‘Survivor’s’ Jonny Fairplay Bashes ‘Heroes vs. Villains’ Selections


One well-placed fib about a deceased grandmother was all it took to rocket Jon “Jonny Fairplay” Dalton from “Survivor” contestant to arguably “Survivor’s” greatest villain of all time.

So, why wasn’t he included in “Heroes vs. Villains?”

I spoke with Mr. Fairplay a few days after the “Heroes vs. Villains” cast list was released to find out why he wasn’t included, which cast members he thinks weren’t worthy, and who his picks are for the greatest players of all time.

Gordon Holmes: The “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” cast list went up last Wednesday, and the thing we keep hearing is, “Where’s Jonny Fairplay?”
Jonny Fairplay:
I guess CBS knows what they’re doing. It must get good ratings. I guess they’ll bring me back later.
Gordon: What is your impression of some of the players they chose to bring back?
Fairplay: Some of them are good, some of them aren’t.
Gordon: Which of the players are you disappointed with?
Fairplay: That Danielle (DiLorenzo) chick, I don’t know if she’s a villain or not, but I wouldn’t even put her on the show. Amanda (Kimmel) is not good TV. Honestly, if I’m making a show I’d want the best TV possible. I think me, Rupert (Boneham), and Russell (Hantz) would be good TV. I think Lex (van den Berghe) would be good TV.

Gordon: It seems like they’ve steered away from some of the older seasons. There are a lot of names from “Survivor: China,” “Survivor: Gabon,” and “Survivor: Tocantins.”
Well, I think most people who watch TV have small brains and don’t remember back that far, and I think that’s what CBS is thinking.

Gordon: Jeff Probst and I had a discussion about a “Survivor” Hall of Fame a few years ago…
Dude, I saw that! If you’re really doing a “Survivor” (expletive deleted) Hall of Fame, bar none, here’s the four I would put. I would put Richard Hatch on one side, I would put Rupert on the other side, in the middle I would put me and Jeff Probst. Those are the four faces of “Survivor.” If you didn’t use Jeff Probst, I’d put Jenna Morasca. She has one of the top-selling Playboys of all time. She’s an icon.

Editor’s Note: At this point, “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” contestant Cirie Fields joined the conversation.

Fairplay: People say “What about Cirie?” Cirie walks down the street and the fans aren’t (expletive deleted) mauling her. They’re mauling Richard Hatch, they’re mauling Rupert…
Cirie Fields: They should be mauling me!
Fairplay: They should be, but I’m not putting you in the “Survivor” Hall of Fame.
Cirie: (Laughs) Yeah, but Cirie is real hot and everything.
Gordon: We’re not debating that point.
Cirie and Fairplay: (Laugh)

Gordon: What is the reaction on the street when people see Jonny Fairplay?
They ask me for my autograph, I say “No,” and I walk away.

Gordon: How has your life changed since appearing on “Survivor: Pearl Islands?”
Well, I’m on Rolex number two, I have better friends than you, and that’s about it.
Gordon: Clearly you’ve met my friends.
Fairplay: (Laughs)

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