Will There Ever Be a Cold-Weather ‘Survivor’ Season? Jeff Probst Answers…


'Survivor: Redemption Island' (CBS)

XFinityTV is blowing up their coverage of “Survivor: Philippines.” Every Monday Jeff Probst and I will tackle a wide variety of topics with the “Survivor” Question of the Week. Every Tuesday I’ll be squaring off against “Survivor: One World” favorite Kat Edorsson in this season’s Power Rankings challenge. Every Wednesday briefly after the show we’ll have a full episode recap and every Thursday we’ll have an interview with the latest eliminated player.  Follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for all the updates!

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This Week’s Question: Which twist are you pitched the most?

Gordon Holmes: This is another easy question. Whenever someone learns that I cover “Survivor” their follow-up response is inevitably, “Why don’t they ever shoot in a snowy climate?”

Jeff Probst: Yep, I get snowy climate a lot.
Holmes: Sorry folks, I don’t want to live in a world where “Survivor” doesn’t feature bikinis in some form.
Probst: It seems quite unlikely that will ever happen.
Holmes: What other pitches do you get?
Probst: I also get, “Why not an international version with players from all over the world?”  The reason that won’t happen is we only have the rights to do an American version.  I also get, “How ‘bout a season of only those who were voted out first?”  Huh?

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