‘Survivor: Ghost Island’ Episode 12 Recap: Ladies’ Night?


“Survivor: Ghost Island” (CBS)

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Last Week: A real/fake idol was found, a pretend/real idol was believed, and a real/real idol was wasted.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Lavita Tribe (wearing black)
Angela, 42 – Army Veteran
Chelsea, 24 – EMT/Professional Cheerleader
Donathan, 26 – Caretaker
Domenick, 38 – Construction Supervisor
Kellyn, 31 – Career Counselor
Laurel, 29 – Financial Consultant
Sebastian, 22 – Fishing Guide
Wendell, 33 – Furniture Company Owner

Post Tribal Shenanigans

It doesn’t take long for everyone to realize that there were six votes cast by five castaways. Kellyn owns up to the extra ballot, as if it wasn’t obvious.

And uh…that’s it.

Reward Challenge Time

The players will race through an obstacle course, then attempt to throw a bean bag onto a small platform. The first person to make this shot wins a barbecue lunch and…

Cue: “Loved Ones” music

Sure enough, Jeff tells them that the loved ones visit has finally arrived.

We get to meet Wendell’s father first. They share a beautiful hug and I don’t cry. Because I’m super tough.

From there we get to meet Kellyn’s brother, he tells her to “Do it.” It’s unclear if he means, “Believe in invisible immunity idols.”

Donathan’s aunt is next and he asks for an update on his grandmother and mother. She assures him that they’re fine. Dusty…dusty in here…keep it together.

Then it’s Angela’s daughter. Probst really digs into the notion that Angela has missed a lot of her daughter’s life due to her military service. Jeez…Jeff. This isn’t hard enough?

Wow…Chelsea’s sister is like a slightly younger version of her. Which…is probably not too weird considering they’re siblings. Also, Chelsea’s sister has had as many lines as Chelsea this season.

Next up is Laurel’s brother and she bursts into tears. I, however, do not. Because I have a will of iron.

Sea Bass’s little sister is our next visitor…and she kinda looks like Jenna. I’m not going to read anything into that.

And finally, we get to meet Domenick’s wife…and that’s it for me. Waterworks. Stupid “Survivor.”

Domenick’s wife quickly becomes one of my favorite people on this season by saying, “I love you and I hate you so much.”

Fun Fact: During pre-game interviews, Domenick and Kellyn said they’d rather lose the family visit than win and have to decide who to take along.

Result: Sea Bass picks up the win and it’s not even close. He’s allowed to choose three people to come with him and he picks Domenick, Wendell, and Donathan. All the dudes, yikes.

Sebastian is also allowed to send someone to Ghost Island. Aaaand…there is no challenge waiting there. Whoever goes will automatically get an advantage. Sea Bass doesn’t want to send himself, but Wendell volunteers to go. That means he has to sacrifice lunch with his dad. But, Wendell assures us that his dad was all for that plan.

At Ghost Island

Wendell is greeted by an extra chance in the immunity challenge that Malcolm screwed up at final four during “Survivor: Philippines.”

Seriously?! No trigger warning? It hurt my heart to have to watch Malcolm blow that challenge again.

Family and Feasting

Domenick quickly makes a play to get Donathan and Sea Bass on his side. Donathan’s aunt hilariously threatens to hunt Domenick down if he stabs her nephew in the back.

Kell Hath No Fury

Hoo…boy…Kellyn is not pleased that the guys all got to go on little adventures. She immediately rallies the women to her side. It seems like Laurel is into it, but she does say things like, “They may or may not have idols” when she knows they do.

The plan is to target Domenick because Wendell probably has more tricks up his sleeve.

Honestly, Laurel should seriously consider this. The guys are getting too deep into this game with too many advantages.

Also, is Kellyn becoming this season’s villain? I never would have guessed that during pre-game interviews. It’s like rooting against Mr. Rogers.

Immunity Challenge Time: Yup…it’s the final four immunity from season 25. The players will have to balance a ball on a cylinder that they’re holding up with two handles. As time goes on, they’ll add pieces to the cylinder. If your ball drops, you’re out. If Wendell’s ball drops, he’ll get a second chance. The last person standing wins immunity.

Result: Wendell does not last long at all. Curse-unreversed. Domenick picks up the win.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

It looks like it’s going to come down to Chelsea or Wendell with Donathan and Laurel being the swing votes. It’s tough to tell which way they’re leaning, but Wendell does say that he’s getting weird vibes from Laurel. Uh oh…

Tribal Time

Donathan quickly drops a bomb, saying that there are finally cracks in the classic Naviti tribe. This immediately puts everyone on edge.

However, after that it’s all just a bunch of vague statements from everyone. So, it’s hard to get a read on what’s going on.

Voting Time: Chelsea votes for Wendell, Wendell votes for Chelsea, and the rest of the votes are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Wendell, one vote for Chelsea, one vote for Wendell, one vote for Chelsea, one vote for Wendell, two votes for Chelsea and the thirteen person voted out of “Survivor: Ghost Island” and the sixth member of the jury is…Chelsea.

Verdict: I…I like all these people…but I’m kind of bored with this season.

Do somethinggggggg…

  • Wendell – The target on your back can’t possibly get any bigger. So, going for the advantage was smart. Also, congratulating Chelsea on the way out is a good move.
  • Domenick – Good job keeping your options open with Sebastian. He seems loyal and you can definitely beat him in the end.
  • Kellyn and Angela – Hey, you tried.
  • Laurel and Donathan – I don’t think either one of you can win over Wendell or Domenick. This vote may have been your last chance.
  • Sebastian – I think you’re partnering with the wrong guys, buddy.

Power Rankings Results: Roark had Chelsea in spot eight. I had her in spot seven. The current score is Team Roark 125, Team Gordon 128.

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