Five Music Videos That Creeped Me Out When I Was a Kid

The other day I was on YouTube watching Billy Joel’s “Pressure” video…

Oh wait, why would I be doing that? Because I’ll be singing “Pressure” this Saturday at Wilmington, Delaware’s Baby Grand Theater as part of The Joe Trainer Trio presents the Music of Billy Joel. If you’re in the area you should totally check it out. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

Anywho, two things occurred to me…

A. Music videos are awesome. I don’t want to be the billionth person to jump on the MTV-was-better-when-they-showed-music-videos-instead-of-softcore-pornography bandwagon, but scoot over and make some room.

B. A lot of the early music videos were really dark. As in, trouble-sleeping-at-night-because-visions-of-the-Piano-Man-being-tortured-are-a-little-too-much-for-my-adolescent-brain-to-handle dark.

So, here are some music videos that gave me the willies when I was a young-un…

Billy Joel – “Pressure”

They should’ve started this video with Joel smashing a bottle of red and a bottle of white over his own head.

Metallica – “One”

Somehow when  I was a kid I got it into my head that Metallica almost never made videos because they were too badass. Then I grew up and saw “Some Kind of Monster.” That shot that theory to hell.

The Tubes – “She’s a Beauty”

I don’t know what it is about the kid going through an amusement ride and coming out an old man that wigged me out, but consider me wigged.

Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

OK, it’s easy to make a “Michael Jackson scared all little boys” joke. But I’m not kidding, when I was a kid “Thriller” scared the crap out of me. It might have had something to do with the disclaimer at the beginning.

Planet P – “Why Me”

The part where she looks back and sees the skeleton? Horrifying…

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One Response to “Five Music Videos That Creeped Me Out When I Was a Kid”

  1. Kerry Kristine McElrone Says:

    how about Tom Petty as the Mad Hatter, that scared the bejesus out of me.

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