Benjamin ‘Coach’ Wade Accepts the ‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Challenge

Last Season: An all-star team made up of two “Survivor” champions and two “Survivor” Power Rankings champions fell to XFINITY TV’s resident “Survivor” know-it-all Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes. This improved Gordon’s record to an almost respectable 1 and 2.

This Season: One of “Survivor’s” proudest warriors, Benjamin “Coach” Wade has answered the Power Rankings challenge. Will Coach send Gordon to the bench? Or is Gordon, in fact, the Dragon Slayer…Slayer.

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Shannon is voted out this week, Coach will receive 12 points and Gordon will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person  with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Nicaragua” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Strategic Maneuver: Coach has enlisted the King of Gabon, Mr. Randy Bailey to assist him in an advisory capacity for this installment of the Power Rankings. The Power Rankings ruling board has informed us that there are no specific rules prohibiting outside assistance.


Current Score: 0


Current Score: 0

tyronerankings tyronerankings
#1 Tyrone – Man of steel and a man of few words. #1 Tyrone – Strong and smart enough to stay silent. That’s going to keep our friend Tyrone in this game until at least the merge. That, and Espada tossing him at this point would be challenge suicide.
judrankings brendarankings
#2 Fabio – No one will take him seriously until it’s too late. #2 Brenda – I wrote off Brenda way too early. She maneuvered Chase like a paddleboard. No, she handled him like pompoms. I hate both of those similes. Either way, she’s a player to watch out for.
yverankings judrankings
#3 Yve – Hot and Coach-like philosophy of taking strong to the end! #3 Fabio – I still don’t know if they’re calling him Fabio, Jud, Judson, or Judweiser. Either way, his goofy demeanor means alpha male Shannon probably won’t perceive him as a threat.
chaserankings martyrankings
#4 Chase – Got all the goods and will be a JT-type player. #4 Marty – Marty seemed to be right in the middle of all of the strategy discussion at the Espada camp. Better than that, he wasn’t doing much of the talking, he was listening. I still think he has what it takes to make a serious run in this game.
martyrankings benryrankings
#5 Marty – Smart, resourceful and knows when to hold his tongue. #5 Benry – I think the key to success at La Flor is going to be knowing when to keep quiet. There are some big personalities over there and it’s best to let them battle out. I think Benry’s smart enough to let people did their own graves.
janerankings shannonrankings
#6 Jane – Resourceful, non-threatening and social. #6 Shannon – Sure, Shannon is saying all the right things to rile up all the fans at home, but we don’t have any idea of what he’s saying in front of his tribe. I’ll wait till we see some of that footage before guessing where he’ll end up.
brendarankings jillianrankings
#7 Brenda – Sexy and flirty. Love it! #7 Jill Didn’t see much from Jill last episode. But, she’s very low-key. If I’m guessing, I’d say she’s not doing anything to rock the boat at this point.
alinarankings yverankings
#8 Alina – Flirt, baby, your bad-ass side #8 Yve – Didn’t see much from Yve this past episode. But if Wendy voted for her, I’m going to assume the other members of Espada dig her.
kellybrankings kellysrankings
#9 Kelly B. Identical edit to Chad (Crittenden from “Survivor: Vanuatu). Sympathy vs. smarts and stability. #9 Kelly S. – OK, let’s run down the things we know about Kelly from last episode. They’re calling her “Purple Kelly.” Yup, that’s about it. How am I supposed to rank someone based on that? All that tells me is the La Flor nickname makers are terrible at making nicknames.
danrankings alinarankings
#10 Dan – Romeo don’t go too far! #10 Alina – Don’t know much about Alina other than the fact that she’s part of the anti-Kelly B. alliance. It’ll also be interesting to see if she can figure out that hidden immunity idol clue.
hollyrankings sashrankings
#11 Holly – Sensible and trusting. #11 Sash – File Sash under the same category that houses Benry, Purple Kelly, and Yve. Need more in-game info.
shannonrankings naonkarankings
#12 Shannon – D-bag and friend of Russell. #12 NaOnka – What happened to NaOnka? She was the sweetest girl in pre-game interviews, and now she’s talking about bouncing my girlfriend, Kelly B? Also, I don’t know much about her alliances from last episode, but it didn’t seem like she was buddying up to anyone when I visited the La Flor camp.
jillianrankings jimmytrankings
#13 Jill – Predictable and no airtime makes for middle of the pack. #13 Jimmy T. – Blowing up at your tribe is not an awesome way to make friends and influence people. However, in the Battle of the Jimmys, I think Jimmy T. is ultimately more useful to Espada than Jimmy J.
benryrankings janerankings
#14 Benry – Too much of a bad thing. #14 Jane – Jane is smart and crafty. However, she may fall into the same category as Wendy where she has trouble relating to the rest of the tribe. I know they appreciate her for her ability to make fire, but how long does that appreciation last now that they have flint?
kellysrankings jimmyjrankings
#15 Kelly S. – Beautiful but too young. #15 Jimmy J. – The Battle of the Jimmys might boil down to who’s better in challenges vs. who’s more fun to have around camp. If that’s the case, look for Jimmy Johnson to be the one sent to the sidelines.
jimmytrankings chaserankings
#16 Jimmy T. – Won’t be able to turn down the chutzpah. #16 Chase – Wow, Chase didn’t wait two seconds before he coughed up the Alpha Male Alliance to Brenda. But in all fairness, Brenda is adorable. I’m lucky I didn’t give her my credit card numbers while I was in Nicaragua.
sashrankings hollyrankings
#17 Sash – Loves Russell, we hate ‘em. #17 Holly If next week’s previews are to be believed, Holly and Dan  have some kind of falling out. That is, unless filling someone’s shoes with sand and sinking them in the ocean is a weird way swim coach’s show respect.
naonkarankings kellybrankings
#18 NaOnka – Too loud, too abrasive. #18 Kelly B. – Shannon, NaOnka and Alina are already gunning for Kelly. Why? They’re worried her prosthetic leg will win her sympathy votes in front of a jury. Those three are putting the cart a few miles ahead of the horse. But, that doesn’t mean it won’t cost Kelly an early exit.
jimmyjrankings danrankings
#19 Jimmy J. There is only one coach. #19 Dan – If Espada loses immunity this week, I’m thinking it’ll be between Dan and Holly. And while Dan is a very likable guy, I don’t think Espada can afford to lose any challenge prowess.

What Do You Think: Who is your pick to go home next? Who do you think has what it takes to win the whole thing?

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