‘Survivor’ Castaway Alan – ‘I Don’t Care What Happens, I Want Joe Gone’

‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers’ (CBS)

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Some people would say, “Hey, I have a four person majority on a tribe of six people, time to sit back and let the game happen.”

Others would say, “Hey, this angry guy is targeting my alliance member, but it’s cool because we have the numbers. I’ll just let him run his mouth.”

Alan Ball is not one of those people.

I spoke to the former NFL player the morning after his elimination to get his take on Joe’s big move, his alliance with Ashley, and JP’s…idol…transparency…methods…

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Gordon Holmes: Joe is trying to shake things up and he’s not being subtle about the fact that he might have an idol. How do you plan for that if you can’t split the vote?
Alan Ball: I don’t think we gave him enough credit to be that cunning that he could stir things up and have an idol. We discussed it, in terms of putting the votes on Desi, but he had run the camp so hot. He had to go. I got to the point where I was like, I don’t care what happens, I want Joe gone. I knew that that tribe wasn’t going to last with the both of us in it. He had to go. Everybody agreed on that.

Holmes: How confident were you that Devon was on your side?
Ball: I was pretty confident. I knew for sure. Especially because Joe was running around camp lying. Devon saw straight through it. And Devon was pretty genuine. I knew he’d help us with our mission of getting rid of Joe.

Holmes: Did Joe or Desi ever make a move to work with you?
Ball: Desi was subtle. She wanted to get out of the position that she was in. I don’t think she wanted to be tied down under Joe. But, she was a Healer so she had to stick with him, especially with him having an idol. So for her, she was in a tough situation. I may be wrong, but that was the feeling I got from her.

Holmes: It seems like you and Ashley agreed to work together pretty quickly. Did you have thoughts of jumping, or were you more comfortable with the devil you knew?
Ball: (Laughs) When your back is against the wall, you’ll work with anybody. And both of our backs were against the wall. When we pulled buffs and we both had blue, both of our hearts dropped. But, we got better. We began to communicate. Would I work with Ashley if we’d gotten out of that predicament? I couldn’t say that.
Holmes: So, you’re home…you’re comfy on your couch watching last week’s episode…JP comes out of the water…and Ashley tells us she has the hots for him. Did you say, “I knew it!”
Ball: (Laughs) I wanted everyone else to see! I’ve been knowing. Nothing changed in my mind at all. It’s weird because there’s so much that the cameras don’t see. For me, I was picking up on a lot that people at home weren’t. So, when they started to let it out a little more I was pleased. Everybody thinks I’m crazy, but it’s coming out slowly but surely.

Holmes: It’s early in the game, you’ve got this core four of you, Ashley, Ben, and JP. You and JP are impressive physical specimens. If things go wrong you can kick our Katrina or Chrissy. Why shake things up over a power couple?
Ball: At the time, I saw Chrissy as good for my game. And at the end of the day, we were supposed to be a core four, but Ashley and JP were working to get the power between them and then make me disposable. And before they can do that, I’ve got to put a wedge in everything. I need to let people know that the strength is right there.

Holmes: When you accuse someone of having an idol and they drop their shorts right there on the beach…what’s the next move? It’s not like you can give it a real thorough examination.
Ball: (Laughs)
Holmes: What was going through your mind during JP’s impromptu strip search?
Ball: (Laughs) I was shocked. Inside I was laughing, but I’ve come this far, I need to keep this going. But to me, if someone goes to that extent to prove something, there’s something behind it. I’ve got you jumping through hoops to prove me wrong, that made me feel like I had the power in that situation. Maybe you are guilty, maybe you’re not, but you’re going to go that extra mile to prove me wrong. Was I destroying a relationship with JP and Ashley? Absolutely. But, I wasn’t too concerned with that.
Holmes: Is JP still on this show?
Ball: (Laughs) Good question. He might be a hell of the guy, but when it comes to the game, it might by his strategy to lay completely, dumbfoundingly low. His game is a mystery.

Holmes: It seems like Ben and Chrissy have gotten really close. Did you pick up on that during your time out there?
Ball: A little bit. But, I didn’t see that as a problem. I put myself out there as the wild card. So, I know that had issues in terms of trusting me. But I felt like I was solid with Ben and Chrissy. I’m rooting for those two.

Holmes: In hindsight, we know that Joe was able to find his idol by locating a clue on a tree, then digging around the water well. Did you notice any suspicious holes around your water well?
Ball: No, not really. My suspicion with Ashley was that she found a clue, but I don’t recall anything around the well. Unless someone covered it up, they did a good job.

Holmes: Alright word association time. Let’s start with Ashley.
Ball: Confused.
Holmes: Ben?
Ball: Loyal.
Holmes: Devon?
Ball: Different.
Holmes: Katrina?
Ball: Ooo…a wild card.
Holmes: Chrissy?
Ball: Mom.
Holmes: JP?
Ball: Ugh…(Laughs) He’s just JP.
Holmes: Desi?
Ball: Shy.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Joe.
Ball: Rat.

Holmes: You got the crazy edit in that first episode. When your friends and family are watching it, were they surprised or were they like, “Yup, that’s Alan”?
Ball: I got a couple of friends that said, “That’s you.” I’ll let you know exactly what I’m thinking. I’m not biting my tongue. I got the crazy edit. I wish they’d shown more of why I snapped. I’ve got some fire in me.
Holmes: Yeah, that coconut learned that the hard way.
Ball: (Laughs) I can open a coconut now.
Holmes: That’s good. Life is growing, Alan. Life is learning.
Ball: (Laughs) Yes it is.

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