‘Survivor’ Castaway Chris: “My Impulsive Behavior Sometimes Costs Me”


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Tell me you burned that idol the first chance you got. It’s clearly cursed.
Chris Noble: A producer snatched it right away from me.
Holmes: That’s probably for the best. I’d hate for it to cause you more problems.
Noble: Oh, it’s a relic I’d hold onto forever because it was a great moment for me regardless.

Holmes: Dom plays his idol, I’m assuming based on the conversation at the water well that you thought that it’d be a split vote and Wendell would be going home. Is that correct?
Noble: What wasn’t shown was originally when I went to the water well I just wanted to talk to Angela and Des. They were two of my closest allies. And everyone else just followed. And then there was this awkward moment when everyone was looking around. So I thought, “Screw this. I didn’t come out here to not play this game.” I made the mistake, my personality, my impulsive behavior sometimes costs me. And I was like, “Alright guys, this is what we should do.” And I think the plan was a good plan. But, it was the wrong thing to do in the game of “Survivor.” I had multiple conversations with people and for the most part, people like Sebastian and other allies like Donathan all lied to me. But, that’s part of the game.
Holmes: So, if everyone had done what they had said they were going to do, what would have been the outcome of Tribal?
Noble: I thought that Dom and Wendell would vote for me and at the worst, I didn’t see how enough numbers would vote me out. Because I worked so hard to build relationships with people. And ultimately, that was my strategy to make it far in the game because the target on my back was so big. I had to play the loyal card. I had to hold onto that idol for one more Tribal to get me further in the game. I had to risk it because that would’ve bought me six, nine days. Who knows what can happen over that time? Loved ones is on day 30.

Holmes: You talk about making personal relationships and then you come home and watch the edit where there’s a lot of eye-rolling going on. I think specifically Laurel was having conversations with you, but she had to bite her tongue around you. Did you pick up on any of that while you were out there or were you experiencing it for the first time while watching the episode?
Noble: I did not pick up on any of that. It was a shame to hear her say that. What a lot of people don’t know is on day twelve she slept next to me. She’s crying at night. I go over and I give her a hug and I tell her, “Everything’s going to be alright.” Then, we had great conversations. Then at Yanuya, the night before the swimming challenge we got poured on. We didn’t sleep, it was miserable. And me, Wendell, and Laurel, we walked around the island, we held each other, we took care of each other during this horrible night. To hear her say things like that is unfortunate. Because I never felt badly about her. But, you never know whose egos are going to get hurt if you’re a confident person. And apparently, her ego was sort of fragile.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with James?
Noble: Brilliant.
Holmes: Libby?
Noble: Beautiful.
Holmes: Laurel?
Noble: Intelligent.
Holmes: Michael?
Noble: Impressive.
Holmes: Donathan?
Noble: Back-stabber.
Holmes: Jenna?
Noble: Funny.
Holmes: Bradley?
Noble: Dick.
Holmes: Sebastian?
Noble: Lovable.
Holmes: Morgan?
Noble: Charismatic.
Holmes: Chelsea?
Noble: Quiet.
Holmes: Kellyn?
Noble: Sweet.
Holmes: Wendell?
Noble: Silent assassin.
Holmes: Or rap critic.
Noble: (Laughs)
Holmes: Desiree?
Noble: Fiery.
Holmes: Angela?
Noble: Sweetheart.
Holmes: And let’s finish with Domenick.
Noble: Respect.

Holmes: You mentioned that you were close with Desiree, Angela, and Sebastian. In hindsight, were there any clues you could have picked up on that your number was up?
Noble: It’s always easier in hindsight. The only clue that I can think of that I should have picked up on was, I went to get wood with Sebastian. I asked him to go with me, and he helped, and then he left. And on the walk I asked him, “Do you think this is a good plan? Do you think people are going to go with it?” And he said, “Yeah, I think it’s a great plan.” And once we dropped the wood, he left. Looking back, that was my signal that something was wrong. It was my first lead-up to Tribal and I had nothing to base it off of. It was a disadvantage.

Holmes: It seems like Sebastian and Jenna are in a relationship outside of the show. Was that going on during the game?
Noble: There were no real clues that they were together. And I don’t think they were together like that during the game. There definitely was a sign of friendship, but for me, because Sebastian and I were bros, I thought maybe she was just an extra vote for him. That can only be a good thing for me. The funny thing is that Sebastian came up to Wendell and me when we first got to Yanuya and said we should vote for Jenna.
Holmes: That would get him into trouble today.
Noble: (Laughs) Yes.

Holmes: Did you mother get a chance to watch the season?
Noble: Yes, she did.
Holmes: What’d she think?
Noble: My mom was very proud of me. She told me I was her hero. Being mama bear, there were definitely some things she did not like. I had to calm her down. But after episode six, she called me after that tough edit I had. And she read me a note that the National MS Society had sent to her about everything I’d been doing for her and the MS community. It was nothing but good things about me. And she said, “That’s you, Christopher. Don’t let things that people say change anything.” That was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever had in my life. My mom came to me and she brought me up.

Holmes: Chris, I’d imagine you’re a very polarizing player. But, I think you were a blast to watch.
Noble: Thank you.
Holmes: What has the reaction been like from fans?
Noble: It’s probably similar to people in real life. You either really love me or really hate me. I’m confident. I’m comfortable in my own skin regardless of what people say or do. I know I’m going to make it wherever I want to go. The fans, there have been people who love me and have stood up for me. And there have been fans who really hate me. And, that’s awesome for entertainment.

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