‘Survivor: Nicaragua’ Episode 12 Recap: There’s Something About Sash

Last Episode: NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit, yet I press on…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 ‘Survivor‘ Blog

Here is the tribe as it currently stands…

The Libertad Tribe (wearing red with sharp white highlights)
•    Benry – 24, Club Promoter
•    Chase – 24, Race Car Jackman/Country Singer
•    Dan – 63, Real Estate Executive
•    Fabio – 21, Student
•    Holly – 44, Swim Coach
•    Jane – 56, Dog Trainer
•    Sash – 30, Real Estate Broker

Note: I want to thank everyone who voted for the “Survivor” Hall of Fame. Check back Friday for my official ballot and be on the lookout next week for the official announcement of the Class of 2010.

The mood is somber at Libertania after the first dual quitting in “Survivor” history. Well, not too somber as Benry decides to name the tribe’s chicken “Kelly-Nay” because, “They’re both chicken.”


Sash thinks the throwing in of the purple towels affects him the most as he had close alliances with both of the Nay-bandoners.

Note: It was that or Nay-vacuators.

The following morning, Sash tells Chase, Fabio and Benry that he’ll be playing his idol at the next Tribal Council because he’s worried that people think he’s a threat.

When Benry and Fabio run off to chase butterflies, Chase makes a pitch to keep Sash on his team.

They then discuss making sure that Holly gets to go on the next reward challenge. They also both agree that Sash should go on the reward as he hasn’t had a reward meal in a long time.

And as if by cue, we’re taken to…

Reward Challenge: This reward challenge is a nod to all of the previous challenges. It’s like leftover night.

The players will start off diving into a mudpit, then they’ll have to dig through a bale of hay to retrieve a ball.

Wait, who set a course record in the mud-diving/hay digging challenge? Oh wait, that was totally me.

Note: I am going to keep boasting about that. It’s all I have.

From there they’ll bounce the ball off of a shield and into a barrel. The first four people to sink their shot will move on.

In the next round they’ll use a stick to retrieve a key from a post. Once they have their key they’ll unlock a chest that has four sandbags. They’ll then toss those sandbags onto a barrel while Jimmy T. yells at them.

I may have made up that Jimmy T. part.

The first two to get their bags on their barrel will move on.

From there, they’ll dig up rope rings with a post. Once they have those rings it’s ring toss time. (How come there’s never a Toss Across challenge?) The first person to get all of their rings on the board will enjoy an evening at a private resort.

There’s not much to describe in the first mud-soaked round. Chase, Jane, Benry, and Holly advance.

Alright, stop the recap! Dan didn’t advance?!

Holly and Jane both have trouble retrieving their keys in the second round. Chase sinks all four of his sandbags in a row and Benry is not too far behind him. They both advance.

In the final round, Chase quickly uncovers all three of his rope rings. He then makes quick work of the ring toss, winning before Benry can uncover all of his rings. Chase wins reward.

He offers Probsty a muddy hug, but Jeff turns him down. J-Pro’s got standards, yo.

Chase is given the opportunity to take two people with him. He chooses Holly as a thank you for her actions during the last reward challenge. He then chooses Jane because he doesn’t understand how “Survivor” works.

Sash is not amused.

When the muddy gentlemen return to camp, Fabio makes an insightful comment saying that Chase chose the two people who make the least strategic sense.

Sash then does his best Scott Boras impersonation by asking Team Benry/Fabio/Dan for their alliance pitch.

Dan doesn’t trust Sash a bit. That’s not the only thing Dan doesn’t do. He doesn’t run, he doesn’t speak much, he doesn’t belong on this show…

Meanwhile, Chase and his ladies are enjoying some watermelon at a luxurious resort. Holly points out that Chase picked the two oldest ladies left in the game. Also the only ladies left in the game, Holly.

Man, the producers must be kicking each other.

Chase later admits to Holly that he screwed up in picking Jane over Sash. Well, at least he realizes it.

Back at camp, the guys kill the chicken known as “Kelly-Nay.” Ironically, the chicken’s final few clucks were more than we heard from the actual Purple Kelly all season.

The next day we meet up with Jane who is crying because she loved the chicken.


