‘Survivor: Redemption Island’ Power Rankings: Week 2

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Andrea is voted out this week, Sash will receive 12 points and Gordon will receive 13 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person  with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Redemption Island” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Sash showed his Power Rankings prowess, jumping out to an impressive eight-point lead. Sash had Matt in spot 13, while Gordon had him in spot 5.


Current Score: 13



Current Score: 5

david . grant
#1 David – Sitting David out of the challenge was smart, because absolutely nothing about the last challenge was smart.  If he continues to stay off Russell’s “hit list”, he will cruise to the merge and to the end. . #1 Grant – Leaping long pools in a single bound! In a stage of the game where Ometepe is down by two people and they just booted one of their young bucks, Boston Rob can’t afford to lose Grant. He’s safe until at least the merge.
mike . david
#2 Mike – Mike is playing a great game and is aware of both alliances in camp.  By keeping his options open to both sides of the Russell-Ralph divide, he can continue winning challenges for his tribe while allowing others to strategically shoot themselves in the foot. . #2 David – David’s shining moment last episode took place around the ol’ waterin’ hole. While Ralph and Russell got into it, he just stood back and observed. Smart guy. If he gets to the merge with numbers you could be looking at the next sole survivor.
natalie . ashley
#3 Natalie – She’s young and is willing to go with the flow.  This lack of strategic game play will carry her far, but Boston Rob’s pawn won’t know what to do when the King has been captured. . #3 Ashley – I’m in the camp that thinks voting out Matt was a big mistake. Boston Rob’s happy lil’ alliance is now splintered. Fortunately for Ashley nobody will be gunning for her when it comes time to vote out the next Ometepian.
bostonrob . steve
#4 Boston Rob – “Things went pretty much according to plan…seems as though this group of players knows how to follow directions.”  Rob is making all the right moves, but how long can he rely on this freshman class to avoid making a fatal mistake? . #4 Steve – Chalk Steve up as one of the people who is playing the Zapatera drama perfectly. Let Russell and Ralph have it out, then decide what to do with the victorious party.
phillip . julie
#5 Phillip – Phillip’s speech back at camp after losing the immunity challenge reminded me of Colby’s in Heroes vs. Villains in that they both accepted their fate and dismissal from the tribe.  Did anyone ever expect those names to be mentioned in the same sentence?  This Special Agent is cluelessly making all the right moves and I’m impressed.  Will his luck ever run out? . #5 Julie – I’m putting Julie and Steve in the same category. Just keep your head down during the drama and you’ll be in a good spot once the dust has settled.
ashley . natalie
#6 Ashley – Ashley is proving she can be a physical competitor, but showing your hand too quickly in this game is the ultimate sin. . #6 Natalie – Being Amber 2.0 has its benefits. Most importantly, Boston Rob will be the one taking all the bullets. The downside? If they turn on Rob, they can’t afford to boot him just yet (from a challenge standpoint) which puts a target on her back.
steve . mike
#7 Steve – His quarterback skills will help him see plays far down the field, but his strength and wisdom will be feared by all.  Anyone who allows him to taste breakfast on day 39 will be sorry they did. . #7 Mike I’m not quite sold on you, Mike. You seem like a good guy, but I worry that you don’t know when to keep your mouth shut. You’re gonna be in enough trouble post-merge because of your athletic prowess, saying something at the wrong time could make it worse.
krista . krista
#8 Krista – As Russell’s replacement for Stephanie, she’ll find it difficult to emerge unscathed from his train wreck of mistakes. . #8 Andrea – Being the second girl in Russell’s alliance is never a great spot to be in, but, she should be safe for a while. They always gunned for Parvati instead of Danielle, right?
russell . phillip
