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Last Week: Troyzan and Sarah formed a team, Debbie was bested by a balance beam, and JT fell for Sandra’s sugar scheme.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog…

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Mana Tribe (wearing orangey-red)
Brad, 47
Debbie, 51
Hali, 26
Sierra, 29
Tai, 52

The Nuku Tribe (wearing blue)
Aubry, 30
Jeff, 50
Michaela, 25
Sandra, 41

The Tavua Tribe (wearing green)
Andrea, 27
Cirie, 45
Ozzy, 34
Sarah, 32
Troyzan, 54
Zeke, 28

We kick things off after Tribal where poor Aubry’s head is just spinning. She asks Sandra why they kept her over JT and Sandra admits that it was revenge for Malcolm. Again, I approve of anyone who is made to pay for the lack of Malcolm on my TV.

Later that night, Tai sneaks out to try to find his second idol. He douses the well with water and finds the tribe’s symbol. He digs…and is rewarded! Way to be, Tai. I have to ask though; wouldn’t the logo show up if it rained? I guess people wouldn’t know to dig there.

The next day, Probst shakes the game up for the 112th time by demanding that the tribes drop their buffs.

So, it looks like we’re going to two tribes. Is Tavua the second tribe that never went to Tribal? (I don’t think Tandang ever went during “Survivor: Philippines.”)

New buffs are handed out. Some people get orange, some people get blue, and Debbie gets nothing.

Probst informs her that she’ll be heading to Exile Island and joining the next tribe that goes to Tribal Council.

Alright, let’s look at these new tribes; Mana has Troyzan, Michaela, Sierra, Hali, Cirie, Aubry, and Brad. While Nuku has Ozzy, Sandra, Jeff, Tai, Andrea, Sarah, and Zeke.

Right off the bat, this looks bad for Sandra, Jeff, and Michaela.

Although, it is adorable that there’s already a gay clique of Tai, Jeff, and Zeke on New New Nuku. I want a royalty if they use the term “gay-lliance.”

At the Reimagined Mana, Brad and Troyzan bond over the fact that they’re both dudes. They also have that “One World” connection.

Meanwhile at Nuku 3.0, they don’t show us Tai’s reaction to being short a few chickens. That’s probably for the best.

Sandra and Varner aren’t psyched to be on the bottom of their new tribe, but Sandra is confident she can figure it out. She also says this clever little thing about “The queen stays queen.” That’s cute. She should make that her thing.

In other news, Zeke, Andrea, Sarah, and Ozzy are rightfully scared to death of Sandra. They decide to tell her that they’re targeting Tai.

Later on, Tai decides to try his wet-the-well technique at Nuku. Sure enough, it totally works. Two idols in one episode!

Next up, we meet up with Debbie on her way to Exile. She is not psyched about it until she learns that Exile is a luxury ship that is full of food. Game Changer!

As she’s lounging in a hammock, she is joined by none other than “Survivor: Caramoan” champion John Cochran! Sooooo random.

Apparently, he’s there to be a sounding board for her. This is actually a really good reward. You often hear about how having an objective third party to talk to is a big help. That happens with the loved ones visit a bunch.

Quick Aside: Cochran’s lower-third says “Caramoan.” I’m sure he’d rather that than “South Pacific.”

Debbie tells Cochran that she doesn’t have any reservations about anyone. So that whole Brad blow-up…that’s not a concern?

True to form, Cochran worries that she’s not being paranoid enough.

She admits to calling Culpepper a “wanker.” After which, Cochran smartly advises her to mend fences.

Before he leaves, he presents her with a game advantage. She’s given the choice between a fake idol crafting kit, an extra vote, and an advantage in a team immunity challenge. She decides on the extra vote.

Back at Nuku, Zeke and Jeff bond while relaxing on the beach. Jeff admits that he’s freaked out because he’s never made a jury before. Zeke likes Jeff a lot, but knows that he has to convince Jeff that Tai is their next target.

Jeff shares this info with Sandra, but she doesn’t seem to buy it.

Immunity Challenge Time: The tribes will race through the water while collecting heavy puzzle pieces. They’ll put the pieces in a sled and then drag them to the finish line. The first tribe to complete the puzzle wins immunity.

Quick Note: I messed around with a handheld version of this puzzle at challenge headquarters. It took me forever to get it right.

The Survivor are ready…and they go.

Mana gains an early lead during the monkey bar portion and maintains it until they reach the finish line.

Sierra, Cirie, and Aubry are the puzzle team for Mana. While Zeke, Ozzy, and…wait…Mana finished it?!

Mana wins immunity!

Another Quick Aside: Are you kidding me?! It took me forever!

Back at camp, Jeff seems confident that Tai is going home. But, Sandra’s spidey-senses are freaking out.

She approaches Zeke, Sarah, Andrea, and Ozzy with the idea of separating the remaining Kaoh Rong players. And her pitch is good. Maybe too good as Ozzy and Sarah realize that they’re falling for it.

Meanwhile, Tai is getting nervous because he isn’t being included in conversations.

Tai approaches Ozzy and Jeff to make sure they’re all still targeting Sandra. Oh Tai…

Jeff immediately takes this information to Sandra. She plans to act like she’s going home, but she’s going to go for Tai full blast.

Although…who did they tell Jeff they were telling Tai they were voting for? Surely it was Jeff or Sandra.

That night at Tribal, Sarah, Ozzy, Zeke, and Andrea have to get fire. Probst does not let them know that it represents their life. Then how will they know, Jeff?!

Ozzy admits that every day he thinks of another big name to get rid of.

Sandra knows he’s referring to her. She even says she thinks her number is finally up. She claims that nobody is talking strategy with her.

Tai isn’t sure that Sandra is going home because he made a big move by taking Malcolm out.

Sarah says that she’s heard a few names. This concerns Tai because the only name he’s heard is Sandra.

Then all hell breaks loose.

Tai whispers a name to Sandra, then Jeff. He eventually tells everyone that he’s targeting Ozzy.

Now everyone is whispering. What a mess.

In all of this, Tai hilariously tells us how loyal he is.

Voting Time: Sandra votes for Tai and the rest are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…nobody does.

We’ve got two votes for Tai, three votes for Sandra, and the sixth person voted out of “Survivor: Game Changers” is…Sandra.


Verdict: BOOOOOOO!!!

Sigh…it would have been nice to see what Tony, Sandra, and Malcolm could’ve done in a traditional season instead of this twisty mess.


Power Rankings Results: Adam Klein had Sandra in spot twelve. I had her in spot fifteen. The current score is now Team Adam 50, Team Gordon 51.

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