‘Survivor’ Castaway Sierra: ‘I Feel Like I Was Cheated on by a Long-Term Boyfriend’


‘Survivor: Game Changers’ (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Oh, Sierra…
Sierra Dawn Thomas: (Laughs) I’m so mad at myself, trust me. It still eats me alive. I let myself down. And watching it again was just salt on an open wound. Literally, watching it, I feel like I was cheated on by a long-term boyfriend. It’s a weird feeling. I was trying so hard this season and for a moment I slipped up.
Holmes: You didn’t mean to tell Sarah about the legacy advantage?
Thomas: I didn’t mean to tell anyone. Her and I were having this conversation and she was crying to me about home. It was weird. And all this word vomit came out. And you see me regretting it as I’m saying it. I see the true fear in my eyes that I shouldn’t be saying it.
Holmes: “Survivor” is a game. You had an advantage, she tricked you, now she has an advantage. So, do you sit there and think, “Good move”? Or, did she go too personal with the “love” talk?
Thomas: I hate to say it, but it got a little too personal. Seeing my dad brought out all those emotions and I lost where I was in the game. I let my emotions get the best of me.

Holmes: Speaking of, your dad is adorable.
Thomas: Isn’t he the sweetest thing ever? I do not deserve that man. He is so kind and loving.
Holmes: He said he was so proud of you because you were facing such strong competition. Was that a shot at Dan Foley?
Thomas: (Laughs) I don’t think so! (Laughs) That’s funny. I think he was just saying that all of these people who’ve played three or four times and here’s his little girl playing with them. He was just super proud of me.
Holmes: How tall is he?
Thomas: I think he’s like 6’3, 6’4.
Holmes: They grow those Thomases big.
Thomas: My uncle is seven feet. We’re a tall bunch over here.

Holmes: How confident were you that last night’s vote was going to go your way and Andrea was going home?
Thomas: Probably 50/50…maybe even a little more confident. What was scary is when I said the people who talked to me today, that’s who I’m voting with. Cirie didn’t say one word to me, Andrea didn’t. I knew they were going to be writing my name down. But, I thought I had the other half of them.
Holmes: When did you learn that Sarah had voted for you?
Thomas: At Ponderosa.

Holmes: Earlier you had said you that wanted your final three to be Debbie and Sarah. Where does Brad fit into that?
Thomas: Ooo…it was either Sarah or Brad. But I always wanted to go to the end with Miss Debbie.

Holmes: You voted for Tai last week, and he saved you during the Malcolm vote…which I’m still mad about.
Thomas: (Laughs) I’m sorry.
Holmes: Too late for that, Thomas.
Thomas: (Laughs) That’s funny.
Holmes: Was last week’s vote a pure, as-long-as-it’s-not-me situation or were you not that close with Tai?
Thomas: It was survival mode. You want me to prove I’ll do whatever you say? I’ll vote for Tai and put a little heart above my I so you know it’s me. I was trying to make it another day.

Holmes: Is it frustrating to know that Troyzan had an idol and could have bailed you guys out and taken the numbers back?
Thomas: 100%! I feel like the best idol plays are when you play them for someone else. It gives you a better case in the end. I gave this to this person. And he could have easily changed the numbers. Knowing that he has that makes me sick because I was close with him. We could’ve taken over the game.

Holmes: It had to feel good to be the last Sierra/Ciera standing.
Thomas: That was on my mind. Just making it as far as I did, I got to see my dad. There were a million things I was grateful for. But, that’s one I pat myself on the back for.

Holmes: Zeke thought nobody wanted to take him to the end after the Varner incident because he’d have a story to tell the jury. Was it that, were people afraid of his game play? He certainly wasn’t afraid to make moves.
Thomas: Zeke is an amazing “Survivor” player as far as being knowledgeable and strategic. He’s very personable. So, I think taking Zeke to the end, there are a million reasons why he could have won. He’s great at challenges. He’s great at puzzles. He’s great with people.

Holmes: Last night you alluded that Michaela was prone to losing her cool. We saw a little of that after she lost the reward challenge, but we haven’t seen much of it. What was she doing that we didn’t see that gave people that impression of her?
Thomas: She’s a funny girl. When she’s in a good mood, you want to be around her. But, when she gets frustrated, she really struggles…especially on “Survivor,” you can’t fly off the handle. Everybody is watching all the time. And it was a daily thing where there was a moment where if things didn’t go her way or she was hungry, or tired, or irritable, she couldn’t control her emotions and would act out.

Holmes: We’re going to try something new here. I’ll give you the name of someone on your tribe and you give me a couple of words about them.
Thomas: (Laughs)
Holmes: It’s brand new. Let’s start with Aubry.
Thomas: Nerdy, but I love her.
Holmes: Zeke?
Thomas: Strong.
Holmes: Brad?
Thomas: My BFF.
Holmes: Cirie?
Thomas: Sneaky.
Holmes: Ozzy?
Thomas: Provider.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Thomas: (Laughs) Green monster.
Holmes: Debbie?
Thomas: My girl.
Holmes: Andrea?
Thomas: Gorgeous.
Holmes: Sarah?
Thomas: Scary.
Holmes: Caleb?
Thomas: (Laughs) I might regret this, but wannabe Beast Mode Cowboy.
Holmes: JT?
Thomas: My man! I love JT.
Holmes: Hali?
Thomas: Could never get on the same page.
Holmes: Michaela?
Thomas: Funny. She’s witty and funny.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Tai.
Thomas: Very loving.

Holmes: You are the fourth person to bring up Troyzan’s…gifts.
Thomas: (Laughs)
Holmes: I have a theory that you and your Game Changing buddies are punking me and trying to get me to ask him about it during his exit interview.
Thomas: (Laughs)
Holmes: I have news for you; unless he trips on it during an immunity challenge, it’s not going to happen.
Thomas: (Laughs) That’s amazing. It is what it is. When you think of Troyzan’s…it’s just the green monster. I feel like it’s in my face right now…just the greenness.
Holmes: This is a family site, Sierra.
Thomas: I’m sorry!

Holmes: Now, I love me some Sierra Dawn Thomas, but I did not think you were a Game Changer when I first saw the cast list. Having said that, I’m ready to give you the Kelley Wentworth – Didn’t Do Much Her First Season and Came Back and Kicked Butt Her Second Time Award.
Thomas: Thank you! I have a very big smile on my face. That means a lot. I wasn’t super proud of my first season. And when I got the call to go back, I was where you were. I thought, “I don’t deserve to go back there.” But if you give me this opportunity, I’m going to give it everything I have. I’m going to do things that make me uncomfortable. I kept reminding myself, “You’re out here and you’re going to have to do big things so you can have a case at the end of the game.” I was taking chances. I’m proud of myself. I’m a little upset about what happened with Sarah, but I am proud of myself.
Holmes: Before the game I asked if your Worlds Apart buddies had given you any advice. In the future, you should be the one giving advice.
Thomas: (Laughs) I love that! I’m going to hang that over their heads forever.

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