My Totally Biased Holiday Shopping Guide

We’re currently in the midst of the hap, happiest season of all. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve been busy running around trying to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. If you’re stumped for ideas for a few of those folks, let me recommend the following sure-to-please items…

Lost Encyclopedia

Holy crap, “Lost” was so confusing. If only there was a convenient way to look up every tiny piece of minutia. Well, now you’re in luck.

And as if knowing Locke’s favorite color wasn’t enough, here’s an added bonus…one of the writers of the “Lost Encyclopedia” is totally hot.

The other is British…and also totally hot.

The only way this top-notch book could be improved? If there was a comparison chart for each of the 392 times Michael said his trademark catchphrases “My boy,” “My son,” or simply “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!”

Batman Begins [Blu-ray]

We don’t see much of Cousin Katie since the Cruise era began. She’s too busy running marathons or buying stiletto heels for an infant. Which is a shame, because when Joey Potter was breaking Dawson’s heart and tramping it up with Pacey, nobody was prouder than me.

But, I was raised to support my family through thick and thin. So, I’m going to include ‘Batman Begins’ on this list. I’m not going to include ‘Mad Money’ on this list because I’m loyal, not cruel.

USAopoly Animal House Trivia

Here’s a fun fact, I wrote the majority of the questions for the ‘Animal House’ Trivia Game.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Gordon just wants me to buy this game so he gets a residual check. That’s not true. I won’t see an extra penny if you buy this game.

I just like the idea of you having a game in your house that I can school you in.

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2 Responses to “My Totally Biased Holiday Shopping Guide”

  1. penpusherpen Says:

    hmmm, thanks for the suggestions, biased though they are.., 😉
    I’ll add them to my list, ‘though I do change my mind almost every day!!! xPenx

  2. Kevin Says:

    I have it on good authority that Gordon’s memory STINKS! Buy The Animal House game and challenge him to it. You have about a good a chance as he does of winning.

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