“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” Episode 4 Recap: A Big Injury, A Big Blindside


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Last Week: Christian threw Gabby under the bus, Bi’s mobility stopped being a plus, and Jeremy is no longer a part of Goliaths R Us…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at these tribes as they currently stand…

The David Tribe (wearing orange)
Bi, 28 – MMA Fighter
Carl, 41 – Truck Driver
Christian, 32 – Robotics Scientist
Davie, 30 – Social Media Manager
Elizabeth, 31 – Kitchen Staff
Gabby, 25 – Technical Writer
Lyrsa, 35 – Flight Attendant
Nick, 27 – Public Defender

The Goliath Tribe (wearing purple)
Alec, 24 – Bartender
Alison, 28 – Physician
Angelina, 28 – Financial Consultant
Dan, 27 – S.W.A.T. Officer
John, 38 – Pro Wrestler
Kara, 30 – Realtor
Mike, 47 – Filmmaker
Natalia, 25 – Industrial Engineer
Natalie, 56 – Publishing CEO

Buffs Will Be Dropped

We don’t waste any time with post-Tribal shenanigans as we head right off to a gathering of the tribes. But, before we get down to business, Bi announces that she will leave the game because she sprained her MCL. I’m usually all for people staying in the game at any cost, but she has a physical career, so good on her for making the move that’s best for her life.

Jeff then tells us that it’s time for an “unpredictable twist.” And by that he means…tribe swap.

Everyone drops their buffs and some people receive…a mysterious green buff. Oh, and Carl didn’t get anything. He’s like Charlie Brown trick or treating.

OK, the new tribes are; Natalie, Mike, Nick, Lyrsa, and Angelina on the Jabeni Tribe, Elizabeth, Davie, Alec, Natalia, and Kara on the Vuku tribe, and Dan, John, Alison, Gabby, and Christian on the new Tiva tribe.

Seriously?! I have to remember tribe names? Can’t we just call the green folks the Versus tribe?!

And poor Carl has earned himself a trip to Exile Island. He will join the first tribe to vote someone off.

Oh, that’s pretty interesting. The breakdown of each tribe is three Goliaths and two Davids. Why would a Goliath flip knowing that the Goliath they vote out is going to be replaced by a David?

Also, in the most poetic moment of the season, Christian catches a thrown map that was destined to hit Gabby in the face.

At Vuku Beach

Kara and Elizabeth seem to be getting along like peas and carrots and Natalia does not dig it. This immediately puts a target on Elizabeth’s back.

At Exile Island

Carl is greeted by a message that tells him that an advantage is available, but only for a limited time. Ooo…like the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

Anywho, he has to run off to a part of the ocean to find a coconut that’s bobbing around. He hustles over and claims the game’s first-ever Idol Nullifier. He’ll need to play it when the votes are cast and specify name which player he is playing it against.

At Jabeni Beach

Mike is rightfully freaked out because all of the challenge threats are on the other tribe. But, at least he still has Natalie to boss him around.

No joke, she literally gives everyone assignments, and then critiques their work. It’s hilarious. I can’t wait for the episode where she conducts their year-end reviews.

Later on, Nick and Mike decide to pair up as the “Rock Stars” alliance. What?! “School of Nick” was right there! Mike proves he trusts Nick by telling him about Dan’s idol.

At Tiva Beach

Christian immediately starts grilling John on the inner workings of Slamtown. He eventually asks if there’s a website where he can apply to be the comptroller.

No, seriously.

This all makes Gabby worry because she’s doesn’t bond well with Goliath-types. Later that night, Christian does his best to reassure her that they’ll be OK. She gets very emotional, comparing it to not feeling comfortable around cool kids. Aww…Gabby…you’re cool.

Immunity Challenge Time: One member from each tribe will sit on a one-wheeled cart. Two members will wear blindfolds and push the cart through an obstacle course. Then the unblindfolded member will have to instruct two other blindfolded members on how to complete a table maze. The first tribe to complete the puzzle will win immunity and snacks. The second tribe will just win immunity. The third tribe will get to vote out a David.

Quick Note: The unblindfolded players are Gabby, Angelina, and Kara. They really are in the spotlight in this challenge.

Results: Gabby pulled off the win for the Tiva. And, she even gave some big hugs to the scary Goliaths on her tribe. It was a close battle for second with Jabeni claiming the victory.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

The early debate centers around who should go home between Davie and Elizabeth.

But…Natalia opens the door a little bit by rubbing members of her alliance, particularly Alec, the wrong way. She tells people to shut up, she threatens Davie if he doesn’t vote her way. Both Davie and Elizabeth make plays to Alec and he seems to at least be entertaining the notion.

Tribal Time

Elizabeth is so concerned that she almost “pooped her pants.” I don’t have anything to add to that.

She eventually moves on from discussing…such things…and says that people need to make big moves before it’s too late. This inspires Alec to get up and whisper in her ear. As you’d imagine, this does not sit well with Natalia.

More whispering happens, with Kara trying to convince Natalia that everything is OK.

Finally, Natalia defiantly says, “Let’s go.”

Voting Time: Natalia votes for Elizabeth and no other votes are shown.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Elizabeth, one vote for Davie, two votes for Natalia, and the fifth person eliminated from “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” is…Natalia.

Oof…and she does not go gentle into that good night. Alec tries to apologize, but she tells him to shut up. Natalia then asks Kara if she knew, Kara claims that she didn’t.

Verdict: I…uh…I don’t get this move by Alec. He’s now outnumbered by Davids. I don’t get it.

Buuuut…sign me up for more of “The Christian and John Show.”

  • Davie and Elizabeth – I’m not quite sure how closely they worked on that plan, but at the end of the day, they swung the entire tribe in their direction.
  • Carl – You found an advantage and you’re about to be reunited with your buddy…good times.
  • Christian – Gabby is a dream alliance member. Can you even imagine her turning on him? I can’t.
  • Gabby – Buck up, camper! Hopefully your big win will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Nick – I think the “Rock Stars” have legs. Mike obviously trusts you enough to tell you about Dan.
  • Mike – You’re right, Nick does have more to gain than you do in this new alliance. But kudos for trying making moves.
  • Kara – Oh boy…how did all of that happen right under your nose?
  • Natalie – I’ve been doing this gig for ten years and I’ve never seen anything like the way she handles herself around camp. She’s playing an amazing 3rd-place game.
  • Alec – Congrats, you’re in the minority. Also, it’ll be fun to explain why Natalia is gone if you get to the merge.
  • Dan, John, Lyrsa, Angelina, Alison – I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Rankings Results: Bradley Kleihege had Bi in spot seventeen and Natalia in spot four for a total of 21 points. I had Bi in spot sixteen in Natalia in spot twelve for a total of 28 points. So, the current score is Team Bradley 38, Team Gordon 50.

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