‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Power Rankings – Week 10

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Sophie is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: South Pacific” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Andrea had Whitney in spot eight and Dawn in spot nine. Gordon had Whitney in spot nine and Dawn in spot eight. However, Andrea picked Jim to win at Redemption Island and Gordon picked Ozzy. So, she gained seventeen points while he grabbed eighteen. The current score is now Team Boehlke 137, Team Holmes 140.

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teamboehlke . TEAMHOLMES
Current Score: 137

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. Current Score: 140

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#1 Coach: As awkward as it feels to put a returning player on the top of the rankings, I seriously don’t see Coach going anywhere soon. He has this “Loyalty/Family” thing going on, complete with a tattle-tail system and there has been no mention of even voting him out!  To me it seems like everyone on Upolu thinks they are going to the end with Coach. It’s like season 22 all over again, just minus the crispy rice. . #1 Coach: Is this week’s episode going to come down to which side Coach chooses? Will it be Brandon, Rick, and Edna on one side and Albert, Cochran, and Sophie on the other? Faced with those two line-ups (and at this point we aren’t even sure if that’s accurate) Coach’s gotta be leaning toward Team Brandon. Who wouldn’t love to sit in front of the final jury with “Random Explosion” Hantz and “Permanent Residence on Coattail Island” Ma?
#2 Sophie: Sophie could have mixed things up with Albert last episode but she chose not to disturb the BRACES quite yet. Hey, she can do what she wants, it’s “Sophie’s Choice.” Buh-dum-tssss.  I do wonder if people are going to open their eyes and see that Sophie is a major challenge threat. Two immunity challenges in one day, and usually very close in all the others. Who does that?! . #2 Brandon: Is it ironic that Brandon is this season’s Phillip Sheppard when he’s obviously a sheep? Or is it a goat? I get my “Survivor” terms mixed up.
#3 Brandon: I seriously think Brandon is in a great position to go to the end. If I were playing he would be my number 1 pick to sit next to at Final Tribal Council. Why? He’s like 15 and isn’t the best when it comes to Tribal Council speeches. I can’t see a jury awarding him the million, so there is a good chance we will get to see him at the end. . #3 Rick: What’s the deal, Rick? Mikayla says you’re just another number. Jim thinks you’re totally in Coach’s pocket. You’re the only one with an outside chance of making any serious moves. Are you going to settle for fourth place without a peep?
#4 Rick: Was there a secret scene that I missed where Rick swallowed a whole crab and it got lodged in his throat and now he can’t speak ever again? Maybe he is playing the ‘Silent Game’ and taking it really seriously? That could be it. . #4 Sophie: Sorry Sophie, you lose your top spot while I try to figure out which way the alliances are headed in the newly fractured Upolu tribe. I’ve got two strikes against you right now. First, you’re close to Albert who seems to scheme a lot and is a challenge threat. And second, after the last episode you’re obviously a challenge threat yourself.
albert . COCHRAN
#5 Albert: I was thrilled that Albert was trying to make things happen last episode instead of just riding the Coach train. He is at least attempting to take the game into his own hands, and for that I give him props. And a unicorn sticker. However, now he may be in trouble. With the tattle-tail system instilled, Coach may find out about Albert’s antics and not be too happy. . #5 Cochran: Oh Cochran, didn’t you notice the camera pointed at you when you were telling your poopy pants story?

Anywho, Coach likes Cochran. Brandon likes Cochran. Albert and Sophie seem to trust Cochran enough to share certain information with him. But, the fact remains that he was late to the alliance party. And, pitbull Brandon wants to keep every alliance agreement to the letter of the law…

#6 Edna: Although Edna is probably a great person to take to the end, the people on this season are thinking a little differently. It’s all about honesty, integrity and “who deserves to be there.” If people side with Albert’s logic of who deserves to be there, then Edna could be gone soon. . #6 Edna: On the other hand, depending how you interpret the Upolu Declaration of Allianceness, Edna could be the next to go. She wasn’t a part of the original late-night beach alliance and they did make a deal to keep Cochran around.
COCHRAN . albert
#7 Cochran: This will be a very telling episode for Cochran. How much Coa-chi does it take to be accepted into an alliance with Coach? If Upolu is smart, they will want to take Cochran to the end as a goat. However, this season seems to be all about loyalty shmoyalty and Cochran may be next to go. . #7 Albert: This might be a controversial pick, but Albert has been the Upolutian who has been trying to make the most moves.  Sophie has seen it first hand and Cochran has been in on some of the strategy sessions. But, who knows who else has been paying attention?
Redemption Island Pick – Ozzy: So last week I made a risky move and voted against Ozzy, thus losing a point to Gordon Holmes. Now that we are getting to crunch time, I have to be smarter. I can’t lose to Gordon Holmes. It would be so embarrassing and I would probably have to delete my Twitter account to avoid his inevitable gloating. Therefore, I am putting my money on Fish Boy. The Dawnminator aka Mama Meehan and Whitney “You Disgust Me” Duncan will likely put up a good fight, but I’m sticking with Ozzy. . Redemption Island Pick – Ozzy: Here’s a fun fact for all of you Boehlke boosters; she’s absolutely right. If she loses to me she will never (read: EVER) hear the end of it. The last person to lose to me was a guy by the name of Benjamin “Coach” Wade. And he had to travel to the Isle of Samoa to try to get his mojo back. Oh…and never bet against Ozzy in a challenge.


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