‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Mikayla Wingle

Mikayla Wingle would have killed it on “Survivor” a few years ago. She’s a hard worker around camp, a fierce challenge competitor, and  easy on the eyes.

Unfortunately for Mikayla, she played the game in a post-Phillip Sheppard world. A world where “Keep the Crazy Guy Who’s Prone to Tribal Council Meltdowns” is a valid strategy. This season’s crazy guy, Brandon Hantz, shunned her due to imaginary breaches of etiquette. If he hadn’t, she’d probably be nestled safely in Coach’s alliance.

Instead, the recently eliminated Lingerie Football star spent her Thursday morning talking to me. It’s not all bad though, while we chatted I had an opportunity to find out more about Albert’s allegiances, Coach’s coaching, and Brandon’s beliefs.

Gordon Holmes: Alright, before we get into this, Delilah…
Mikayla Wingle:
Oh! Already!
Holmes: I can’t have you being too flirtatious because I need to concentrate on my job.
Wingle: (Laughs) Let’s be honest now, I am one of the least flirtatious people I know. But I will hold back because I know you’re on duty now. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize your job by flirting with you.
Holmes: Good. Because I watch a little show called “Survivor,” miss. And I saw how horribly, ridiculously, blatantly you were throwing yourself at poor, innocent Brandon. So knock it off.
Wingle: (Laughs) I couldn’t help myself! I was just throwing myself on top of him. It was so bad. I couldn’t hold myself back.
Holmes: It’s a family show, Mikayla.
Wingle: Not anymore!

Holmes: Now, when you got home and you learned what Brandon’s opinion of you was, how did you react?
It was a complete shock mixed with a little bit of laughter. Because, I’m a major tomboy. And the fact that he thought me putting together a shelter was flaunting myself? Really? If you think I’m flaunting myself twelve hours in with no makeup and no shower, honey, you don’t know what the world is going to be like. Wait until someone is really flirting with you.
Holmes: When you were out there, did you notice the leering? Did you know that he thought you were too flirtatious?
Wingle: When we were out there, the only thing Albert told me was to “Be easy, because the cowboy (Rick) and Brandon are very intimidated by you.” I said, “OK, I won’t say a word to them.” I’ll be laid back. I’m cool, I’ll relax.
Holmes: Brandon seems to have a meltdown every time Upolu goes to Tribal Council. Actually, you could probably set your watch to it. Was there ever an opportunity for you to go to Coach and say, “This guy’s a loose cannon, swap him for me and I’ll stay loyal.”
Wingle: There were definitely times I could have said a lot of things. Being out there with a lack of food and all this garbage going on. Watching-wise you’d say “Why doesn’t she say this?” or “Why doesn’t she say that?” But when you’re in it, your head is in a totally different place. And my main thing was; I have younger siblings, I have a lot of family and I wanted to be looked at as a role model and not another loose cannon. So, there were a lot of things that I could’ve said, but I wanted to represent my family.

Holmes: Albert went to bat for you last week. What was the relationship like between you, him, and Sophie?
Aww…I love them. They were great. Day one we made an alliance. And as you’ve seen Brandon talked smack. And the lies that he was throwing around camp really put a burden on my relationship with Sophie. She never was really 100 percent with me. Albert and I always saw eye to eye.

Holmes: There was a lot of talk before the game about keeping a close eye on the returning players, especially after Boston Rob’s win last season. Did that line of thinking come into play at all?
I wish I’d stood up at Tribal Council. I wish I’d stood up and said, “Guys, we’re here to win and the past two out of three times it’s been a returning player.” Why didn’t we kick Coach off before the merge? We don’t need him at the merge. But when you’re out there and tired and hungry you can’t put that together.
Holmes: Is Coach in complete control at Upolu beach?
Wingle: Coach definitely was. Him, Sophie, and Albert have this crazy, annoying thing together. Working with Coach, we tried to talk, but it was so fake and so played out. I could not connect with him. As a coach, you’re supposed to watch and point someone in the right direction. He is not like any coach I’ve ever seen or had to deal with in my life. He’s a different breed, and it’s not a good breed.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with your buddy Albert.
Holmes: Edna?
Wingle: Oh, garbage.
Holmes: Brandon?
Wingle: Needs help.
Holmes: Sophie?
Wingle: Follower.
Holmes: Stacey?
Wingle: Outspoken.
Holmes: Christine?
Wingle: She’s a good friend…a great friend. I love her.
Holmes: Rick?
Wingle: Oh God…he’s just another number.
Holmes: And we’ll finish with Coach.
Wingle: Grow up.

Holmes: I played in the Lingerie Football League in the late ’90s.  And I was good, not great, I had my moments. But, I banged up my knee and had to call it a career. Now, I know you’re the best player in the Lingerie Football League now. Does it bother you that you missed out on the challenge that involved Brandon in a body paint brassiere?
You know, I laugh because Brandon is all, “God this, Jesus that, blah blah blah.” OK, um…so you’re doing this? What does that mean? Isn’t that hypocritical? Make sure you’ve read the book before you try to preach it. You criticize me for wearing a bikini? God forbid he was on the other tribe. If he was with Whitney and Elyse and Semhar his head would have spun. That would have been hilarious to watch.

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