‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview – Yasmin Giles

There are two important things to be learned from Yasmin Giles’s time in Samoa. First, when making a first impression to a group of dirty, starving peers, try not to compare them to babies. And second, doing something in camp poorly is probably better than not doing anything at all. We had a chance to talk to Yasmin the day after her dismissal and asked her about her racial-charged blow up with Ben, how well she actually got along with Foa Foa, and which Galu member serenaded her with creepy riddles.

Gordon Holmes: Going into tribal council last night, were you at all surprised that you were going home?
Yasmin Giles:
You know what, Gordon, I was a little bit surprised. But it was the happiest day of my life. I smiled as Jeff put out my torch.
Gordon: You mentioned that you were not made for the jungle, which was punctuated by you wearing your sweet heels to tribal. Was it tough out there for you?
Yasmin: (Laughs) It was horrible! I’ve never been camping. I’ve worked in the entertainment business for two years and I was looking for a porta-potty. It was shocking. I definitely learned some things about myself.
Gordon: So you thought you’d get out there and it’d be more like a television set?
Yasmin: Yeah, I was hoping I could take a break and go over to craft services! (Laughs) “Survivor” is the real deal. You have to respect the game after playing it.

Gordon: We haven’t had a chance to get to know Galu at all. What’s going on over there?
I’ll give you the first look at Galu. Galu is a very confused tribe. They were all…over…the…place. When John didn’t step up in that one challenge we were going to vote out John. Then we were going to vote out Shambo when she lost the fishing gear. We were going to vote Dave off. Then Monica did bad in that challenge and we’re going to vote her off. Then Yasmin is strong in challenges, but she doesn’t do enough around camp. Come on! Gordon, that’s crazy. Me and Shambo were not with the other girls. We were not in the 90210 clique.
Gordon: You guys had a little Melrose clique on the side.
Yasmin: Yeah, it’s like I’m a grown woman. I’m not a follower. I don’t break the rules, I make new rules. I’m not at the point in my life where I need validation. And that’s why they clung to each other.

Gordon: You play by your own rules, and those rules include laying the law down to Foa Foa.
Yasmin: That was obnoxious, huh?
Gordon: (Laughs)
Yasmin: I’m a woman who can admit when she’s defeated.  “Survivor” defeated me. And that speech, I watched it back and it’s like a girl walking by a mirror and she’s like, “I’m fat!” I had no idea.
Gordon: What was their reaction immediately after the speech?
Yasmin: That’s a good question, and people are under the impression that I made no friends. Me and the girls went and bathed, and I spent at least 30-40 minutes with each member including Russell H. When Jaison took up for me, you could tell that was personal. Me and him had formed a friendship. When you saw Natalie and Ashley’s hair braided at tribal council, who do you think did it? So I was over there putting in work.

Gordon: Now the argument with Ben on the beach, how did that escalate so quickly?
What you guys missed was the fact that I had a knot on my head the size of a golf ball. So, that innocent “Oh, I just barely touched you,” was not so innocent. The whole time we were in that challenge, Russell Swan said, “No matter what happens, men go after men, women go after women.” And he (Ben) was playing dirty, he was thrown out of the game for being dirty. And afterwards I said to him, “Can I talk to you in private, please.” I said “Please.” But, I’m ghetto trash cause I have no manners. I said, “Please.”

Gordon: Jaison pretty much came to your defense last week at tribal council. When you were watching it on TV, what was going through your mind?
Probably things I wanted to say. Remember, Ben didn’t say those things to my face, so that was a shock to me. I was watching it thinking, “Wow, thanks Jaison!”

Gordon: Does anyone in Galu know that Erik found the immunity idol?
You know what, I left so fast that I have no idea.

Gordon: So, help us to know more about Galu. I’ll say a member’s name and you give me the first thing that pops into your head. Let’s start with Russell S.
A wonderful, outspoken man.
Gordon: Kelly?
Yasmin: Young, immature, and flirtatious…basically fake.
Gordon: John?
Yasmin: Very lazy…I used to be a model, but now I’m a rocket scientist.
Gordon: How does that happen?
Yasmin: That’s another thing, Gordon! Thanks for asking. John did a lot of sleeping too. John laid on the beach…I mean come on! My tribe was all over the place.
Gordon: Monica?
Yasmin: A user.
Gordon: Dave?
Yasmin: A weirdo.
Gordon: Really?
Yasmin: Dave had little jokes and quirks. The first night everyone was like, “Where’s Yaz?” And Dave said “Yaz, shake your back, come on in here and shake your rack!” He had little riddles like that.
Gordon: Erik?
Yasmin: Sneaky.
Gordon: Brett?
Yasmin: Unreliable.
Gordon: Laura?
Yasmin: A fake prophet.
Gordon: Shambo?
Yasmin: My ally.
Gordon: And one bonus one…what about Ben?
Yasmin: Oh, God…damaged goods.

Gordon: What did you learn from your time in Samoa?
Yasmin: I don’t know, to work around camp? (Laughs)

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