#9 Russell “You’re either with me or against me.”  Haven’t we heard that one before?  The only problem for Russell is that this time everyone knows his game, and he’s executing it for the third time flawlessly.  Can this guy be any more predictable? . #9 Phillip – Phillip survived?! And now Boston Rob kinda trusts him?! Happy day! Now, let’s hope Phillip tones down his super annoying tendencies so he can stick around longer. Good news for me, bad news for crabs.
julie . stephanie
#10 Julie – If Julie’s smart she’ll cling to the alliance that has the numbers, but Julie may be the next Shambo in Russell’s eyes…that means disposable.  Hey Julie! Don’t fall for it! . #10 Stephanie – I’ll give Stephanie credit, she knows she’s going all in with her alliance with Russell. Maybe it’s safer to hedge your bets, but if Russell trusts you now, he’ll do everything in his hobbity powers to take you to the end.
grant . bostonrob
#11 Grant – Grant’s a great competitor and his tribe would be crazy to send him packing any time soon; however, Boston Rob isn’t in the shape he once was and Grant would be his biggest threat when the individual game begins to win challenges.  Look for Rob to pull a 180 on Grant pre-merge. . #11 Boston Rob – OK…the more time I’ve had to think about the Matt move, the more I hate it. Do Grant and Ashley trust Boston Rob that much? And even if they do, he just gave them a BIG reason not to. Unnecessary drama, too soon into the game.
andrea . sarita
#12 Andrea – I still have high hopes for my Wisconsin homegirl, but it doesn’t take a genius to know how powerful a couple can be in this game and severing the Matt-Andrea alliance was crucial to Boston Rob maintaining his control.  If Andrea holds a grudge against Rob and the rest of Ometepe, she’ll need to keep it to herself until the merge…let’s just hope she can hold out that long. . #12 Sarita – Ralph hates Russell, Russell hates Ralph. The only other member of Zapatera that has any heat on them? Sarita. She didn’t do so well in last week’s challenge, but hopefully the fact that it was a challenge they won will help her out a bit.
ralph . andrea
#13 Ralph – Oftentimes wielding the power of an immunity idol is more powerful than actually playing an immunity idol.  Although Ralph looks to be in comfortable shape now, any savvy “Survivor” player should know that trouble is near when you begin to feel too comfortable.  Perhaps “savvy” isn’t in Ralph’s vocabulary just yet and he should continue on collecting rocks for fun and staying out of trouble. . #13 Andrea – How attached were you to Matt? Enough to earn a ticket to Redemption Island? If you’re serious about making it to the end, you’d better kiss and make-up with Rob quick. If you’re still mad a few eliminations from now, then you can pull some strings to try to boot Rob. However, now is not the time.
stephanie . russell
#14 Stephanie – Stephanie has the street smarts that many “Survivor” players lack, but she’s completely allowed herself to be Russell’s puppet and a huge target.  Maybe if her name was Natalie I’d have higher hopes, but it’s not and I don’t. . #14 Russell – I don’t know what to say about Russell. He’s going up against a guy who has numbers, an idol and a rooster call. Surely that’s reason enough to put Russell at the bottom of this list. But people have gone broke betting against Mr. Hantz…
kristina . kristina
#15 Kristina – Kristina now finds herself with no alliance and no idol.  She needs to find a crack in Boston Rob’s alliance or stir up some trouble quickly if she plans to make it to the merge. . #15 Kristina – Even though your head wasn’t on the chopping block last week, there was no way of knowing it. So, playing the idol was a smart move. Rob’s next move is probably bringing his crew back together and that means voting out an outsider. Thanks for playing.
sarita . ralph
#16 Sarita – It’s obvious that Russell has no interest in making Sarita one of his groupies, and without a strong alliance on either side, this rookie hasn’t developed the skills needed to be a swing vote. . #16 Ralph – What benefit was there to confronting Russell about the clue? All it did was put a target on Ralph’s well-insulated back. I like Ralph, he seems fun, but I question his ability to make a serious run in this game.
matt . matt
Redemption Island Winner – Matt will take the win, but he won’t last there long. . Redemption Island Winner I’m giving Matt the slight edge in this week’s Redemption Island challenge. I’ve got to imagine that the alone time, building your own shelter, etc was tough on Francesca.

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