A Super Brief Chat with WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly

Facebook and Twitter followers probably know that I’ve been cranking out a ton of wrestling content this week with interviews with Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Edge. However, I recently did a fifth interview that slipped through the cracks.

You see, I was only scheduled to interview Kane at SDCC’s Mattel booth. However, once I finished up, it turns out that some outlet had stood up WWE’s Divas Champion Kelly Kelly. (Who on Earth would do that? Ever?)

They asked if I wanted to interview her, and I (shockingly) said “Yes.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any questions prepared and we were cut off when she had to run to another event. Generally my style is to start with fun banter, then move onto deeper topics, so all I was left with was fun banter. Not really something to base an XFINITYTV interview around.

But, some fans may find in entertaining, so here it is…

Gordon Holmes: How are you liking Comic Con?

Kelly Kelly: It’s so crazy, but the costumes are amazing. I love to see all the people dressed up, it’s so fun.

Holmes: Mind if I check out your Divas championship?

Kelly Kelly: Yes, you can see it. (Kelly Kelly hands over her Divas championship.)

Kelly Kelly: Bam! You can see for yourself how heavy it is.

Holmes: Holy crap. That’s way heavier than I had anticipated. You have to carry this in your luggage?

Kelly Kelly: Yup. And  I can’t check it, so it’s on me 24/7.

Holmes: Does the TSA give you grief when you go through security?

Kelly Kelly: It’s pretty funny because I have to put it in a bin. And it goes through and everybody’s like, “Oh, you’re the champ! What’re you the champ of?”

Holmes: Now, God forbid, the day you lose that title…

Kelly Kelly: That will never happen.

Holmes: Yes, I meant there will never come a day when you lose that title.

Kelly Kelly: Don’t put that out there.

Holmes: I’m sorry. When you retire and they give the title to someone else, is that going to be a bit of relief when you’re traveling?

Kelly Kelly: Actually, it’s kind of cool. I like being asked. It’s fun. So I don’t mind it.

Holmes: Now that you’ve transferred from more of a personality into a full-time wrestler. How has your life changed?

Kelly Kelly: I’ve been on the road full time, even though I wasn’t always wrestling, I’ve been on the road for five years. I’ve never been injured.

Holmes: Knock on wood.

Kelly Kelly: (Laughs) Knock on wood. But whether I’m hosting or refereeing or managing they’ve always had me on the road. And now that I have the belt it’s cool to wrestle every night. I love it. I love hearing the fans screaming my name.

Holmes: As far as in-ring talent, who would you consider to be your inspiration?

Kelly Kelly: I’d have to say a combination of Lita, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler’s poise…you know if I could take a little thing from all the girls, it’d definitely be those three.

Holmes: Any dream matches you’re hoping to take part in?

Kelly Kelly: I hope when Kharma comes back we can have a match. That would be pretty amazing. I think I could give her a run for her money.

Holmes: We’re up here in the Mattel booth, and you have your own Kelly Kelly action figure. Could you put into words what it’s like when you first see yourself in plastic?

Kelly Kelly: I’ve always been a fan of Barbie dolls, so when I heard that Mattel picked up our dolls, I was like, “Oh my God, this is who makes Barbie. I’m going to have my own Barbie!” And when I saw my figure it was a dream come true.

Holmes: I hate to be that guy, but technically you don’t have your own Kelly Kelly Barbie.

Kelly Kelly: I know…

Holmes: There are some Mattel reps hanging out around here, do you want to put in a plea to have a Barbie-sized Kelly Kelly become a reality?

Kelly Kelly: (Loudly) That would be amazing! We need a Kelly Kelly Barbie like this “Green Lantern.” (Kelly Kelly holds up a Carol Ferris “Green Lantern” Barbie doll.)

Holmes: Here’s a fun fact; Gordon and Kelly Kelly? Not subtle.

Kelly Kelly: No, not at all. I’m going to yell it! (Laughs)

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