‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Picks the Show’s Most Underrated Winner


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This Week’s Question: Who Is the Most Underrated Winner in “Survivor” History?

Jeff Probst:
I think a case can be made for Amber (Brkich) as being underrated.  I think she did a good job of playing alongside Rob (Mariano) fully aware that he didn’t have the social skill set required to get the vote and that if she’d let him be the big man on campus and take all the bullets she could come out unscathed.  And she did.  Rob clearly remedied that social problem later.  

Gordon Holmes: Clearly. Amber is someone who has definitely been tagged with the “coattail rider” label. Sophie Clarke made all the right moves in “Survivor: South Pacific” and might not get the credit she deserves. But, it might be too soon to call her underrated. So, I’m going to go with Todd Herzog from “Survivor: China” as my pick.

Todd wasn’t a challenge powerhouse, but he seemed to lead his alliance without getting into any of the regular “leader” trouble, he was never in any real danger, and he masterfully manipulated that final Tribal Council. I also loved his ability to think outside of the box with moves like hooking James up with the hidden immunity idol.

You can definitely chalk him up as someone I’d love to see make a return trip to the show.

Probst: Todd was a very solid winner and player, I agree.  Todd has been on our list to return many times it just hasn’t worked out yet.   

Holmes: Make it happen.

Probst: I also think Kim Spradlin will suffer the underrated fate.  “One World” wasn’t a great season and so Kim will not get the credit she deserves.  

Holmes: Yeah, her legacy will probably suffer from the combination of a poorly regarded season and a poorly regarded line-up of competition.

Probst: I thought she played brilliantly.  She was “on it” every single day managing those relationships.

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