Would You Participate in a ‘Survivor’ Summer Book Club?

UPDATE: Alright, seems like enough people are into this to make it fun. So, pick up your copy of “Survivor: Vanuatu” from Amazon or iTunes or whatever. Then watch the first episode. I’ll post my thoughts and some discussion points on Wednesday, May 30th.

I’ll never forget that hot June evening; drinking cold beers outside of a tent in Gabon, Africa, listening to members of the press corps who knew way more about “Survivor” than I did.

I remember thinking, “Holy s$%t, I’m out of my league.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since day one. But I’d never watched the show with a hyper-critical eye. So, I started rewatching seasons whenever I had downtime. Borneo, Palau, Micronesia, Australia, Guatemala…

It was during my December/January rewatch of “Survivor: Thailand,” that the idea was floated that this become more of an interactive project.

Here’s what I’m thinking. We set a date in the not-too-distant future to start. This will give time for interested parties to procure copies of “Survivor: Vanuatu” from Amazon or iTunes or whatever. Then every Wednesday I’ll post my thoughts on the episode. (Not a full-on recap, just some talking points.) Then we can discuss the episode in the comment section below.

Interested? Drop me a line below and let me know…

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19 Responses to “Would You Participate in a ‘Survivor’ Summer Book Club?”

  1. Lucas Hayes Says:

    I am in… Can you do a podcast as well? How can we make it interactive?

  2. Tyler Homer Says:

    That would be amazing that is one of my favorite seasons

  3. Cam Bahan Says:

    I’d definitely love to do this! I rewatch the seasons constantly, so this will be fun!

  4. Drew M Says:

    I was planning on rewatching this season sometime soon anyway! Would love to do this.

  5. Pat Reynolds Says:

    This could help with the summer withdrawal pangs!

  6. Andy Baker Says:

    Definitely in. I’m a recent convert to deeper analysis of Survivor (along psych/soc/anthro lines), so revisiting Vanuatu and kicking it around would be great.

  7. Breanne Says:

    I would definitely be in for this!

  8. jacobandrewwilson Says:

    I would totally be down to do this. Sounds really fun and amazingly nerdy.

  9. lucy75a Says:

    Count me in!

  10. lucy75a Says:

    Probably not a good sign that it took me three tries to post this comment – but I ain’t a quitter! I’m in! (if there are 2 similar posts above this, don’t judge)

    • gordonholmes Says:

      I had to approve your comment, hopefully now that I’ve approved one from you, the rest will just go right in.

  11. dinska (@dinska) Says:

    That would be great — I was going to pick up a season to watch during downtime anyway.

  12. Lucas Farr Says:

    I’d be down, as long as there’s some type of podcast or recap show. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well as some behind the scenes stuff if you know it.

  13. Matt Says:

    Great idea! Why not start with season 1 though?

  14. Your Favorite BFF (@YourFavoriteBFF) Says:

    Sounds good Gordon, I love that season.

  15. ILuvSurvivor Says:

    Yes, I’m in. Let me know when…

  16. Jan Burkhardt Says:

    I’m in…just bought Vanuatu a couple of weeks ago from iTunes 🙂

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