‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water’ Recap – Banned the Brothers?


'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' (CBS)

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Last Week: Brad burned his buff, Galang got the puzzle ga-wrong, and Kat was cut

39 Days (well…technically 39.5), 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Galang Tribe (wearing yellow)
Katie – Hedge Fund Support, 25
Laura B. – Merchandiser, 44
Monica – Homemaker, 42
Tina – Motivational Speaker, 52
Vytas – Yoga Instructor, 33

The Tadhana Tribe (wearing red)
Aras – Musician, 31
Caleb – Post Office Manager/Farmer, 26
Ciera – Cosmetology Student, 24
Gervase – Cigar Lounge Owner, 43
Hayden – Real Estate, 26
Tyson – Store Manager, 34

The evening’s festivities kick off with Kat making her way to Redemption Island. She gets a much nicer reception than Brad did. She lets us know that this Kat has nine lives and she’s going to fight to get back in.

She’s also worried that Hayden might dump her because she was voted out before the merge. If that’s true, then it’s bad news for Francesca Hogi’s new matchmaking service.

The next morning Kat breaks down and has herself a cry. Apparently she wasn’t kidding about Hayden being upset.

Next up, we’re off to the arena. Kat immediately asks Hayden to come down and hug her. She cries and says she’s sorry. He promptly dumps her.

OK, that didn’t happen. He says their relationship is more important than the game. Probst puts that statement to the test, asking Hayden if he wants to take Kat’s spot. The two lovebirds discuss it. Kat wants to switch because it’s a puzzle and she can barely spell. I laugh, because I edited her Power Rankings a few seasons ago.

They ultimately decide not to switch because they think Hayden can go farther in the game. But, it means a lot to Kat because she knows Hayden would have made the swap.

Redemption Island Duel (ahem…Truel) Time: Players will use a machete to cut a rope and release puzzle pieces. The first two players to complete the puzzle get to stay. The loser burns their buff and is out of the game. The winner of the competition gets to give away a hidden immunity idol clue. Or, they can cut out the middle man and just set the clue on fire.

John’s the first to release his pieces, but Kat and Laura M. aren’t too far behind. Kat has some trouble getting the puzzle pieces out of the bag.

Probst lets them know that this is the final immunity challenge puzzle that Cochran won last season. However, none of them saw the final episode of Caramoan because they were in pre-show lockdown.

John breezes through the challenge and is the first to advance. Laura is caught looking over at John’s completed puzzle for clues. Kat thinks this is cheating, but “Survivor” Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer has always said, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” Eddie Guerrero may have said that as well.

Laura M. eventually figures it out and wins. Kat’s out of the game.

John gives the clue to Monica and she burns it. Dude, share it with your alliance! Something! Anything!

Back at Tadhana, Hayden feels terrible for not switching places with Kat. The rest of the tribe agrees that playing with family is much harder than they anticipated. Gervase doesn’t throw in his two cents on that one.

Hayden also points out that Aras is the only member of the tribe with a loved one still in the game. Well, Ciera’s is still kind of in the game.

Tyson pulls the non-Aras Tadhanians together and lets them all know that they can’t let Aras and Vytas reunite at the merge. They all agree to make a solid alliance.

Over at Galang, Tina is becoming quite the Vytas fan. So much so that she wouldn’t mind seeing Vytas and Katie as a couple. Why? Because she’s ready for grandbabies. It’s stuff like that that makes me glad my mother has never been on national television.

Vytas then explains that the thing women like better than a bad boy is a newly reformed bad boy. I’m not going to argue with that, but I’d wager that they’d like a million dollars even more.

Later, the women discuss who to vote out. When they ask Laura about getting rid of Vytas, she starts crying. Laura…if Vytas doesn’t go, you’re going. That’s a fact. And there’s no knight in shining tie-dye to save you this time.

Immunity Challenge Time: Four members of each tribe will be chained together and will have to maneuver their way out of a spiral puzzle. Once they’re all free they’ll make their way through a bamboo obstacle course and retrieve bags of balls. From there they’ll use their chains and balls to create bolos. The first team to throw three bolos onto a structure will win immunity and fried chicken.

Oh man, that’s awesome.

Ciera will sit out for Tadhana.

The challenge starts and both tribes have little trouble with the spiral puzzle and the obstacle course. Tadhana has a slight lead, but it’s really close.

Tyson will throw for Tadhana, while Tina throws for Galang. It’s close again, but Tyson pulls off the win.

Back at Galang, Laura B. immediately breaks down and tell Vytas that he’s next. She might not be built for this game.

Monica and Katie aren’t pleased with Laura B. spilling the beans. Well, she didn’t spill the beans so much as she chucked them into Vytas’s face.

Tina starts having second thoughts about the vote because Laura is so unpredictable. Also, Laura can’t give her grandbabies.

That night at Tribal Council, Vytas says that he wasn’t happy to hear he’d be the next to go.

Monica thinks it was risky to tell Vytas his number was up. Katie agrees.

Vytas thinks Aras will be proud of him, but bummed that he’s out of the game.

Laura B. admits that they need to break up the brothers.

Vytas is going to vote for the person he thinks is the least trustworthy.

Voting Time: Laura B. votes for Vytas, Vytas votes for Laura B., and the rest didn’t make the cut.

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Vytas, two votes for Laura B., and the ninth person to be sent to Redemption Island is…Laura B.

Well, at least Laura watched her language this time.

Verdict: I’m not sure Tina and Co. made the right call on that one.  Laura B. can’t be trusted, but she’s harmless. Vytas and Aras are dangerous.

That being said, this season is still zipping along at an awesome pace.

Who’s Going to Win? Vytas is the king. He’s wiggled out of certain elimination two weeks in a row. Here’s hoping he can find some way to diffuse the brothers’ heat after the merge

Power Rankings Results: Malcolm has Laura B. in spot five, I had her in spot nine. We both had Laura M. and John surviving at Redemption. So, the score for this round is Team Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame 7, Team Real American Heroes 11. The current total score is Team Glamour and Glitter, Fashion and Fame 79, Team Real American Heroes 88.

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