‘Survivor: Tocantins’ Episode 3 Recap – Blonde Leading the Blind

Last Week on ‘Survivor’: Coach went back on his bold “Let the Strong People Win” strategy by voting off Candace, a woman I’m pretty sure could beat him in an arm-wrestling match. Also, Taj and Brendan were sent to Exile (not an) Island where they plotted to form a super secret cross-tribe alliance.

This week; Coach delegates his coaching duties, Taj plants seeds for the future, and Sandy says something that leaves me trying to figure out a way to un-hear things…

39 Days, 16 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Here are the tribes as they currently stand…

Timbira (wearing black)

  • Coach – 37 – Soccer Coach
  • Brendan – 30 – Entrepreneur
  • Debra – 46 – Middle School Principal
  • Erinn – 26 – Hairstylist
  • Jerry – 49 – Sergeant, U.S. Army
  • Tyson – 29 – Professional Cyclist
  • Sierra – 23 – Model

Jalapao (wearing red)

  • Joe – 26 – Real Estate Sales
  • JT – 24 – Cattle Rancher
  • Sandy – 53 – Bus Driver
  • Spencer – 19 – Student
  • Sydney – 24 – Model
  • Taj – 37 – Former Pop Star
  • Stephen – 29 – Corporate Consultant

We start off with the Timbirans returning from Tribal Council. Erinn is doing her best to distance herself from the recently ousted Candace. Nobody seems to be buying Erinn’s “I wanted to get to know her before I booted her” strategy.

The following morning, we learn that Jerry is having a tough time dealing with his new Brazilian bean diet.

Editor’s Note: If you think I’m going to take this opportunity to make a joke about someone eating beans all day joke, you’re sorely mistaken.

Meanwhile, the Jalapaoans are trying to figure out how to use the fishing net they won during the last challenge. The method they’re employing involves five of them standing around trying to throw the net at fish. I guess that’s the best method when there isn’t a stream or a river. Of course, the next shot involves JT using a fishing rod in a MOVING RIVER.

OK, between not knowing what a pace is and not knowing to hold the net in front of the river, I’m really starting to wonder what goes into the ‘Survivor’ application process.

Reward Challenge Time: Ah…it’s time for that staple of ‘Survivor’ challenges, the blindfolded train wreck. This time, each team will select a person to call out orders to their team. Joe will call out orders for Jalapao while Debra will be screeching at the top of her lungs for Timbira.

The remaining twelve players will be blindfolded and paired up with a member of their team. The pairs will be tied together and forced to navigate a maze. While in the maze they’ll try to find a bucket. Once they have their bucket, they’ll have to transport water and then corn back through the maze and into their team’s goal. The first team to fill their water goal and their corn goal wins chairs, blankets, and other luxuries.

Jalapao gets off to an early lead, filling their water goal first. Brendan and Jerry do a terrible job restoring my faith in the aforementioned ‘Survivor’ application process by going right while Debra screams “Left! Left! Left!”

Timbira eventually adopts a smart strategy as all three of the pairs move together so Debra only has to scream one set of instructions. However, it’s too little too late as Jalapao quickly moves the maize through the maze. I’d like to thank my 4th grade Social Studies teacher for her help with the ‘maize’ joke.

Upon learning his tribe has dropped another challenge, Coach lets loose with a very un-Zen yell.

Jalapao decides to send Brendan to Exile Island, while Brendan chooses to bring Taj with him. Could those crazy kids be up to something?

Back at Timbira, Coach lets us know that it’d be counterproductive for the tribe to separate into groups and start pointing fingers about losing the challenge. The ‘Survivor’ editing staff promptly earns their paychecks by cutting directly to footage of Coach blaming Sierra for losing the challenge.

Coach also gives Tyson the honorary title of “Assistant Coach.” I guess it was that or “Dauber.” Anyone who gets that reference is automatically admitted into my alliance.

At Exile Island, Taj gets the clue this time, telling her that the hidden immunity idol will be surrounded by wood. That night, Taj and Brendan plan to team up with Stephen and Sierra and send them to Exile Island next time so the other players won’t get too suspicious. Yikes, if Taj manages to snag one idol while Brendan has another, Team Taj could be unstoppable after the merge.

The following morning, Jalapao wakes up refreshed thanks to the tarp that is keeping them dry. Stephen informs us that the knowledge that Timbira was miserable helped him sleep soundly. Coach may need to explain karma to young Stephen.

In other news, Sandy lets everyone know that she’s a “Sex kitten this morning.”

Meanwhile, my computer hates me for making it type that. Sorry, computer.

Immunity Challenge Time: Team members will have to run across a field two at a time to retrieve huge blocks. Once a team has retrieved all six of their blocks they will use the blocks to create a staircase that spells out their tribe’s name. The first tribe to have all of their team members climb their staircase to reach a platform will win immunity.

Whoa! While Probst (aka J-Pro) was retrieving the immunity idol from Jalapao, Sydney actually spoke! And it was trash talk, too!

The lead passes back and forth a few times as the teams rush to get their cubes. There are two other very important things to take note of as well. First, Jerry looks really hurt. And second, Coach has cute little soccer knee socks. Way to work the gimmick, Coach.

Once both teams have their cubes they start building their staircases. Erinn tries to take the lead with Timbira but nobody seems to be listening to her. While that mess is going on, Jalapao works together well, creates their staircase, and wins their third straight challenge.

An exhausted Jerry lets his team know, “I’m through, I’m finished.”

Later, strategizing at Timbira centers around Jerry’s illness and Erinn’s annoyingness. (Yes, I’m aware “annoyingness” isn’t a word.) Coach expresses his distaste for Erinn by impersonating her evil look. This impression is far more accurate than his impression of someone who isn’t a hypocrite.

That was for my girlfriend, Candace. You’re welcome, Baby.

In the midst of all this, Brendan finds an opportunity to go immunity idol hunting. Realizing that the tree mail statue is made of wood, he starts shaking it violently. Sure enough, there’s the idol. I wonder if he and Taj had discussed looking there? Two idols in one alliance would be lethal.

That night at Tribal Council, Probst asks Jerry who he thinks the leader of the tribe should be. Jerry thinks it should be Brendan. This of course gets Coach’s chi all up in a bunch. Coach informs Probst that he used his eyes to tell his tribe what to pick up off of the truck on Day One.

Whoa…Coach has eye power? Is it too late to change my pick?

Voting Time: Erinn votes for Jerry, Jerry votes for Erinn, and the rest of the votes are being kept on the down low.

Jeffrey reads the votes: one vote for Jerry, a second vote for Jerry, one vote for Erinn, a third vote for Jerry, and the third person voted out of “Survivor: Tocantins” is…Jerry.

Verdict: As if Team Taj vs. Coach’s Cult wasn’t a hot enough feud, now Coach is worried that certain members of Timbira want Brendan to be the leader. Add to that the intrigue of a cross-tribe alliance brewing and I’d say this season has been a success thus far. Here’s hoping they keep it up.

Who’s Going to Win? Team Taj needs to make sure that word doesn’t get out that they’re finding idols. If they can get Sierra and Stephen to play along, they could own the post-merge game.

Next Week:
Sydney starts flirting, Tyson starts stripping, while Taj tries to bring Stephen on board for what she calls, “The biggest upset in ‘Survivor’ history.” Don’t miss it!

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