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Last Week: Tribes were swapped, booties were popped, Officer Tony flopped, and Cliff was dropped.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand.…

The Aparri Tribe (wearing orange)
Alexis – Student, 21
Jeremiah – Model, 34
Kassandra – Attorney, 41
Latasha – Accountant, 37
Morgan – Ex-NFL Cheerleader, 21
Sarah – Police Officer, 29
Spencer – Economics Student, 21

The Solana Tribe (wearing purple)
Jefra – Miss Kentucky Teen USA, 22
Lindsey – Hairstylist, 29
LJ – Horse Trainer, 34
Tony – Police Officer, 39
Trish – Pilates Trainer, 48
Woo – Martial Arts Instructor, 29

The fun gets underway immediately after last week’s Tribal and the sparks they are a flyin’! First, Trish tries to address the tribe, but Lindsey cuts her off. The two get into it with Lindsey saying some harsh things about Trish’s laugh and her teeth.

Trish wins by saying, “Do you think I’m annoying?” When Lindsey admits that she does, Trish responded with, “Do you think I care?”

Ha! Do you like apples?

Lindsey storms off and J-Pro is brought in to have a chat with her. Cause that’s just what Jeff wants to do after a long Tribal Council.

Lindsey tells Jeff that she’s worried that she’s going to flip out on Trish.

Fun Fact: Lindsey’s pre-season bio said she admired Martin Luther King Jr. because “in a time of struggle he pushed through without violence.”

Rather than “flip out,” Lindsey decides to call it quits.

Quick Aside: I think the most disturbing trend in today’s game is how often people are quitting. Getting on this show is hard and thousands of people would have loved to have had Lindsey’s spot.

Reward Challenge Time: One member from each tribe will enter a ring. They’ll each be holding an idol on a little platform. The first person to knock his or her opponent’s idol off of their platform will earn a point. First tribe to four gets to raid the opposing tribe’s camp.

Alexis and Kass will sit out for Aparri.

Round One: Spencer beat Woo. (Spencer used the very smart “toss your own idol” strategy.)

Round Two: Trish bested Latasha.

Round Three: Sarah defeated Jefra.

Round Four: LJ topped Jeremiah.

Round Five: Tony was victorious over Morgan.

(I’m running out of words for “defeated.”)

Round Six: Woo won against Spencer. Solana wins reward.

Woo and Tony will get to go to Aparri beach and  raid their camp. Before the raid begins they read a note that tells them exactly what they’re allowed to take. Well, that’s hardly a raid. More like a polite borrowing session.

The note also includes a hidden immunity clue. Tony decides to give the clue to Jeremiah so the tribe will turn against him. Man, Tony’s playing on another level.

However, Jeremiah realizes that the clue is the same one that he received back when he was on Solana beach. He thinks Tony is setting him up. He tells Spencer and Alexis his theory, but they don’t believe him.

Back at Solana beach, someone has written “Shame on you, Lindsie” (sic) in the sand. I agree with the sentiment, but I’m not sure what writing it in the sand will accomplish.

Tony tells everyone about his Jeremiah clue stratagem. He might be bragging a little too much about how clever he is. That’s going to put a target on his back.

After Tony is done admitting all of his schemes, Trish laughs and admits that she’s a man. And…uh…I…the  thing about that is…nevermind.

Immunity Challenge Time: Players will use poles to build a staircase, then they’re race through a maze. After that they’ll maneuver a key through a rope obstacle. They’ll use the key to unlock a machete. They’ll use the machete to unlock puzzle pieces. Finally, the first tribe to complete the puzzle, get a combination, and unlock their flag wins immunity.

Latasha and Morgan will sit for Aparri.

The challenge starts off and Solana is having some real trouble with the concept of arranging the poles from “smallest to largest.”

Solana eventually catches up and it’s pretty close up until the releasing of the puzzle pieces.

Woo and LJ complete the puzzle faster than Sarah and Spencer to win it for Solana.

As Solana is celebrating, they’re all yelling, “Top five!” As you’d imagine, Sarah did not love hearing that. Cops R Us R Over?

Alexis isn’t thrilled to go back to Tribal. Apparently it’s the worst place in the world. Hey! Jeff Probst lives there!

Politicking around camp revolves around everyone debating the significance of “Top five.” The consensus seems to be that Aparri was so confident because they think that Jeremiah will flip.

That night at Tribal Council, Sarah learns about the ritual where fire = your life. Trust me, it’s better that she learns it here than out on the street.

Kass admits the brains are still together.

Morgan thinks that her and Jeremiah don’t get along. Jeremiah says he’s giving Morgan her space. They’re on a break!

Kass thinks it’s good to know that the beautiful people weren’t living the beautiful life. Dude, how could you think that with all the dumb stuff going on at the brains camp?

Spencer thinks they need to focus on fixing the fractures in the tribe.

Sarah says that Tony made her realize that she can’t count on past relationships.

Alexis is worried that Sarah could reconnect with the other side.

Jeremiah thinks the immunity clue puts a target on his back.

Morgan is worried that Alexis or Jeremiah could flip.

Alexis says that she has never gone back on her word.

Voting Time: Alexis votes for Jeremiah, Jeremiah votes for Alexis, and the rest of the votes actually happened, but weren’t shown to build drama.

J-Pro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Jeremiah, three votes for Alexis, and the seventh person to be eliminated from “Survivor: Cagayan” is…Alexis.

Oh man! We never got to see any twerking! Aparri is a bunch of jerks.

Oh well, at least now Alexis never has to go back to Tribal.

Verdict: I kind of feel like Aparri is really putting Solana in the driver’s seat by assuming they’re all so tight knit.

And Tony, I don’t agree with every move he’s making. But the dude came to play and is thinking outside the box.

Also, this season continues to rock.

Power Rankings Results: Ciera had Lindsey in spot twelve. I had her in spot thirteen. Ciera had Alexis in spot ten, while I had her in spot twelve. So, the current score is Team Ciera 49, Team Gordon 60.

Who’s Going to Win? Like I said, Tony might be playing too hard to take the whole thing, but he’s building a hell of a resume.

Any Questions? Drop me a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

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