“Survivor” Castaway Jeremy: “I Made a Joke Around the Campfire and That Got Back to Angelina” (UPDATED)


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: Take me back to last night. Did you see it coming at all?
Jeremy Crawford: The thing that really kicked me off the show was something that wasn’t shown, so it might sound like an excuse. The reason for the blindside, and it wasn’t a blindside, Angelina was in a showmance with John. It was kind of one-sided like Kara and Dan. But, Angelina had just gotten married. So, she was adamant that nobody make any comments about a showmance between her and John on the show. And essentially I made a joke about Angelina and John’s showmance after our  challenge where we won fishing gear. I made a joke around the campfire and that got back to Angelina. And from that, she went around and told people, “He has to go, he’s trying to ruin my marriage. I’m going to be humiliated.” So, she told people that, but told them not to talk about it on camera. That’s how you get nine people to vote somebody off who they really don’t want to. You add a personal layer from the real world to it. So, it really had nothing to do with me and Natalie. If you go back and look at Angelina in the tent when she says, “I can’t trust him anymore.” That “anymore” is telling you why. And that’s the only clue I could find last night as to why she so adamantly couldn’t trust me anymore. We weren’t in an alliance, so what was that “anymore”?

Holmes: When were you clued into the fact that she was targeting you?
Crawford: Maybe the morning of the immunity challenge. Somebody said “Angelina is mad about this joke you made.” And I think the girls were trying to get out a boy because they wanted an all-girl alliance. So, I thought I’d offer up Dan, we could flush out his idol. I’ve been watching “Survivor” forever, and if nine people are trying to get someone out, one person is going to tell them. Especially if that person is popular and has friends. But, when nobody came, I knew something was going on and I went into panic mode. Let me tell them about Dan, let me get into a bigger fight with Natalie.
Holmes: Once you realized what was going on, was there ever an opportunity to mend fences with Angelina?
Crawford: She mentioned the joke, but there was no way to talk to her about it because she didn’t want to talk about it on camera. So, what can you do? I’m an open, honest person. Everything about me can be on camera. I’m a lawyer, I’m good with rules. So, I didn’t know what to do with my tribe’s inability to follow rules.
Holmes: What was going on that made you think they were in a showmance? Was it more than canoodling?
Crawford: What made me make the joke was that it started raining and instead of grabbing her own clothing, she grabbed John’s. And we all knew it. It wasn’t a secret. She was fully into him. John wasn’t in a showmance, he was always talking about his fiancé. But, he was definitely pulling the Kara card of letting Angelina do what she wanted to do to improve his game. When we were in the camp, it rained every day. So, there was so much time in the tent, in the camp huddled together. And showmances, that’s where they start.
Holmes: Did I date myself by saying “canoodling.”
Crawford: (Laughs) I’m probably older than you, so you made me feel comfortable.

Holmes: So, the Natalie feud was a way to deflect attention?
Crawford: It wasn’t so much a feud, but Natalie and Natalia got into it on day one. That thing blew up on day three to the point where Natalie was ready to fight Natalia. She made a very threatening comment to Natalia and I jumped in and said, “Listen Natalie, you can’t say that.” Because Natalie told us on day one that she didn’t want to be perceived as an angry, black woman. I’m like, “OK, you’re black, I’m black, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen.” So, when she got mad at Natalia, that’s when we had our first conversation. Then she got into a big fight with Mike. Mike might’ve stepped on her bed. I wasn’t there. I told her to calm down. So, these feuds were never generated by her and I having a problem. The problem was, I’d tell Natalie what other people were saying and thinking and she wasn’t believing it. So, she thought it was me saying it. At Tribal Council, that was the first time people were saying to her face that her attitude sucks. Do I have a problem with Natalie? No. Is Natalie completely unaware? Yes.

Holmes: Do you remember what comment Natalie made to Natalia that made you step in?
Crawford: They were carrying a log…like one of the poles, and Natalie felt like Natalia had given her a snide look. And Natalie, was like, “You’ve got one more time, you’ve got ONE MORE TIME, and I’m going to come over there.” And that was too much.
Holmes: That was a very solid Natalie.
Crawford: “Cut these coconuts! You all need to start this fire!” That was Natalie pretty much 24/7. We would wake up and Natalie would say, “You need to wake up and start this fire!” And we’d say, “There’s a fire making kit now. Go over there and do it.” That was just her. I don’t think Natalie knew I was going home, it was probably more of surprise to her that it was to me, because they didn’t need to talk to her to get the votes.

Holmes: Alright, word association time. Let’s start with John.
Crawford: Solid, American man. Nobody will ever say anything bad about John.
Holmes: Alec?
Crawford: Charming, he has the it factor. Charisma, intellect, once he gets some of that youthfulness out of him, he’s going to be amazing.
Holmes: Mike?
Crawford: He’s hilarious, a little nervous. He’s not what he appears to be when you first meet him.
Holmes: Kara
Crawford: Kara is absolutely amazing. Hands down, on both sides, she’s the person you want to hang out with for the rest of your life.
Holmes: Natalia?
Crawford: She’s great, funny, she loves “Survivor.” She talks about it all the time. And she was freezing on the island.
Holmes: Dan?
Crawford: Dan is twelve years old.
Holmes: Alison?
Crawford: Smart, kinda WASPy, solid girl.
Holmes: Natalie?
Crawford: Unaware.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Angelina.
Crawford: Lacks integrity.

Holmes: Tell me you’ve seen a pro wrestling match since you’ve returned to the states.
Jeremy Crawford: Oh, I haven’t. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs) I’ll send you some recommendations.
Crawford: I’m not big into violence.
Holmes: It’s pretend violence.
Crawford: Mm…hm…

UPDATE: Angelina responded to Jeremy’s allegations with the following comment…

“My husband and I are aware of Jeremy’s comments. While we do not appreciate his blatant mischaracterization of my friendship and alliance with John, I am not surprised he feels compelled to attempt to revise the narrative.

I think all of this really comes down to one fundamental Survivor truth: being the first eliminated member of your tribe by a unanimous, undisclosed blindside, must really sting, especially for a supposed “Goliath.”

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