‘Survivor’ Castaway Kat – ‘Hayden Did Not Break Up with Me’


'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' (CBS)

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One of Reality TV’s dirty little secrets is that “Survivor” is responsible for way more relationships than “The Bachelor.” You’ve got Boston Rob and Amber Mariano, Keith Tollefson and Whitney Duncan, Jaime Duggan and Erik Huffman, and so on.

But with the new “Blood vs. Water” twist, there was a little concern that “Survivor” could have actually ended a relationship.

I spoke with Kat Edorsson the morning after her “Survivor” elimination. And after getting an update on her relationship with Hayden, I also had a chance to ask about cheating at puzzles, her fight with Colton, and other reality TV opportunities.

Gordon Holmes: My mother is very worried. Please tell her that you and Hayden are alright.
Kat Edorsson: Hayden and I are fantastic. And no, Hayden did not break up with me.
Holmes: Thank goodness. She sent me a very concerned email.
Edorsson: Aww…poor thing.
Holmes: It was funny to me though, because they used your comment about dumping someone for not making the merge as a tag on the last episode. It was like a joke. But last night you seemed really concerned about it.
Edorsson: Hayden and I live in two separate states and we had been dating for a little bit less than a year. And, we’re not married. He’s already won half a million dollars on “Big Brother.” I’m coming into this game and I’m thinking, “I don’t know where our lives are going to go after this.” And I don’t think there was one couple that really wanted to be there as much as Hayden and I individually. He really would have done anything to stay and I would have done anything to say. And there was so much pressure. I didn’t know. And “Survivor” makes you go crazy. Not only am I losing it, but I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for longer than four days in my life, so the fact that I got to see him for seventeen days and couldn’t say one word to him? It was intense. I didn’t know what he was thinking. I didn’t know if he was disappointed.
Holmes: I honestly think it says a lot that you guys probably really smelled bad at Redemption Island.
Edorsson: (Laughs)
Holmes: And you still wanted to hug each other. I think that speaks volumes.
Edorsson: That speaks a lot of volumes.

Holmes: You seemed annoyed that Laura M. was peeking at John’s puzzle. My understanding is that “Survivor” doesn’t have an official rule against that. Was it really bothering you, or were you trying to throw Laura off her game?
Edorsson: Honestly, it was a little bit of frustration. I wasn’t trying to throw her off because I was already thrown off. I was all the way on the left side, Laura was in the middle, and John was on the other end. So, when John finished his puzzle all the people on the tribe were like, “John, knock down your puzzle so Laura can’t keep looking at it.” There was a part in the challenge where her and I were at the same pace, but then POOF she went on a rampage. But, it doesn’t matter. Laura is a puzzle dominator. I thought I was going to get smushed by the MD and the challenge dominator. But, it’s “Survivor.” If I was Laura I would’ve done the same thing.

Holmes: It looked like Vytas was set to go when they flipped and went after you. This all stemmed from you raising concerns with Tina about Monica. Did you know Tina was the one pulling the strings at new Galang?
Edorsson: At the time, no. Tina was my biggest ally in the game. I would have rolled over in my grave for Tina. I wanted to stay with the winners. I thought if Hayden was a winner, the winners would want to stay together. But, the winning part never mattered. I really stuck with Tina. So, when she threw me under the bus, it was like nothing I said could be trusted with anyone in the game. I wasn’t blindsided though, because I knew I was going home.

Holmes: You and Colton had a very loud tiff during the rowing portion of the first immunity challenge. We could hear it from the beach. What exactly happened there?
Edorsson: Colton wasn’t putting his paddle in the water. And when you have to paddle you have to put it in the water.
Holmes: That is how a paddle works.
Edorsson: Exactly. So, I was saying, “Colton, paddle dude. For real.” And I guess in competition I got a little loud. He doesn’t like it when you yell at him so he flipped out at me. And then, right when we won I apologized and he wasn’t having it. Then he went on a rampage. That’s just how he is. That’s Colton Cumbie.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Tyson.
Edorsson: Genius.
Holmes: Aras?
Edorsson: Yoga.
Holmes: Monica?
Edorsson: Wife…mother.
Holmes: Laura B.?
Edorsson: A little delusional.
Holmes: Laura M.?
Edorsson: Incredible.
Holmes: Tina?
Edorsson: Cats.
Holmes: Colton?
Edorsson: Next comment.
Holmes: Katie?
Edorsson: Sweet.
Holmes: And we’ll finish with some guy named Hayden.
Edorsson: Love of my life.
Holmes: Aww…

Holmes: Now that you’re watching this season, how livid are you that Gervase and Tyson are sneaking coconuts?
Edorsson: Who gives a (expletive deleted). If they want to eat, let them go eat. I did the same thing. We all did. Me, Tyson, Gervase, and Laura M. snuck off and ate a pineapple all by ourselves. In “One World” I would do the same thing. It’s “Survivor.”
Holmes: So you’re a Pineapple Bandit?
Edorsson: Yeah, we were Pineapple Bandits.
Holmes: I don’t know who to trust.
Edorsson: (Laughs) You and me both, kid.

Holmes: Hayden won “Big Brother.” He’s well on his way to winning “Survivor.” When are we going to see you lovebirds tearing up “The Amazing Race”?
Edorsson: That is the big question. I think we should play as soon as possible. I’m spelling better. I’m graduating. I’m counting. I’m going to figure out my left and right. I’ve got this all taken care of. I hope so. I hope America will get to see Team Hat play together because that’s the one thing we didn’t get to do. And I don’t want to blow smoke up my own butt, but we’re pretty funny when we’re together. As a team, we’re unstoppable.

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