Who Are the Returning ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ All Stars?

Yesterday we were introduced to “Survivor: South Pacific’s” sixteen new competitors. However, we still don’t know who the two returning “Survivor” All Stars are. I took an informal poll of the newbies to find out who they think the All Stars will be, who they don’t want to see, and who they’d like to play against…

Brandon Hantz: I’d like for it to be Matt (Elrod). He’s a great player…wait, sorry…he’s not a great player, he’s a great person.

Dawn Meehan: I hope it’s somebody from the “Redemption Island” cast so I can have my vindication. (Laughs) I hope it’s someone like Matt or Mike (Chiesl) or Phillip (Sheppard).

Sophie Clarke: I think it could be Matt from last season only because it’s a good story. And I’m OK with that. Matt’s so obsessed with God; whatever God wants goes. And I don’t think God is watching “Survivor.”

Semhar Tadesse
: I have no idea . I would hope that they would be Fabio (Judson Birza) and Sandra (Diaz-Twine) because I like them a lot.

Christine Shields Markoski: I hope it’s not Russell (Hantz). I hope it’s Ozzy (Lusth), I think he and I would get along very well. And I hope it’s Phillip because I think my skills teaching students that don’t speak English with special needs will help me work with Phillip very well.

John Cochran: I’m not happy about returning players. I have some theories about who it could be. I was thinking Coach (Ben Wade) vs. Phillip…a battle of the lunatics or whatever.  I’d be OK with that. As grating as they can be, they’d be easy to get rid of right off of the bat. I wouldn’t like it to be anyone charming or likable. That’s the thing with Rob (Mariano).  He’s so charming. And I wouldn’t like to see Ozzy because he’s such a great provider, and he’s this handsome, rugged, “Jungle Book”-looking guy.

Mikayla Wingle
: I would love for it to be somebody like Rupert (Boneham). That’d be fun and happy. But I think they’re going to go with somebody conniving. I think it’s going to be somebody like Parvati (Shallow). Somebody who’s flirtatious in their ways and can maneuver their way around things. She’s not a great physical player though. I’d have no problem beating her in challenges.

Elyse Umemoto: I don’t have as much background as I’d like in the history of “Survivor.” But I’d be a little concerned if Russell came back.

Albert Destrade:  I did the math and I definitely think it’s going to be two guys. The two guys I least want to be here are the guys from last season, Russell and Rob. I think they’d view me as a threat.

Stacey Powell: I don’t care who they are, but they’ve got to go.

Jim Rice: I’m really hoping it’s someone like Matt or James (Clement). Someone who’s really good at challenges. That’ll help me get to the merge, then they’ll be the first person voted out.

Keith Tollefson: I don’t want it to be Russell and Boston Rob. I think Matt would be a good one to come back because he’s the king of Redemption Island.

Whitney Duncan: I felt bad for Matt last season for living on Redemption Island, so I’d like to see him back. But at the same time, I don’t want to face him on Redemption Island.

Rick Nelson: I really don’t want it to be Coach, because there was this thing on my video where I said, “Where did they find that guy? The Dragon Slayer? You ever see a dragon anywhere?”

Edna Ma: I have no idea who the returning stars will be. Maybe it’ll be two women?

Mark Caruso: Definitely Russell. A lot of people don’t like Russell, but I’m into Russell. I think he plays the game right. And I would align with him immediately. I like Jane (Bright). I think Jane’s good at what she does.

Survivor: South Pacific” premieres Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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