Would You Participate in a ‘Survivor’ Summer Book Club (Again)?


Untitled-2UPDATE: Alright, seems like enough people are into this to make it fun. So, pick up your copy of “Survivor: Cook Islands” from Amazon or iTunes or whatever. Then watch the first episode. I’ll post my thoughts and some discussion points on Wednesday, May 29th.

Survivor: Cook Islands – The Complete Season (5 Discs)

(Recycled from last year) I’ll never forget that hot June evening; drinking cold beers outside of a tent in Gabon, Africa, listening to members of the press corps who knew way more about “Survivor” than I did.

I remember thinking, “Holy s$%t, I’m out of my league.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan since day one. But I’d never watched the show with a hyper-critical eye. To catch up I started rewatching seasons whenever I had downtime. Borneo, Palau, Micronesia, Australia, Guatemala…

(New for this year) So, last year I launched the “Survivor” Summer Book Club where every Wednesday I would post my thoughts on an episode of “Survivor: Vanuatu.” Then, like-minded “Survivor” fans discussed the episode in the comment section below. I found the project very rewarding as many of the participants were hitting angles that I’d never considered.

Interested in a second round? Vote in the poll below to let me know which season we should do. This will give me a feel for how many people want to participate. If enough people are into it, I’ll announce the winning season the day after the “Survivor: Caramoan” finale and we can get started on May 29th.

Note: These seasons are the ones I haven’t rewatched recently…

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10 Responses to “Would You Participate in a ‘Survivor’ Summer Book Club (Again)?”

  1. Let’s Play ‘Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites’ BINGO! | More Whatnot Says:

    […] Because I can't write about "Survivor" all day… « Would You Participate in a ‘Survivor’ Summer Book Club (Again)? […]

  2. Survivor_BUFF (@Survivor_BUFF) Says:

    Cook Islands is an interesting season in that it is, thus far, the only origin season of 3+ people to play 3+ times.

    The other seasons with multiple 3+ timers only have 2 and those 2 played on all of the same seasons. (James and Amanda even started on the same tribe all 3 times!) The threepeats from Cook Islands had their 3rd appearances on 3 different seasons!

    What’s more, it’s one of the few seasons to spawn mulitple winners.

  3. Katie Bieber (@Dithyrambic) Says:

    I have been trying to decide all week which season to rewatch this summer. I’m glad someone else decided for me!

  4. Drew M Says:

    So, one of my favorite episodes of Rob Has A Podcast was the one where Yul came on, mainly to promote his PBS show (which was fantastic), but also to talk a little (actually a lot, it turned out) Cook Islands. He was so insightful about his season and revealed some nuggets of gold regarding how and why he did a lot of the things he did. Gordon, my question would then be, could we use this insider info to enhance our discussions of Yul and the season? Or do we want to remain pure and only call the shots as we see them presented to us? He was also on once more during Philippines to talk Penner.

  5. Rion D (@RionD) Says:

    I’m gonna love this!!! Cook Islands was one of my favs, had so many fan favs!!! Oh i think this is where “banana etiquette” is introduced to the #Survivor world!! Just a heads up, if i don’t reply promptly, its prob cause i’m asleep, i live in Sydney, Aus!!

    • Rebecca (@Not_a_Criminal) Says:

      You might be mixing up Heroes v. Villains with Cook Islands. “Banana Etiquette” is Heroes v. Villains and Cook Islands was all new players – no returning players. It certainly provided future seasons with favorites, though.

  6. Max Zambrano Says:

    Can’t wait to discuss tomorrow night! Watched episode earlier so I’m ready! Not really sure what to expect as I haven’t look at anything from last year’s Vanuatu rewatch. Should be fun!

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