Which Former ‘Survivor’ Players Would Jeff Probst Like to See Again?


Shannon 'Shambo' Waters (CBS)

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This Week’s Question: Who is the former player you’d most like to see return who hasn’t returned yet?

Gordon Holmes: The last time we played this game, Michael Skupin was my pick for the player I’d most like to see return. So for that, I thank you. This time I’m going to go with Natalie Bolton from “Survivor – Fans vs. Favorites.” The show has had a ton of guy players who’ve relished the villain role, but Natalie is one of the few females who seemed to enjoy it. How about you?
Jeff Probst:
Oh, there are a lot.  In no particular order, let me give you some names from the past, maybe not the most obvious but people I’d be open to playing again; Andrew Savage (“Survivor: Pearl Islands”) because I still think we screwed him with our poorly thought out “Outcast” twist.  I liked Shambo (Shannon Waters – “Survivor: Samoa”) but she doesn’t seem keen to play again.  Greg Buis from our first season would be fun to have back.   I liked Hunter (Ellis) from Marquesas, Terry Deitz from “Exile Island.”  I liked Danni (Boatwright) from Guatemala, but I don’t think she wants to play again.  I liked Jessica deBen from Fiji.  
See…now there’s an answer!
There are tons but once again your question requires me to either sit here and think or go to Wikipedia and look them up!  The problem with bringing back players like the ones I suggested is that most of them aren’t huge names and the audience seems to love the very popular players.  If we ever do a season where we bring back 100 players then maybe some of these guys will get back in!

Who Would You Like to See Again?? Send your answers to me on Twitter: @gordonholmes

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