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XFinityTV is blowing up their coverage of “Survivor: Philippines.” Every Monday Jeff Probst and I will tackle a wide variety of topics with the “Survivor” Question of the Week. Every Tuesday I’ll be squaring off against “Survivor: One World” favorite Kat Edorsson in this season’s Power Rankings challenge. Every Wednesday briefly after the show we’ll have a full episode recap and every Thursday we’ll have an interview with the latest eliminated player.  Follow me on Twitter (@gordonholmes) for all the updates!

The Rules: Each week Kat and Gordon will create separate Power Rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Artis is voted out this week, Kat will receive 10 points and Gordon will receive 5 points. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the ‘Survivor: Philippines’ Power Rankings champion!

Last Week: We both pegged Russell Swan as last week’s boot, so we both received 15 points. The current score is Team Kat: 41, Team Awesome Thunder 47.

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Kat’s Current Score: 41

Any advice for Kat? Drop her a line on Twitter: @KatEdorsson

Gordon’s Current Score: 47

Any advice for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

 1. Michael: You know, I love Skupin. Normally returning players have a huge target on their backs, but I think Skupin is playing a really smart game. Plus, his tribe is strong so he is in a great position right now.
 1. Pete: Pete’s little trick with the immunity idol clue was twelve shades of hilarious. Abi clearly wants to hate R.C. even though everyone’s favorite hoop roller hasn’t done much to deserve it. So, pushing her in the direction she already wants to go probably isn’t going to do anything but help cement their alliance.
 2. Lisa: Lisa has come so far. Plus, her hair looks amazing in all that rain! I believe the “Lamb” scenario will play a big role for Miss “Facts of Life.” She is definitely under the radar.  2. Penner: One minute he’s clearly the first Kalaballer to go. The next, he has an idol and he’s in an alliance with Jeff Kent and Carter. If it does come down to a battle of the ladies vs. the gents, I’m betting on the team with the idol.
 3. Pete: Peter is becoming quite the gamer. At first I didn’t think he had it in him, but how he framed RC with the clue for the idol was genius. He’s really creating drama and it’s fun to watch.  3. Abi-Maria: With your immunity idol in one hand and your fiery temper in the other, you might be the perfect person to take to the end of the game.

  4. RC: The drama between RC and Abi is FANTASTIC!! I think these two are going to be each other’s own worst enemies, but RC is really strong in competitions. She has that going for her. I hope she can pull through!!
 4. Lisa: Let this be a lesson to Russell Swan; luck plays a huge role in “Survivor.” If casting had told Lisa to wear a blue shirt she’d be long gone by now. Instead, her yellow attire landed her on a tribe that had enough time to turn on each other before their first Tribal.

  5. Abi-Maria: Good for her for finding the idol. I don’t have much else to say other than I think she needs to prove her worth to her tribe otherwise she could be in trouble just because they find her annoying.   5. Artis:  My big concerns for Artis headed into the game were; how he’d react to the elements and how his tribe would react to him. Going on what we’ve seen of him (which admittedly, hasn’t been much) he seems to be doing well on both counts.
 6. Malcolm: Malcolm is great. I don’t know what will happen to him and Denise now that Matsing is down to two people, but he is physically strong and really smart so I hope he can go far.
 6. Jeff Kent: Alright Jeff, I know you’re smart enough to know that an alliance of three is at least one short, right? The question is; who is the fourth?
 7. Denise: She is one of my favorite players this season. Another triple threat – physical, strategic, and social. I just hope that the quick demise of Matsing isn’t her downfall.
 7. Carter: Welcome to the show, Carter! Now that you’re a member of the Kalabros, it’s time to start thinking about a post-merge strategy. As the challenge stud, you’re going to be in trouble if you guys are down in the numbers. Time to start looking into some side deals.
 8. Penner: You can tell Penner is on his third time playing this game. He is just a cut above the rest of his tribe. He seems to have pretty good alliances, but he better watch out because on “Survivor” you never know what can happen.
 8. Katie: OK, this is where I pick Katie as the Kalababe to join the Kalabros. Why? Because I think Dana’s a goner due to her illness and I think Katie has a better relationship with Kent and Penner (Kenner?) than Dawson does.
 9. Jeff Kent: Jeff was amazing in the last challenge. If he can keep that up his tribe can’t afford to get rid of him.  9. Michael: If anything, Michael deserves credit for breaking his four-episode streak of injuring himself.
 10. Artis: Artis kind of rubs me the wrong way. Sometimes on “Survivor” you have to vote off the people that you don’t want to hang out with. Unfortunately, I think the first time Tandang loses Artis will be going home because Artis just rubs his tribe the wrong way.  10. RC: It’s been quite a fall from frontrunner to possible next boot for RC. Right now, her best bet is trying to get to Lisa and Artis and convince them that partnering with such a loose cannon might not be the smartest move.
  11. Carter: I think the guys alliance on his tribe is the strongest so that makes him safe for now, but I don’t know how long that will last. We’ll see.
 11. Malcolm: So…what’s next for Matsing? Do they do a total tribe scramble? That could work in Malcolm’s favor. He’d have room to maneuver. But, if they decide to split him and Denise up and send them to already existing tribes, they’ll probably be in some serious trouble…
 12. Katie: Katie needs to make some moves. It looks as if Matsing won’t be around for much longer so that makes her a prime target if Kalabaw doesn’t win at challenges. She needs to step up her game.  12. Dawson: Right now the biggest thing Dawson has going for her is the fact that she knows about Jeff Kent’s previous career as a baseball player. However, if I were Penner, that fact would want me to keep him around even more. Who wouldn’t want to face a multi-millionaire in the finals?

  13. Dawson: Same as Katie. She could be in trouble if Kalabaw doesn’t keep winning in challenges.  13. Denise: There’s also the possibility that we could see Denise and Malcolm as a tribe of two. They did it in Palau. If that happens and they lose again it might come down to a fire-making challenge. And, they’ve shown time and time again that Malcolm is a fire-makin’ fool.
 14. Dana: I saw the previews for this week. It looks like Dana is really sick and has a huge decision to make. I’m really hoping she stays because I really like her and think she is an awesome competitor. But, she didn’t look good.  14. Dana: Dana is as sick as a dog in a promo they’ve been playing. Normally it wouldn’t be smart to assume she’s out of the game, but the promo makes a point of having the medic say she can stay in the game if she feels up to it. I doubt they would have shown that tidbit if she was going to stick around.

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