‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame 2012 Post-Mortem


hofpostThe Hall of Fame votes have been tabulated, the Power Rankings are done, and the exit interviews are all transcribed. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Now that another induction season in in the rearview mirror, I’d like to take a quick minute to reflect on everything, answer some questions, and discuss some potential changes.

But, before we get into it, I want to thank everyone on the voting committee, the amazing team at CBS, our crack vote tabulating crew, and all of the voters for making this year’s induction by far the most successful one to date.

Why didn’t we hear from Richard Hatch or Tom Westman?
Honestly, your guess is as good as mine. Both Hall of Famers were reached out to, but for their own reasons decided not to participate. Hopefully, they’ll have the time/interest/whatever to vote if we do this again next year as we’d love to have them.

Should there be more/less inductees each season?
This is a question that has supporters on both sides. Right now, we won’t be doing more inductions a year, but I am considering doing less. I’ll continue to look into it.

Was it weird not limiting the number of times a fan can vote?
Fortunately, no. There weren’t any cases of extreme ballot stuffing. In the future though, we’ll limit it to one vote a day.

Should there be a special ballot for one-time players?
I’m very much against this idea. I don’t want the Yul Kwons and Todd Herzogs to get in as special cases. I want them in as full-fledged members.

Why was Tom Santilli added to the Executive Voting Committee? What happened to Rob Moynihan?
Rob Moynihan was suspended for testing positive for Tona beer. Actually, he just was just too busy this season. We hope to have him back in the future. Tom is a talented “Survivor” journalist who was added in an attempt to dilute the EVC’s voting power. Which leads us to…

Is the Executive Voting Committee too powerful?
The bigger the committee gets, the less power a single voter has. Next year the committee with have 21 eligible members, that means each voter can sway 2.38% of the vote. Maybe it makes sense to count the absent ballots as non-votes? That would help even things out. Although, it’s a bit of moo point (“It’s like a cow’s opinion, it just doesn’t matter.” – Joey Tribbiani) when the results of the fan votes and the EVC votes are so close to each other.

Speaking of…what were the results of the fan voting?
1.    Rob Cesternino
2.    Amanda Kimmel
3.    Kim Spradlin
4.    Ethan Zohn
5.    Yul Kwon
6.    Rupert Boneham
7.    Todd Herzog
8.    Colby Donaldson
9.    Stephenie LaGrossa
10.    Jonny Fairplay

Were you surprised by anything?
I had a strong feeling going into it that this was going to be Amanda’s year with Rob and Ethan being in the “probably” category. However, I’m always surprised that Rupert Boneham hasn’t made it. Also, I was shocked at how well Kim did in the fan vote. I guess we’ll see if there was some kind of recency bias in effect if we do this again next year. UPDATE: A few people asked if the above statement means that I don’t think Kim is worthy. I absolutely do think she’s worthy, I just wasn’t expecting the amount of support she received.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks again!

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