‘Survivor’ Power Rankings – Palau and Guatemala’s Bobby Jon Drinkard

The Rules: Each week a member of our “Survivor” All-Star team and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Jerri is voted out this week, Fancast’s “Survivor” All-Star Team will receive 6 points and Gordon will receive 1 point. At the end of the season, the person (or team) with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: JT switched sides yet again and helped to send “Survivor: Palau” winner Tom Westman packing. This earned the “Survivor” All-Star Team one point while Gordon racked up eleven points.

Ooof…two weeks without “Survivor” is too much. And if the previews are to be believed, we’re going to be treated to a double elimination episode. But, before we get back into the Power Rankings battle, let’s catch up with this week’s contender; “Survivor: Palau” and “Survivor: Guatemala” favorite Bobby Jon Drinkard.

Gordon Holmes: Thanks for stepping up to the Power Rankings challenge, Bobby Jon. What’ve you been up to since Guatemala?”
Bobby Jon Drinkard:
After “Survivor” I did the opposite of what most people do.  I moved from Los Angeles back to my home state of Alabama.  I had been tinkering in the television and modeling industry in LA for a while, and after “Survivor” I was ready to get a job and settle down.  Currently, I work in public relations in workforce development for the State of Alabama, and I also host a television show in Alabama that airs on Alabama Public Television called “On The Job.”  I also have a brand new niece, which arrived a few months ago, so life is going really good.

Gordon: Good to hear. How have you been enjoying “Heroes Vs. Villains” so far?
Bobby Jon:
I’m really enjoying it.  When you played with people that are out there, it’s fun to watch how they play the game again.  Also, by this point, I have had a chance to get to know some of the other cast members that are currently playing, so it has been really fun, watching this season.

Gordon: Was it rough to see your Palau buddies Stephenie and Tom go so soon?
Bobby Jon:
Yes it was.  Especially after losing Jenn Lyon, I really wanted to see someone represent Palau really well.  However, they may have gone a little early, but both Tom and Stephenie represented themselves and Palau very well, and to me that can go further than the money can sometimes.  Tom and Stephenie represent that “old school” “Survivor” that we don’t get to see that often anymore, which was before all of the immunity idols, exile islands, etc. They played when you just bare knuckled the odds that were thrown at you, and played the game, and may the best man/woman win.  I miss those days.  To be honest, I think Stephenie and Tom were exiled from their tribe before they even hit the beach, that’s not a bad thing…just another day in “Survivor.”

Bobby Jon Drinkard’s Picks
All-Star Team’s Current Score: 25

bostonrob #1 Boston Rob: Let me say that I’m “enjoying” watching Boston Rob play the game.  Rob is literally bringing that “old school” survivor mentality to the game, and that’s what the game needs.
amanda #2 Amanda: For whatever reason, Amanda does a great job of making friends, and an even better job of not making enemies.  She knows what battles to pick, and when to talk and when not to.  That can be very helpful on down the road.
courtney #3 Courtney: We haven’t heard a whole lot out of Courtney so far this season.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  She doesn’t draw a lot of attention to herself, but she seems to always be aware of the latest developments.  Call it what you want, but she seems to be in a good place right now.
colby #4 Colby: I think things are going to turn around for Colby.  He’s scrappy, and he’s loyal.  You can’t win “Survivor” alone.  You’ve got to have some help.  Colby would be a great alliance to do this with, and I think someone on the Heroes tribe is going to pick up on this.
russell(2) #5 Russell: His game play is strong – bottom line.  His moves are so strong, that at times it can be a bit of a distraction.  Remember…you can’t win “Survivor” by yourself.
jerri #6 Jerri: Yeah, Jerri might make an enemy or two out there.  But guess what?  She’s always playing the game, and I think her tribe underestimates her.  That’s a good thing for her, but probably a bad thing for them.
sandra #7 Sandra: FYI – if Sandra doesn’t talk to you then you’re probably going home.  One thing about Sandra is you always know where you stand with her.  If you’re in control of the game, someone like Sandra can be very valuable on down the road, and if you don’t latch on she can work against you.
rupert #8 Rupert: Like it or not, Rupert knows how to play “Survivor.”  It seems like he’s the one pulling the strings over on the Heroes tribe.  If he makes it to the merge I believe those strings are going to get a little shorter.
parvati #9 Parvati: Parvati has a unique advantage.  She doesn’t have to approach a lot of people about the latest developments of the game…people approach her.  Parvati is the GM of “Survivor,” because she “always” knows what’s going on.  If she didn’t have a big target on her back she would be ranked higher.
jt #10 JT: JT is in a pickle.  There are too many shot callers on the Heroes tribe, and ALL of them want JT to be in their alliance.  All of the flip-flopping he’s had to do has now become a distraction, and topic of tribe talk around camp. Making it to the merge, and forming a new alliance will be JT’s power play.
danielle #11 Danielle: Danielle is strong in challenges, works hard around camp, and is good at the social game.  Danielle is a natural leader, and I think she’s good at it.  However, she’s not doing it in “Survivor.”  I think she would be surprised how much people would listen to her, and how she could control the game if she did take a leadership role.  To stay in the game she’s going to have to do something…
candice #12 Candice: Candice has everything going for her to go far in the game, but she seems a bit lost and confused at times.  Candice is another one if she can make it to the merge, and form a new alliance she will be safe for a while.  But the clock is ticking for her on the Heroes tribe…
coach #13 Coach: I like Coach.  I’ve totally bought into the whole Warrior Alliance, Dragon Slayer, etc., and I really dig it.  But in a game of “Survivor” especially, an “all star” version, a lil dose of “Coach” goes a long way.  I really hope he goes deep into the game, but I’m afraid he’s getting set up for a blindside.
tyson #14 Tyson: Tyson can be trouble if he makes it to the merge.  The guy is an endurance freak when it comes to immunity challenges.  What sucks for him is everyone on the island knows it.  I don’t think he will be around much longer.
#15 James: If James didn’t have a bummed leg, he would probably be ranked a lot higher.  I think this could have been his year.  He’s another one that his fate in the game, lies in making a new alliance at the merge.  Unfortunately, if his leg doesn’t heal his time will be up very quick.

