

Round Five: Andrea, Zeke, and Ozzy
Probst: I’m going to roll the dice and get rid of Andrea, she’s trouble. I’m going to work with Zeke knowing full well that he will probably take me out. It’d be hard for me to take Zeke out because I like him so much. I’d take Ozzy to the end because I can beat Ozzy. I can outtalk him easy.

Round Six: Jeff, JT, and Tony
Probst: Holy moly.
Holmes: These are the best games because I just sit here and you do all the work.
Probst: (Laughs) I’m in trouble on this one because I don’t want to go to the end with any of them. I think I lose against all of them.
Holmes: You’ve gotta play the cards you’re dealt, Jeff. That’s how life works.
Probst: OK, then I’m saying up front that I lose to all three of them. My best shot…is against Tony. I’m going to take him to the end. But, he’s a winner. I’m going to work with Varner and get rid of JT. That’ll allow me to get rid of one big threat early. He’s likable, he’s physical, he has a massive chip on his shoulder. Varner, I think I can find an alliance with the catty side of him. I think I can play that catty side as well. And I think he might trust me a little bit.

Holmes: Alright, we’ve got two left, so align one and malign the other.

Round Seven: Cirie and Sarah
Probst: Well, just because I love her so much, I’m working with Cirie. And if I lose to her I’m OK. That’s a great story. And I’m voting out Sarah because she’s up against Cirie. Nothing against Sarah.

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