“You’re the One They Call ‘Mouth’ Aren’t You?” – Sassy “Goonies” Costumes


Two years ago I made a satirical blog post turning not-so-sassy “Ghostbusters” characters into uber-sassy Halloween attire. It was just a fun way to poke fun at the costume industry’s trend of sexifying (not a word) everything from Care Bears to Minnie Mouse to skunks.

Yeah, you read that last line correctly. Sexy skunks.

In fact, by the time I get around to making next year’s ‘Sexy “Karate Kid” Costumes’ post, I’m sure someone will be pimping some kind of trampy Cobra Kai attire.

So, before they can beat me to the punch, here’s a look at three sassy Halloween costumes based on the 1985 classic, “Goonies.”

“You boys like tongue?”
Sassy Mama Fratelli

• Gun
• Pearls
• Chic hat

“It’s a stiff!”
Sassy Truffle Shuffle Chunk

• Mississippi Mud ice cream
• Uncle Max’s toupee
• Repaired David statue

“You’ve been bad…”
Sassy Sloth

• Baby Ruth candy bar
• Rocky Road ice cream
• Phys. Ed. cologne

Even More Whatnot…

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