‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Players Revealed: Meet the Upolu Tribe

The contestants for the 23rd season of “Survivor” were unveiled by CBS this morning. The sixteen new players are divided into two tribes; Upolu and Savaii and will be joined by two returning All-Star players (to be named at a later date).

To view the members of the Savaii tribe, click here.

Sophie Albert
Name: Sophie Clarke
Age: 22
Current Residence: Willsboro, New York
Occupation: Medical Student

Sophie was named Prom Princess in her small rural high school.

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Name: Albert Destrade
Age: 26
Current Residence: Plantation, Florida
Occupation: Baseball/Dating Coach

Albert considers Crash Davis from the movie “Bull Durham” to be one of his personal heroes.

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Brandon Edna
Name: Brandon Hantz
Age: 19
Current Residence: Katy, Texas
Occupation: Oil Tanker Crewman

Brandon’s uncle is none other than “Survivor” Hall of Famer Russell Hantz.

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Name: Edna Ma
Age: 35
Current Residence: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Anesthesiologist

Edna has also developed a line of products designed to help people with personal grooming.

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Christine Rick
Name: Christine Shields Markoski
Age: 39
Current Residence: Merrick, New York
Occupation: Teacher

Christine uses the word “stubborn” to describe herself. She thinks overcoming that will be one of her biggest challenges in the game.

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Name: Rick Nelson
Age: 51
Current Residence: Aurora, Utah
Occupation: Rancher

Rick has applied to be on “Survivor” 14 different times!

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Stacey Mikayla
Name: Stacey Powell
Age: 44
Current Residence: Grand Prairie, Texas
Occupation: Mortician

Stacey considers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to be her main inspiration in life.

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Name: Mikayla Wingle
Age: 22
Current Residence: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Lingerie Football Player

Mikayla has appeared on the cover of Playboy Magazine.

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Survivor: South Pacific” premieres Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

More “Survivor” Fun: XFINITY TV sent Gordon Holmes into the heart of the South Pacific to get a first-hand look at the filming of the latest edition of “Survivor.” Be sure to check back for exclusive interviews with the returning All-Stars and host Jeff Probst, behind-the-scenes photos, and Gordon’s personal (and injury-filled) account of what it’s like to compete in an actual immunity challenge.

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