‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Amanda Kimmel

The Case: DiLorenzo Vs. Kimmel

The Facts: Danielle DiLorenzo finds an immunity idol clue in a bowl of popcorn. She fishes it out, then hides it on the floor. Amanda Kimmel, sensing something is up, starts sniffing around Danielle’s side of the bed. Amanda finds the dropped clue and tries to run off with it.

The Confrontation: The two bikini-clad young lovelies fight over the coveted clue as if they were on “Jerry Springer” instead of “Survivor.”

The Verdict: Colby Donaldson, ignoring the landmark ruling of “Finders Keepers Vs. Losers Weepers” rules that the clue should be returned to Ms. DiLorenzo.

The Result: Danielle and the rest of the Villains score yet another immunity idol, while Amanda is sent to the jury.

I spoke with Amanda the day after Judge Colby’s proclamation to get her take on that volatile situation, why she was chosen to go home over Colby or Rupert, and her relationship with the Queen of Samoa Parvati Shallow.

Gordon Holmes: I thought of something that could have saved you some trouble during last night’s episode.
Amanda Kimmel:
Oh really? What was that?
Gordon: You turn to Colby and you say “Hey, possession is nine-tenths of the law.”
Amanda: (Laughs) That didn’t pop into my head, that’s for sure.
Gordon: Now Jeff Probst has said that there is no kind of “Survivor” rule that determines who had the legal right to that clue and that you could have kept it.
Amanda: I didn’t even know.

Gordon: So what’s the worse move, Colby giving Danielle the clue or JT giving Russell the idol?
Giving Russell the idol was what started everything. We were in a good position until then. We were tying everything up, things were good. I didn’t agree with giving the idol from the beginning, but when you don’t have it there’s only so much you can say. But that’s what started that huge ball rolling down the hill.

Gordon: What was the reaction around camp when you told the rest of the Heroes that Colby had made you cough up the clue?
There was a lot of disappointment because of the fact that we won the challenge to get the clue was a godsend. I kind of blame myself because I didn’t find the clue. I was looking for it the whole time. It was all that was on my mind. And, I was the one who gave the bowl of popcorn to Danielle.

Gordon: Did the alliance that you and Parvati had been working toward come to an end after her ninja double-immunity-idol maneuver?
We didn’t trust each other. Both of us, in a way, wanted to work with each other, but there were a lot of things that happened. There were things that I told her that I found out that she had told somebody else.

Gordon: You said you had made a lot of mistakes. What could you have done differently?
I should have just taken the clue, ran to the bathroom, locked the door, read it, and flushed it down the toilet.
Gordon: (Laughs)
Amanda: (Laughs) That’s exactly what I wanted to do.
Gordon: Now how upset would the people at Robert Louis Stevenson’s home have been if you’re clogging up their toilets with immunity idol parchments?
Amanda: I know! They probably would have kicked me off the show. (Laughs)

Gordon: You’ve been on “Survivor” for over 100 days. Do you ever get used to the outdoor conditions?
To be honest, the only thing that I have a really hard time with is when it rains at night and it’s cold. But we didn’t really have a problem with that this time because our shelter was perfect.

Gordon: Why do you think they chose to boot you over Rupert or Colby?
Because I tried to get the clue from Danielle.
Gordon: Really? That was it?
Amanda: To be honest here…
Gordon: How dare you be honest? Don’t you watch “Survivor?”
Amanda: (Laughs) I know! I love Colby and Rupert to death, but it’s really hard to play with them. They weren’t strategic and I’m used to playing with people like Todd (Herzog – Winner of “Survivor: China”) and Parvati. I kinda had to take everything into my own hands. I couldn’t plan it with anyone. That was the frustrating thing about Colby, he was just laying there enjoying the popcorn, he wasn’t helping me find the idol at all.
Gordon: He was more interested in watching “Treasure Island” than in watching two pretty girls in bikinis wrestle.
Amanda: I know! And I’m sorry, but the movie was awful. (Laughs)
Gordon: Man, you’re just digging yourself deeper and deeper with Robert Louis Stevenson.
Amanda: I’m never going to be allowed back into Samoa.

Gordon: You mentioned that you were used to playing with Todd and Parvati, and most people would consider those two to be Villains. Do you think they may have put you on the wrong team?
I’ve done a lot of dishonest things in “Survivor.” I think everybody has. But in the end I feel like I chose to be loyal each time. It kind of depends; I could have been either probably. I think almost everybody could be either.

Gordon: OK, word association time…
Are we going to play a game? That’s cool.
Gordon: We are going to play a game. Let’s start with Parvati.
Amanda: Villainess.
Gordon: Russell?
Amanda: Horrible.
Gordon: Danielle?
Amanda: Blank.
Gordon: James?
Amanda: Loyal.
Gordon: JT?
Amanda: Goofy.
Gordon: Colby?
Amanda: Statuesque.
Gordon: Sandra?
Amanda: Loud.
Gordon: The ridiculous amount of hidden immunity idols?
Amanda: Annoying.

Gordon: And finally, if there were no in-game rules against it, who would win in a straight-up fight between you and Danielle?
Oh, come on!
Gordon: I know the answer, but I have to ask.
Amanda: I would! There’s no question.

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