‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Power Rankings Round 4 – ‘Swap! In the Name of Love’ Edition


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Kellyn is voted out this episode, Roark will receive four points and Gordon will receive three points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Ghost Island” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Last Week: Roark had Stephanie in spot fifteen while Gordon had her in spot sixteen. The current score is Team Roark 39, Team Gordon 44.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.


Roark’s Score: 39

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Gordon’s Score: 44

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1. Laurel: Laurel’s game is the perfect get-me-to-the-merge game. She is making moves, but not ruffling feathers, and rather than talk she seems to be listening. I think she is very safe. 1. Domenick: Is this the part of the afternoon where Gordon complains because ranking swaps is frustrating and involves too many variables? Totally. Anywho…Domenick’s holding the only known idol. He should be good.
2. Domenick: If this swap shakes out not in Dom’s favor – which, honestly, I don’t even know what that looks like – he will just play his idol. He’s safe. 2. Laurel: I’m not sure if anyone is in a better position right now. She has her Domenick/Wendell options and her classic Malolo options.  She’s also a challenge threat. She just needs to keep an eye on Donathan.
3. Bradley: The problem is another swap changes everything. Without a swap, this group is squarely in the power position and it doesn’t seem to be shifting. Which lead to ~*RivEtiNg*~ television last Wednesday. 3. Kellyn: The Puzzle Whisperer was knocked down a peg last week, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. The odds are she’ll end up surrounded by supportive treasure boxes.
4. Kellyn: We see way too much of her for her to be going anywhere any time soon. 4. Wendell: He’s a likable challenge champ who has probably only upset a handful of people (Chris and Chris’s buddy). It’d take a disastrous swap to hurt his momentum.
5. Wendell: Both Wendell and Dom have made cross-tribal bonds, which suggests that another tribe swap could produce some exciting results. I think this clearly spells safety for these two. 5. Bradley: It looks like Michael’s idol moment was the wake-up call Bradley needed. Fortunately, the two people he upset the most won’t be on the jury.
6. Donathan: Laurel handled him so much better than I would have. Oh, coffee reminds you of someone? Really? Seeing as 83% of adults consume coffee, it just doesn’t tug at my heartstrings. Donathan and Laurel are the only two original Malolos that strike me as very safe going into this swap. 6. Donathan: Becoming a swing vote in a little alliance that’s already kind of a swing vote? Too complicated for me. I’d stick with the plan and let Laurel lead the charge…for now.
7. Sebastian: See Jenna. He’s just more safe because Naviti. Hope it isn’t another throwing challenge though. He’s really bad at those. 7. Chelsea: Quietly contributing cheerleader. No need to send her packing anytime soon.
8. Chelsea: Still at a loss. 8. Desiree: Desiree seems to be playing a sneaky good game. I loved the moment where her and Bradley touched base after she checked Stephanie’s bag. I wish they’d show more of her.
9. Desiree: Des has actually been a central player in these boot conversations. She steers the dialogue nicely and seems well respected in her group. 9. Angela: Hey.
10. Jenna: I feel great about Laurel and Donathan. I feel good about Jenna. They are clearly gearing up for a Jenna / Sea-bass flirtation story line. And since we aren’t blind and have access to social media we know that they are very very together. This tells me that they both are safe. 10. Libby: As the least threatening classic Malolo member, I think Libby will be fine no matter how the swap shakes out.
11. Angela: Even though Naviti has the overall numbers Angela and Chris are undeniably on the bottom of that totem pole. 11. Sea Bass: Oh…Sea Bass. May you forever reign as this season’s quote machine. However, I am worried that this Jenna thing is going to put an early target on your back.
12. Chris: There are third party people on set so that the challenges can’t be rigged for any one contestant. But could that arbiter call in sick one day so Chris can be given a rap battle challenge? The audience deserves this. 12. James: I wonder how people view you, James. Do Domenick and Wendell know you were the main architect behind the Morgan vote? If so, that could be bad news after the swap.
13. Libby: *long grass emoji* *eyes emoji* *long grass emoji* (that’s me searching for this person) 13. Jenna: There’s a YouTube playlist everyone should check out before going on the show. It features starting fires, opening coconuts, and now braiding hair. Cozying up to the Bassy one may have bought her some time, but it will eventually come with a price.
14. James: James’ confessional about having the numbers because the Malolos are in with Chris shows that he doesn’t know what’s really going on – that Laurel has hooked up with Dom and Wendell. I’m not terribly worried about James because the swap is going to mess all this up anyway, but this did stick out to me. 14. Michael: Nobody needed this swap more than Michael. With the Sea Bass/Jenna romance on the horizon, he was about to become a marked man. And Malolo was getting stomped in the challenges. He’s not out of the woods yet, but this may buy him some time.
15. Michael: I still believe Michael is on really thin ice and could be the next casualty of a bad numbers situation. I see you trying things out there, buddy! 15. Chris: Wow! Chris went all Rick Vaughn on that challenge last week. Then he went all…maybe…Vanilla Ice on the mic. I’d hate to see him go, but that Dom feud is going to come to a head sooner or later.

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