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The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Woo is voted out this week, Ciera will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Cagayan” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week’s Results: Ciera had J’Tia in spot fourteen, Gordon had her in spot fifteen. So, the current score is Team Ciera 24, Team Gordon 27.

Ciera’s Score = 24

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Gordon’s Score = 27

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 1. Tony –  This week is difficult because I don’t have a whole lot to go off of cause of this whole tribe swap thing. Judging from the preview for next week it looks like one tribe has a lot of the brawn which is why I think if they are smart they’ll stick together for awhile. But that rarely happens so we’ll see. Tony does have the hidden immunity idol and the numbers so he should be okay this week.   1. Kassandra – Alright, let me get this out in the open first…I HATE TRIBE SWAPS! HATE, HATE, CAPS LOCK, HATE THEM! They punish people who are playing good games and they immediately put strong challenge competitors at a disadvantage before the merge. Teams are more likely to throw challenges so they can eliminate the other alliance’s strong players. HATE HATE HATE. Anywho, the swap is just what the Brainy kids needed. Kass should be safe for a while.
 2. Woo – Woo also has the numbers and seems to have built enough relationships that I doubt he is in any trouble this week.
  2. Lindsey – And another thing; TRIBE SWAPS MAKE POWER RANKINGS TOO HARD! We’ve never seen Kass interact with Woo. What if they fall in love? What if they start a blood feud? Bah…Lindsey will probably be alright too.
 3. Cliff – Cliff is a great asset to the challenges. He’s former Brawn tribe, and he’s close with Woo.
  3. Latasha – Kudos for making the right move last week in getting rid of J’Tia. It would have been a disaster to go into a tribe swap being known as the person who kept a rice tosser around. Now you’ve got some room to maneuver.

 4. Lindsey –  She is part of the numbers, all she needs to do this week is perform well in the challenge and lay low.   4. Trish – It looks like one of the tribes is very Brawn heavy. Probably safe to assume they’re going to stick together, but if not, Trish probably won’t be a primary target.

 5. Trish – She is the oldest woman on her tribe so she needs to start building an alliance fast before she gets left out of one.   5. Spencer – It was easy to be annoyed with Spencer before the show started. All of his pre-game interviews made him out to be an arrogant twit. But, he’s proven to be a very shrewd player. I even caught myself rooting for him. Keep up the good work.
 6. Latasha – I have loved this girl so far. She’s a fighter and she knows how to use people to get further in the game.
  6. Tony – The bad news for Tony is that it looks like his Cops R Us partnership is going to have to be put on the back burner. The good news is he’ll still be surrounded by tribemates and he’s still got an idol.
 7. Kassandra – Kass has Tasha and maybe Spencer?
  7. Woo – Who doesn’t love Woo? He’s good looking, funny, he’s got a great attitude, and his tribe has the numbers. Not only that, but his new tribe seems to be the stronger of the two.
 8. Sarah –  Having someone to all of the sudden having no one is no fun! Sarah is going to have to start fresh and build a new alliance to get her to the merge. I could see her sticking with the guys instead of the girls but I guess we’ll see. Whoever she goes with I believe she will be safe this week.  8. Cliff – A free throw immunity competition? Seriously? That’s like having Ciera compete in a “Trivia About People Who’ve Voted Their Mothers Out of ‘Survivor’” immunity challenge.
 9. LJ –  I definitely think LJ rubs people the wrong way and if he didn’t have the idol I could see him going home this week…but he does! So maybe his only ally Jefra will take the heat this week?   9. Sarah – Looks like you’re the only person who isn’t going to have a former tribemate around. Hopefully that won’t cause you too much trouble. Your lack of allegiances should allow you to sneak in with the dominant alliance.
 10. Alexis –  She is a girl on a tribe that the girls dominate…she does have Jeremiah but she seems to be stirring the pot a little. If the women are intimidated by the beauties Tasha and Kass could be wanting Alexis or Morgan out.   10. LJ – Like I said above, tribe swaps are bad news for challenge competitors on smaller tribes. That’s you, buddy. You’d better take that immunity idol with you everywhere.
 11. Jeremiah –  The bad blood between Morgan and Jeremiah I think will come to a head here. Jeremiah is smooth and likable and I could see the new tribe mates falling for it and trusting him.  11. Alexis – Looks like the Beautiful People are going to dominate the bottom of this week’s rankings. That’s because the Brawns have numbers and nobody is afraid of the Brains.
 12. Spencer –  I loved him last week. and I am rooting for him. He seems to have his work cut out for him though, but he definitely has some options. He has shown to be great in the challenges, a helper around camp, and has ties to Tasha and Kass. And Jeremiah whose not going to want to get rid of another guy.  12. Jefra – Could the Brawns split the vote for fear of Jefra or LJ having an idol? Definitely. Right now the only thing really working in Jefra’s favor is that fact that her tribe looks to be more physically dominant.
 13. Jefra –  Jefra needs to expand and charm her way into a new alliance to get her to the merge. She doesn’t bring a whole ton to the challenges, she seems to complain a little, and she doesn’t have the hidden immunity idol.  13. Morgan – Outside of a couple of Brainiacs, nobody needed a tribe swap more that Morgan. Now that she’s got it, here’s hoping she can use some of those smarts she’s shown to find a new alliance.
 14. Morgan – I don’t want to see this girl go. I loved that she called out Jeremiah in front of everyone last week. BUT that could have really gotten you into trouble now, because instead of having Jeremiah and Alexis wanting to work with you now Jeremiah wants you out! Better just focus on winning the challenge and convincing the girls to stick together.  14. Jeremiah – The question that will determine Jeremiah’s fate is; does his tribe care more about challenge strength or getting rid of threats and diminishing the Beauty tribe’s numbers? Ask Tyrone from “Survivor: Nicaragua” how that works out.

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