‘Survivor: Philippines’ Castaway Angie: ‘Roxy Was Just Obnoxious’


Angie Layton (CBS)

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The pantheon of “Survivor” villains boasts names like Russell Hantz, Jonny “Fairplay” Dalton, and Randy Bailey. After voting off the lovely Angie Layton, the men of America might want to add Malcolm Freberg to that list.

I spoke with the latest victim of the Matsing curse the morning after her elimination to get her thoughts on last night’s vote, Jeff Probst’s Tribal Council scolding, and her favorite dessert…

Gordon Holmes: Alright, is Matsing beach cursed?
Angie Layton: Yes. (Laughs)
Holmes: Did you guys build your shelter over an ancient burial ground?
Layton: I don’t know. I think we just had bad luck from the beginning. Maybe blue is just a bad color.

Holmes: Did you know before Tribal that you were going home?
Layton: No. But, I knew there was a 50/50 chance it could be me or Russell.
Holmes: What did Denise and Malcolm tell you before you headed to Tribal?
Layton: They told me Russell was terrible in the challenge and I said my spiel about how I wanted them to go in the challenge so we were as fast as we could be. And Malcolm told me that Russell was pathetic in the challenge and he’d let me know if they were going to vote for me. But, he never let me know before we went to Tribal Council.

Holmes: How accurate was the editing’s portrayal of the challenge last night, because it looked really bad. Every time they cut back you guys were having trouble.
Layton: The water challenge wasn’t that bad, it was just that I couldn’t figure out how to pull that thing up. And for me, it shook me up. I took so long. When you feel like you’re rushed it makes you feel nervous.

Holmes: When I spoke to the contestants before the game, it seemed like a lot of people had already formed opinions about you.
Layton: Yeah, I read them all. They were funny.
Holmes: What do you think the misconceptions about you are?
Layton: That I’m a bleach-blonde bimbo. Unintelligent, dumb, you know…the typical stuff. Pageant girl, whatever.
Holmes: Now watching the show, I didn’t hear you complain about the weather. You seemed to be doing as well out there as anyone. Do you think you proved people wrong?
Layton: Yeah, I think I proved everybody wrong in the first episode. I was playing the game. My head was in the game. I was mentally there. I tried to play the game physically even though I have some disadvantages. But, I gave it my all. And I was really there to win, and some people just go out there and lay low. I didn’t lay low. In that small of a tribe you have to play the game.

Holmes: I spoke with Roxanne last week, and she still seemed annoyed with how you performed in the sled challenge. I had trouble with this because you ran two legs and she ran one…
Layton: The fact was Russell said, “Do you want to go twice?” I was like, “Not really.” And she said, “I haven’t been drinking water, so I can’t.” And they didn’t show this, but I said, “Well, I’ll go.” I stepped up to the plate and went twice. She’s eight years older than me and in the military. I model and I do pageants. I stepped up to the plate and I gave it my all. That’s why I collapsed at the end because I gave it my all.
Holmes: Roxanne also still thinks that there is something between you and Malcolm. Was that the case or are you two just BFFs.
Layton: I think there was something going on with her. I think she’s a little jealous. When you’re on “Survivor” you cuddle because you’re cold. Now obviously, he’s cute, I’m cute…whatever. But there’s nothing wrong with that.
Holmes: Nobody here is debating that you and Malcolm are cute. But are you implying that Roxanne wanted to be cuddling with Malcolm?
Layton: (Laughs) Yeah. Maybe she wanted to get in the middle. But, she was not a happy camper.
Holmes: Literally.

Holmes: What reactions have you been receiving from fans?
Layton: I’ve gotten so many good reactions. I’ve been traveling a lot, and I travel with no makeup and my hair in a bun, and people stop me and say, “Are you Angie from ‘Survivor’? We’re big fans.” It’s been really positive. And I wasn’t sure because of the pre-game stuff I wasn’t getting a lot of positive feedback. But it’s been really awesome.

Holmes: Let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Malcolm.
Layton: Strong.
Holmes: Zane?
Layton: Hilarious.
Holmes: Denise?
Layton: Intelligent.
Holmes: Russell?
Layton: Big and tall.
Holmes: Cookies?
Layton: I love them!
Holmes: And let’s finish with Roxanne.
Layton: Jealous.

Holmes: You and I have at least two things in common. One, I travel with my hair in a bun and no makeup.
Layton: Awesome. (Laughs)
Holmes: And two, we both think cookies are the bomb. Since you made your Tribal comment, have you received any cookies from friends or fans?
Layton: I have had so many people tell me they want to ship me cookies. They’re very generous.
Holmes: And your favorite cookie is…?
Layton: Oatmeal chocolate chip.
Holmes: Oatmeal?
Layton: It’s so good.
Holmes: Everyone’s welcome to their opinion, but you’re wrong.
Layton: No, oatmeal!
Holmes: Agree to disagree. Now, during the cookie incident, Jeff seemed to get a bit frustrated with you when he gave his “Wake up” speech.
Layton: Oh, he loves it. I knew that I was safe. I literally didn’t want to be there. And the fact that everyone was so serious and Roxy was just obnoxious. Everyone was freaking out and the tension was just so much. I did it as a joke; I wanted to lighten the mood. And I don’t think “cookies” is a worse answer than “do less work around camp.” I think that’s worse. And who wouldn’t want cookies?
Holmes: I believe that cookies make every situation better.
Layton: They do.
Holmes: It’s rare you see Probst at a loss for words.
Layton: Oh, it threw him off completely. I think it made him a little upset and he wanted to get more out of me. He clapped at me. But I wasn’t going to lose my composure at all.

Holmes: I liked your final confessional last night because it seemed like you learned something during your time out there. Has being in the game changed you?
Layton: Yeah. The experience was great for me. I learned so much about myself. I’m so appreciative of my life, the little things and how blessed I am. It was the best thing for me.

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