‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Picks the Best Players of All Time

There’s been a lot of talk this season about which players are the best of all time. I have my opinions and you have yours (and I invite you to post your opinions in the comment section below) but nobody has seen more of the game than “Survivor” host, two-time Emmy winner, and owner of several sweet baseball hats, Mr. Jeff Probst.

I had a chance to get Mr. Probst’s thoughts on this sure to be hotly debated topic. What follows are his picks for the five best Survivors to ever wear a buff…

“Boston” Rob Mariano: If I had to choose, Boston Rob is the guy I’d put my money on every-single-time.  He’s a great strategist, great at challenges, can build an amazing shelter, can start fire, and only plays to win.  He’s the only guy that didn’t win but still got the money…and the girl.

Parvati Shallow: Hard to deny her ability.  Parvati is such a good flirt that even when you’re not interested, she can lure you in.  She uses her looks and charm to hide her amazing strategic abilities.

Sandra Diaz-Twine: Her simple strategy of “As long as it ain’t me” is an easy one to understand but very difficult to execute.  There is nobody better than Sandra at staying out of the fray. It’s amazing how she can disappear within a group of people.

Russell Hantz: Russell has some work to do on his social game, but his aggressive style of play, his ability to control others, often through intimidation, and his never-say-die attitude has been impressive to watch.  He’s so strong that I think if Russell plays a third time… he’ll probably be voted out first.

Cirie Fields: She went from a woman who sat on the couch at home watching “Survivor” to being one of the best players to ever play the game.   She uses her charm effortlessly to sway the vote.  She was sent home early in “Heroes Vs. Villains” but that comes with the territory when you’re a threatening player.

What Do You Think? Who are your picks for the best players of all time?

More “Survivor” Fun: Check out my interviews with Russell Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine, Parvati Shallow, and Jerri Manthey.

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