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A Christmas Stoolie

December 25, 2010

If I had to estimate, I’d say that I’ve seen “A Christmas Story” about a jillion times. I love it. Can’t get enough of it. When TBS breaks out the 24-hour marathon, I’ll sit through about half of it.

Good times.

When I rewatch a movie, I think it’s really cool when I pick up on things I hadn’t noticed before. As an example, for the first time tonight, I noticed that every light in the house was on when Ralphie’s mom turned off the leg lamp to save electricity. Hilarious.

However, sometimes you notice something that can sour you on a character.


‘Elf’ Sits on a Throne of Lies

December 17, 2010

Dude, I loves me some Christmas movies. Whether it’s Randy freaking out over his new zepplin or Clark W. Griswold talking about his Yule log, I’m into it.

And I’d love to induct Will Ferrell’s ‘Elf’ into my playlist of must-watch flicks, but it’s just too unbelievable for me to truly support.

Yeah yeah, it’s a movie about a human child that’s raised by elves in the North Pole…how realistic can it be? Well, my problem isn’t with the main plot.


My Totally Biased Holiday Shopping Guide

December 8, 2010

We’re currently in the midst of the hap, happiest season of all. Now, if you’re like me, you’ve been busy running around trying to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends. If you’re stumped for ideas for a few of those folks, let me recommend the following sure-to-please items…


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