‘Survivor’ Power Rankings – Samoa’s Russell Swan


The Rules: Each week a member of our “Survivor” All-Star team and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Jerri is voted out this week, Fancast’s “Survivor” All-Star Team will receive 5 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person (or team) with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Both the Villains and the Heroes were forced to visit J-Pro at tribal council. Tyson Apostol was sent home for the Villains after what could be considered one of the dumbest moves in “Survivor” history while James Clement’s leg injury made him too much of a challenge liability for the Heroes to keep around. This earned the “Survivor” All-Star Team twenty nine points while Gordon racked up seventeen points.

Before we lay some smack down, let’s check in with one of “Survivor: Samoa’s” most popular players, the former leader of the Galu tribe, Russell Swan.

Gordon Holmes: Russell, here’s something I’ve always wondered; is it hard to get back into a daily routine after being out there so long?
Russell Swan:
Absolutely! I remember being in the LAX airport after flying back from the South Pacific and being completely freaked out.  The noises, the smells, all the people, it was unnerving.  Going back to work was funny because I had lost so much weight, so people were looking at me like I was a zombie.  It was a trip.

Gordon: You were forced out of “Survivor: Samoa” after passing out during a challenge. Was it rough to see them use that same challenge again in “Heroes vs. Villains?”
It was very hard watching that challenge again.  I almost walked away from my tv, but at the same time I was glued.  I kept expecting one of the players to fall down and die. My heart was racing! It was freaky.  And to be honest, to see the challenge completed by other people bothers me.  It makes me feel weak or something.  I guess I feel like I should have completed that challenge not them.

Gordon: You’re commonly known as “Good” Russell, how are you feeling about the “Heroes vs. Villains” performance of your counterpart “Evil” Russell?
Mini me aka Russell Hantz is doing what he does best.  His ego is just as big as it was last season, but I must say his game play is tight.

Russell Swan’s Picks
All-Star Team’s Current Score: 54

parvati #1 Parvati: Bell Biv DeVoe already warned us, “Never trust a big butt and a smile.” In this case, you have to go northward for the correct body part(s), but the smile is just as deadly.  She’s got troll man (Russ H.) wrapped around her finger.  She is in true Parvati form, and when she is, she is tough to beat.  That girl is poison!
bostonrob #2 Boston Rob: He is being a great Hero, which is somewhat confusing.  I think his overly aggressive play can come back to haunt him.  Personally freaked me out when he hit the turf, but glad, unlike me, he got back up to live another day.
sandra #3 Sandra: Man, she has been noticeably absent, which makes her even more dangerous.  That tongue still cuts to the quick, but she’s managed to keep herself in deep check.  Watch out y’all, my homegirl is on the prowl!
russell(2) #4 Russell: Mini me is back to his old tricks.  You know, talking about him is like trying to decide if you are going to kill a bug.  It looks disgusting, but yet, it’s part of nature.  Oh well, gotta give it up to him staying true to his formula.
jerri #5 Jerri: She’s still hot, and she’s still in the running.  I just think that she’ll have a hard time trying to hurdle Parvati.  Did I tell you that that girl is poison? Anyway, if Jerri can keep it together, my girl will vamp her way to the mil.
jt #6 JT: He has gone off his own reservation which is NOT a good look for him.  I think JT is his own enemy, and will end up beating himself.
amanda #7 Amanda: I really, really, really like Amanda, even though I’ve never met her.  There is just something about her spirit that is extremely endearing.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean jack for her game.  I think she already made herself vulnerable with her ties to “The Body” James.  She may have been burned as he went down in flames.
colby #8 Colby: I am really confused by my man Colby.  Granted it’s been some years, but mentally he just seems to be absent.  I hear “Taps” playing faintly in the background.
coach #9 Coach: I guess my man is getting in touch with his feminine side because he is definitely not in game mode.  I think he needs a good swift kick in the butt to get him going.  If he doesn’t get his act together, he’ll be gone.  The slayer is no more.
courtney #10 Courtney: The self-professed lame player is doing what she does best: being lame.  Nuff said.
rupert #11 Rupert: His toe is shot which I think is going to be his undoing.  It’s hard to be that larger-than-life player when you’re walking wounded.
danielle #12 Danielle: Her eyes smolder, and she seems focused, but I just don’t feel her social game is going to be strong enough to carry the day.  I must confess I just can’t feel where she is going and that’s why she is near the bottom of my list.
candice #13 Candice: Who? Who the hell is Candice? I mean, I really don’t want to offend her, but when she is voted out, people will be wondering the same thing I will:  who was Candice?

Gordon Holmes’s Picks
Gordon’s Current Score: 71

jt #1 JT: Kudos to James for admitting that he was hurt and letting his alliance off the hook for voting him off. Now the Heroes need to step it up if they’re going to do anything before the merge. JT needs to tap into some of that Tocantins challenge mojo.
parvati #2 Parvati: Here’s a question for “Survivor” fans: Was Parvati pretending to be shocked when Russell gave her the idol to make Russell look better in Coach’s eyes? If so, “Bravo.”
rupert #3 Rupert: Rupert and the Heroes made a tough call, but the right call in sending James home – even James agreed. Their next course of action has to involve winning some immunity challenges. Which leads me to wonder how Rupert’s toe is doing. He’s obviously getting around, but could it cost his team?
jerri #4 Jerri: As Boston Rob vs. Russell rages into Round 2, the other Villains are in prime positions to choose their spots.  If Russell is to get the best of Rob, he needs to get two people to jump. Coach could be one, and if Tyson is to be believed, Jerri could easily be the other.
coach #5 Coach: Once again, the true power in the Villain tribe sits with the Dragon Slayer. Was Russell’s speech enough to sway him? Boston Rob had better hope not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach’s next vote determines who dominates the rest of this season.
courtney #6 Courtney: It’s to be assumed during a season of big personalities that some players will get lost in the shuffle…but Courtney? I’m going to make the plea to CBS again that they should release a “Best of Courtney, Tyson, and Randy’s Unseen Sarcastic Comments” DVD once the season is over.
sandra #7 Sandra: Sandra could find herself in some serious trouble if Russell can somehow pull off another miracle. She has not been very subtle at all with her knocks on the King of Samoa.
danielle #8 Danielle: Danielle’s on Team Russell? News to me. Has she done anything this season besides look good in a bikini? If she Ambers her way to victory I’m going to kick my TV.
colby #9 Colby: Colby dodged a bullet last week. He’d better repay his fellow Heroes by going all out in the next immunity challenge. However, if he really has checked out, they may be better off without him.
amanda #10 Amanda: James being sent home probably destroyed Amanda’s game. What’s the point of keeping her around now? Tom Westman thinks she has Rupert on her side, but even Rupert has to know they need to start winning some challenges.
bostonrob #11 Boston Rob: Mark my words, if the Villains lose immunity either Boston Rob or Russell is going home next. The Villains are beyond the point where they’d vote off immunity liabilities and the beach is way too small for the both of them. So who gets the boot? My head says Russell due to Rob’s numbers advantage. But I’ll never count out Russell. So I’m ranking them both low.
candice #12 Candice: I think Candice’s time has finally come. I don’t think anybody really trusts her and the Heroes can’t afford to lose any more challenge strength.
russell(2) #13 Russell: What can you even say about Russell anymore? He pulled off another miracle and made Tyson look beyond foolish. However, he’s still down five votes to three. Can he pull another rabbit out of his Houston Astros hat? I’m thinking no…but I’ll never count him out.

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