“Survivor” Castaway Lyrsa: “To Be So Close to the Merge and to Not Make It Was Devastating”


“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: So, what did you think was going to happen as you were heading into Tribal last night?
Lyrsa Torres: I was really hoping to stay, and I have more lives than a cat. In the Spanish tradition, cats have seven lives.
Holmes: Only seven? What a rip off.
Torres: (Laughs) Well, that was my seventh chance to save myself and I didn’t. I felt like it was going to be me, especially because when you’re headed into Tribal you can feel the mood. I could feel it and I knew it was probably going to be me. My mama says you have to have two bags in life, one for winning and one for losing, and that’s what I had there. I had a bag for winning and bag for losing. And I lost, so I grabbed my bag…and my jacket…
Holmes: (Laughs)
Torres: (Laughs) And I left. I’m very happy that I got to play this game this far. A lot of people were not expecting me to play that long. And it’s a win/win. No matter the outcome, I played something that I always watched on TV. It’s the game I love. It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Holmes: Mike is in this position where he likes and trusts you, but if he votes out another Goliath, he’s going to be in trouble at the merge. How did you try to counter that?
Torres: I tried to never lie. I lied as little as I could. It’s a game about lying, but that’s not me. It was difficult trying to be dishonest. When you don’t do that in your real life, it’s hard to lie to a lot of people at the same time. I said to Mike, “Hey, if you stay with me…” They didn’t know about all my connections. I only told them about my connection with Elizabeth. That wasn’t true, I had connections with Gabby and Christian. So, I was pretty much looking forward to the merge because I was going to be with my people and we were going to be able to play. So, I said, “I only have a little bit on the other side, but we’re going to do our best to keep you safe. Even though you’re a Goliath, you’re like the David of the Goliaths.” But, I understand where he’s coming from. If he makes the merge and they lost Natalia and Natalie and Angelina, it’s going to put a big target on his back.

Holmes: It seemed like Angelina was trying to work with you at one point, but you didn’t seem interested. Why did you resist partnering with her?
Torres: To be honest, as a person, Angelina is so nice. She’s a very good person. But in this game, right when she got off the boat I knew she was there to play and win. It was game on from day one with her. She was playing super hard and you can’t trust a person like that in the game. So, there was something telling me you can’t trust her in the game. Also, I didn’t feel like she was trying to work with me. Maybe she was…but I didn’t feel like that after the whole incident with jacketgate. So, when Nick tells me they want to vote for me, how can I trust you when you want to do this? I didn’t get the vibe that she wanted to work with me, or I would’ve given her the jacket, the pants, the socks, everything.
Holmes: Were you concerned that if she got a jacket she’d become too powerful?
Torres: She’d become more powerful and I was going to be voted out next anyway.

Holmes: OK, word association time. Let’s start with Elizabeth.
Torres: Sister.
Holmes: Bi?
Torres: Fighter.
Holmes: Carl?
Torres: Fire, he loved the fire.
Holmes: Pat?
Torres: Teddy bear.
Holmes: Mike?
Torres: Funny.
Holmes: Nick?
Torres: Flip flopper. (Laughs)
Holmes: Gabby?
Torres: Cheese. We were talking about cheese all the time. We love cheese. I’d say, “Ooo…I want some spicy gouda.”
Holmes: You guys would get along with my wife.
Torres: (Laughs)
Holmes: She obsessed. Christian?
Torres: I love Christian. Beautiful eyes.
Holmes: Davie?
Torres: Hilarious.
Holmes: Jessica?
Torres: Sweet.
Holmes: Natalie?
Torres: Powerful.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Angelina.
Torres: Latina-to-Latina conversation…jacketgate.

Holmes: You were an early target in the David tribe. The knock seemed to be that you were a challenge liability, but we didn’t really see anything to support that.
Torres: Thank you! Thank you so much! You guys are watching the game. I think it was my mistake. I was the person that got into the boat and said, “I’m chunky, I’m tiny.” That’s (expletive deleted) I know. It’s not for me to tell them in this game. So, I think I’m the person who put that target on my back. But, I watched every episode twice and I never felt like I was super behind at something. We’d lose a challenge, even the challenge from last night, I was a little bit late. Gabby and I were head to head, but the way it was edited, she finished first. So, I don’t think my game ability was a liability. I put every single piece of me into the challenges, because I think people saw me as the worst physically. So, I needed to double my game, because if we lose it’s going to be me. And looking back, I’m thinking, “You’re stupid, you said you were chunky, you said you were tiny. These are things they can see, you don’t have to tell them this.” But, I like to be honest and I like to tell it like it is.

Holmes: It looks like we’re hitting the merge next week. What would’ve been your plan if you had made it there?
Torres: I was going to go back to Elizabeth. I really wanted to get to the merge. I set some goals; don’t get eliminated first. People don’t remember that person and I didn’t want to be that person. The second goal was make an alliance and the third goal was make the merge. And to be so close to the merge and to not make it was devastating. I wanted to be with Elizabeth and Gabby and Christian. Christian and I had the longest conversations every day about taking power over Slamtown. I was going to be the Secretary of State and try to create a plan to defeat John and take over Slamtown. I was really looking forward to seeing my peeps and actually play the game. What people didn’t know was that I was doing kickboxing four times a week. I was practicing a lot for balancing. I have really tiny feet, so those balancing challenges…I could have rocked that (expletive deleted) because my feet are perfect for that.

Holmes: What’s it going to be like sitting next to Natalie at the reunion?
Torres: Natalie and I are going to have so much fun. We’re going to dance together, it’s going to be amazing. I feel really bad. I have no beef with Natalie, I actually sent her a message apologizing for what I said.

Holmes: It must’ve been cool to have that purple hair and then receive a purple buff.
Torres: I know! After a while I didn’t know what was my hair and what was the buff.

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