‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Cirie Fields

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Yes, I totally lifted that from a shampoo commercial, but it absolutely holds true in All-Star seasons of “Survivor.” Heading into “Heroes Vs. Villains” the other players knew exactly what to expect from Cirie Fields. She isn’t a dynamo in challenges, but she can wrap the weaker players around her finger. So, when JT was looking to get rid of some of the more strategic players, Cirie was sent packing.

I talked with Cirie the day after her dismissal to get her thoughts on JT’s backstabbery (not a word), the rumored Micronesia alliance, the corporate slogan she lives by (not the one I used), and why she would have rather been on the Villains tribe.

Gordon Holmes: Good morning, Cirie.
Cirie Fields:
Good morning, how are you?
Gordon: Actually, not so good. You ever put on your shoes really quickly and your socks get really bunched up?
Cirie: Oh…I hate that!
Gordon: Yeah, and I had a train to catch so I didn’t have time to fix it. It’s been a total disaster.
Cirie: (Laughs) No no no no no no, I don’t care where, I will stop half in stride to fix that.

Gordon: Enough of my sock issues, let’s talk about “Survivor.”
Alright, let’s go.
Gordon: You were blindsided by JT last night, did you have any clue that was going to go down?
Cirie: No. We had a plan in place; we knew Tom had the idol. That’s why we split the vote three and three. I was always a little sketchy about JT and I knew he was setting himself up to be in the perfect position. And for some reason, even after being betrayed by JT, Tom and Colby still trusted him. And I knew that put him in the perfect position to be a decision maker.
Gordon: Did you express any of your concerns over JT with the rest of your alliance?
Cirie: I did. I always said to Amanda, “Why are you bending over backwards for JT?” It seemed like Amanda would do whatever JT wanted her to do. And granted, when you’re in an alliance you have to go with the flow. But you have to dissect the plan and see what it means for you.

Gordon: Earlier in the game you said you didn’t care who went home as long as it wasn’t you. Were there any regrets that you stuck your neck out for Candice and got away from your “Anyone but me” strategy?
If we got rid of Candice then that would leave our alliance, JT, Colby and Tom. So, who do you think would be next? If I let Candice go there goes my buffer. So, if Candice goes tonight I’d feel like a piece of meat surrounded by lions. The second things go wrong and we don’t win immunity who are they going to eat?

Gordon: In the pre-game interviews several people were saying, “You’ve got to watch out for Cirie because she’s so strategic.” Then during the show, Tom and JT both mention they need to take you out because you’re too strategic. Does it put you at too much of a disadvantage to be thought of as a smart player the second or third time around?
Absolutely. I’d rather not be thought of strategic and stay in the game because everybody’s worried about me. I’d rather be forgotten about really.

Gordon: Do you think the title of “Heroes” went to some people’s heads?
I don’t know if it was the title or the people themselves. A lot of the time out there I wish I was a villain. Because, being a hero you already have ego issues. And that just sent it through the roof. And I was with a bunch of nice people…let me say that first. But, I don’t know how all of those egos fit on the beach.

Gordon: You were there when James flipped out on Stephenie. Has that display made the other players start to view him differently?
I think the world is viewing James differently. You get a glimpse of a person’s personality, but spending time with people and living there with people, you see that people are human and they react. Sometimes you’re having a good day and sometimes you’re having a bad day. I just think that was a side of James that the world hadn’t seen yet. I’m living with him, so I know it’s there.

Gordon: On the Villains side there was concern over a Micronesia alliance between you, James, Amanda, and Parvati. Had there been any discussion of the four of you teaming up?
Stephenie told me they were afraid that we’d have an alliance, but that was crazy to me. That would make you assume that I’ve spoken to these people in the past two years. If there was an alliance, nobody told me. I didn’t get the memo on that one. I tried to explain to them that there is no alliance.

Gordon: OK, word association time. Let’s start with James.
Socially inept. (Laughs) That’s the villain coming out of me!
Gordon: Tom?
Cirie: Overconfident.
Gordon: Colby?
Cirie: Judgmental.
Gordon: Amanda?
Cirie: Blonde.
Gordon: Slipping and or sliding?
Cirie: Not fun.
Gordon: Candice?
Cirie: Candice…nervous Nelly. Damn, Candice!
Gordon: Russell?
Cirie: Satan. (Laughs)
Gordon: And let’s finish it off with JT.
Cirie: Dead to me. No, I’m just kidding. (Laughs) JT is a confused southern boy.

Gordon: Now, you’ve always been portrayed as someone who was a couch potato that went on this great adventure and now you’re out there living life to the fullest. What have you taken from “Survivor” and how do you apply that to your everyday life?
“Survivor” for me has broadened my horizons in so many aspects. Just do it. I hate to steal that from the Nike campaign. But go for it, don’t care what anyone else thinks, you never know what you can do until you try. And that one try could be something as fantastic as three seasons on “Survivor.”

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