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A Super Brief Chat with WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly

August 5, 2011

Facebook and Twitter followers probably know that I’ve been cranking out a ton of wrestling content this week with interviews with Hulk Hogan, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Edge. However, I recently did a fifth interview that slipped through the cracks.

You see, I was only scheduled to interview Kane at SDCC’s Mattel booth. However, once I finished up, it turns out that some outlet had stood up WWE’s Divas Champion Kelly Kelly. (Who on Earth would do that? Ever?)

They asked if I wanted to interview her, and I (shockingly) said “Yes.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any questions prepared and we were cut off when she had to run to another event. Generally my style is to start with fun banter, then move onto deeper topics, so all I was left with was fun banter. Not really something to base an XFINITYTV interview around.

But, some fans may find in entertaining, so here it is…


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