‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Picks the Show’s Grossest Challenge Ever


'Survivor: South Pacific' (CBS)

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This Week’s Question: What is the most disgusting challenge in ‘Survivor’ history?

Gordon Holmes: Alright, I’ve got this one. You know me; I love it when they eat gross stuff on the show. But, as far as the most disgusting challenge in “Survivor” history, it’s got to be the pig roast challenge from “Survivor: South Pacific.”
Jeff Probst:
I’d love to disagree, because I thoroughly enjoy disagreeing with you, but alas…I agree.  
For those of you who don’t remember, the two tribes could only use their mouths to rip meat off of this huge hunk of what used to be a pig. The tribe that got the most meat into their bin won. The disgusting combination of flesh tearing, spitting, barbecue sauce, and ripping bits from each other’s teeth did a wonderful job of making me want to never eat anything ever again. High fives for everyone involved.  
The back story is that when it was first presented at our test block it was an entire pig…the whole thing.  It was simply too much to put on the air at 8 pm. So, I asked the guys to remove some of the more recognizable body parts (I know that’s a rough visual in and of itself) so it wasn’t so apparent what it was they were attacking.
Ugh…and for that I thank you.

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