Jane then tells us how she made a memorial for the chicken with a little cross and a little heart.


Where’s the memorial for all the fish you caught, Jane? And don’t you own a farm?

Later, Chase and Holly are trying to figure out what to do about Sash. Chase explains his mistake by saying, “I left Sash back at camp, the person I trust the least with three other guys who are waiting to pounce on him.”

Do you need a joke there or can we move on? Let’s move on.

Benry and Chase have a bit of a pow-wow where Benry tries to get Chase to vote for Jane. Chase plays along, but doesn’t trust Benry at all.

Chase and Sash have a discussion too. Chase tells Sash that he took Jane on the reward to prove to Sash that he trusted him with the other alliance.

Not the worst lie I’ve ever heard. Maybe Chase is learning.

Holly eventually joins the party and they all agree that they can’t trust Benry. Speak of the dirt squirrel (what does that mean?!) and he arrives. Benry siddles up and they all agree to go after Fabio if he loses immunity.

Immunity Challenge: The players will be attached to a hitching rail. The players will maneuver their way around the post, releasing rope as they go. Once they have enough slack, they’ll try to retrieve a bag of gold coins. The first three to retrieve their bags will move on to the finals.

In the final round, the three players will have to stack gold coins into a puzzle box. The first person to complete their puzzle wins immunity.

Gold coins? Is this a promotion for some Jack Black leprechaun movie I don’t know about?

Not much to describe in this challenge either, although Jane did have a nice wipeout. Fabio reaches the gold coins first (maybe he thought they were full of chocolate?) followed by Benry and Sash.

Jane manages to cheer for all three of the guys during the puzzle portion. Fabio apparently didn’t appreciate the encouragement as he whispered that she should shut up.

And in the shock of all shockers, Sash beats both Fabio and Benry in a puzzle challenge.

Back at camp, Sash claims to have been sandbagging challenges because he didn’t need to win. Yeah, I sandbag every competition I lose too.

Politicking around the camp is leaning toward Fabio and Benry.

Quick Aside: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Sash and Chase tell Benry that they’re going to vote for Fabio. Part of their plan involves telling Fabio that they’re voting for Jane. Benry has a problem with that because he doesn’t think Fabio will buy it. He thinks they should say they’re voting for Holly.

Aww…look at Benry…worried about outsmarting Fabio.

That night at Tribal Council, Probst is sure to call NaOnka and Purple Kelly quitters as they join the jury. They’re lucky he didn’t chuck his snuffer (or “smuffer” as NaOnka would say) at them.

Oh, and if you needed another reason to hate NaOnka and Purple Kelly, the hotel they’re staying at is beyond gorgeous. We did the pre-game interviews there and it is a-maze-ing.

Chase, Fabio and Benry being physical threats is brought up. Chase makes a counterpoint saying he may be a physical threat, but he hasn’t won immunity yet. He must be sandbagging it too.

When asked how confident he is that the vote is going to go his way, Benry says that he’s pretty confident.

Sash is very happy to have immunity as he feels that the person with immunity is often approached with the most strategy and information.

Wow, Tribal is kind of boring without NaOnka making ridiculous statements.

Voting Time: And…none of the votes are shown. That’s weird.

One vote for Holly, two votes for Fabio, three votes for Benry and the fourteenth person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Nicaragua” and the sixth member of the jury is…Benry.

Verdict: Kind of a blah episode after last week’s barnburner. Here’s hoping Sash will shake things up as he has to know he’ll have trouble beating his alliance mates.

That being said, I was seriously concerned that Fabio and I were going to be talking about the Cardinals signing Lance Berkman during his exit interview Thursday morning.

Go Fabio.

Who’s Going to Win? Sash is in good shape if he makes the final three. Between Brenda, Marty, NaOnka and Purple Kelly he’s got to have a few votes.

Power Rankings Results:
Team Dragon Slayer called it. Coach had Benry in spot seven while had him in spot six. The current score is now Team Dragon Slayer 132, Team Truth Seeker 134. That’s closer than I’d like it to be…

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What Do You Think? Can anyone beat Jane in a final three? Was keeping Fabio on board a mistake? Should Jeff call NaOnka and Purple Kelly quitters at every Tribal Council?

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