Gordon Holmes’s Picks
Gordon’s Current Score: 54

jerri #1 Jerri: Jerri’s playing a phenomenal game. She seems to be going with the flow and flying under the radar. She’s a cinch to hit the merge, where she won’t be seen as a threat, leaving her plenty of room to maneuver.
rupert #2 Rupert: I think Rupert’s solidly in the dominant alliance in the Heroes tribe. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s dead in the water once the merge happens, but he’s super safe for the time being.
danielle #3 Danielle: Whose side is Danielle on? She was one of the first people Russell approached when the game began, but we haven’t seen much from her since then.
sandra #4 Sandra: She’s safe, but only because the Villains have such a big number advantage over the Heroes right now. If the teams were even she’d be an obvious choice to send home.
coach #5 Coach: With the Villains being as dominant as they’ve been, Coach’s next vote could shape the rest of this game. Will he choose the King of Samoa who knighted him or the Puzzle Master who he hopes to emulate? I’m thinking he sides with Boston Rob.
tyson #6 Tyson: I think Tyson will vote the way Coach votes and will be safe for a while. Also, Tyson has a golden opportunity to sit back and make subtle moves while the alpha males in his tribe battle it out.
jt #7 JT: JT was a challenge monster in Tocantins, but that hasn’t really translated into success for the Heroes. Add that to the fact that nobody trusts him anymore after all of his flip-flopping and JT is in bad shape. I think he’s safe for now, then gone after the merge.
colby #8 Colby: Voting Colby off would be tribe suicide for the Heroes right now. That doesn’t mean the Heroes won’t do it. It would just be the next in a series of pretty questionable moves.
russell(2) #9 Russell: It looks the Boston Rob/Russell feud is finally going to blow up. My bet is that Team Boston Rob has to know that Russell has the idol and will plan accordingly. That’s bad news for Russell and worse news for his closest buddy…
amanda #10 Amanda: There’s a lot of talk about James or Colby going home on the Heroes side, but why are they keeping Amanda around? Could she take the hit due to Colby being such a challenge asset?
#11 James: Has anyone had a rougher time in “Heroes Vs. Villains” than James? Not only is his tribe being decimated and his leg is hurt, but his reputation is going to suffer due to the Stephenie blow up. Here’s hoping he can rebound and redeem himself.
courtney #12 Courtney: If the Villains decide to wait to have their Rob/Russell smackdown, Courtney might be a good choice to send home. She rarely participates in challenges, and doesn’t seem to be doing that much around camp.
bostonrob #13 Boston Rob: I’m betting that Parvati goes home for the Villains as Team Rob assumes Russell will play the immunity idol. However, I’m not confident in this bet, so I’m ranking Boston Rob low just in case Russell pulls off another miracle.
candice #14 Candice: If the Heroes are debating between sending Colby and James home, Candice could be a compromise. The Heroes need Colby if they ever want to win another immunity challenge and James is the head of his alliance so he isn’t going anywhere. This could leave Candice the odd person out.
parvati #15 Parvati: There’s a good side and a bad side to somebody in your alliance having an immunity idol. I have a feeling Parvati is going to experience that bad side when Team Boston Rob tries to flush out the idol.

More “Survivor” Fun: I had a chance to ask a bunch of former and current players who their picks are for the Biggest Hero in “Survivor” History. Also, don’t miss Fancast’s exclusive commentary from “Survivor: The Amazon” winner Jenna Morasca.

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